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Anyone on these boards in Western Pennsylvania? I just moved back to the area. I'm in Latrobe.

I'm in Pittsburgh.

We play Sundays as a group.

I recently moved to Monroeville -- somewhat more accissble from Latrobe than Pittsburgh, given the horrendous tunnel traffic! I'd be very happy to host/run a Kirthfinder (or other) game if anyone is interested...

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I am the VC of the Pittsburgh Area if you have any questions let me know I usually run a gaming gorup in the Greensburg area a few times a month on Saturdays. Hope to hear from you.


Cool! Greensburg is easily accessible from Monroeville and from Latrobe (if the OP is still around).

But what's a "VC"?

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Venture Captain. I am the coordinator for the region for Pfs organized play.


I'm actually in Munhall, just up from the High-level/Homestead Greys bridge and the Homestead branch of the Carnegie.

Matt -- sorry, no organized play for a chaoticist such as myself!

Spiral Ninja -- Hell, I could cut through Turtle Creek and take the Triboro -- maybe a half hour, without having to go through the tunnel. Hmmm...

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Greensburg would be close to ideal for me, actually. My travel radius and regular availability for leisure activities is somewhat limited by the small person who lives with my wife and I.
I'm still sort of new to the game, so a group of patient players and a patient GM would be best. So far, most of my experience is play-by-post on these forums and a few sessions at a friend's house when I was living elsewhere.
If there are any new campaigns starting up or low-level campaigns in need of another PC, I'd be interested.

We usually meet on Sundays, starting around 10 am and run til 4 or 5.

@ SN -- If you need another player, why don't we meet some time for a beer or pretzel or something? That's my usual MO -- it allows a chance to decide if a person would be a good fit for the group, without any of the awkwardness of "uninviting" anyone. (Of course, if your group isn't particularly looking for another player, no problem.)

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We are actually having a PFS game on this Saturday the 1st at noon at the Greensburg store called The Vault behind Westmoreland Mall. Please check the events page for full details.


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Cool, I stopped there once or twice looking for minis but didn't realize they hosted Pathfinder games. I'll check out the event info, but I think I have sole small-person responsibilities that day due to my wife's work schedule.

I know this might be a bit late, as there hasn't been a post in two months, but does anyone in the area need gamers? My group that meets every other week is slowly falling apart and I'd love to try again with someone new. I live in Robinson, but I have no qualms about driving somewhere for a game. 31 years old, nonsmoker, no kids, and I've played Pathfinder for about two years. I'd be up for either a private campaign or even Pathfinder Society. Thanks!

Mentioned this a while ago upthread somewhere, but I'd totally be up to host and run a Kirthfinder campaign, if there's sufficient interest. I'm early 40s, nonsmoker, no kids (but 2-3 cats), been playing and DMing various RPGs for 30 years, and provide free beer to guests.

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I have a 16-month-old, so it's tough for me to commit to driving anywhere on my days off on the weekends. I guess I'll have to stick to PbP games for the time being.

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Hi folks, just wanted to jump in and introduce myself. I live in Kittanning, Armstrong county

Fubbles, you could potentially cruise straight down 28 (Allegheny Valley Expwy) into Penn Hills -- an easy drive -- if interested in a Kirthfinder game.

We're in Pittsburgh as well and could use some new players. Right now the group consists of me, my husband, our daughter, and one friend and long time gamer. We use mostly Pathfinderand Dreamscarred stuff, though I'm open to a lot of 3rd party stuff, as long as I can access a copy.

We play on Sundays starting around 10 am and run to around 4 pm.

Currently we're on the final Carrion Crown module and will be starting Runelords when that's done. (My game)

Both my hubby and our friend run homebrew world games as well.

Sorry Kirth, I couldn't get anyone interested in Kirthfinder, but you're stll welcome if you're interested.

I moved to Blairsville about a year ago. Latrobe is not that far from here. did you find a gaming group?

Player interested in a Saturday or Sunday (afternoon) Game within the Pittsburgh city limits. Can also GM. I rely on buses, so no long distance offers, please.

John Napier 698 wrote:
Player interested in a Saturday or Sunday (afternoon) Game within the Pittsburgh city limits. Can also GM. I rely on buses, so no long distance offers, please.

Cancel this. I've decided to GM a group of my Players from my Tekkoshokon campaign that are local to Pittsburgh.

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