To Battle Herald, or not...


Hi all,

I'm midway through book 2 of Kingmaker with my Cavalier 2/Bard 3. Yes, I know that this level combo is not optimal but I'm just not worrying about that to be honest.

My question is this - does Battle Herald actually add anything truly beneficial to this build going forward, or would it be better to simply go full bard from this point? I'm tempted to up Cav to level 4 at some point get Horse Master for a full HD mount. But honestly I feel that the increased spellcasting of the Bard is simply better than most of what the Battle Herald offers before max level. Maybe a level of Battle Herald for "Shake it Off", but nothing else seems very exciting.

As an aside, I'm definitely running the Character with a melee focus - 2H fighter/archer switch hitter (lots of stat points so don't worry about that). We just hit 5th level and feat wise I have Power Attack, Eldritch Heritage(Arcane), the skill focus from being a half-elf and my free teamwork feat (Escape Route). For my 5th level feat I don't know what to take. Right now I'm planning on Antagonize for flavour, but if there is something better then I'm open to it (if I progress into Bard then Arcane Strike seems nice).


How about what bard spells would be good to have? I get to know 4 level 1's now. I want Charm Person for sure, and likely Cure Light but beyond that I'm not sure. Grease?

Grease, Liberating Command, Silent Image, Saving Finale, and/or Triple Time.

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Vanish, or Expeditious Retreat.

Not really that familiar with the prestige class, but looks fun for certain campaigns, kingmaker being a good one. Spells, ones listed above.

Battle Herald is a great prestige class. The DR inspiration and None Shall Fall are my two favorite commands. That second level of Cavalier really killed your spellcasting since you will never get second level spells if you choose to stick with the Herald. If you do go battle herald you will want to pick up Lingering Performance so you can twist your Inspire Courage and whatever command you choose.

Saving Finale, Weaponwand, Liberating Command, and Silent Image would probably be my spell list. I love the versatility of weaponwand since UMD is a class skill for you. Not an efficient use of the spell but I find it fun to stuff a wand of heroism into my sword and knight people just before battle.

Lingering Performance allowing me to have both in effect is a very nice perk that I misunderstood (I thought it meant that even that would not allow both to be in effect).

What about starting Battle Herald a level late to get the 2nd level Bard spells? As order of the Cockatrice the level 2 order ability was to characterful to resist (Dazzling Display as a standard action and you don't even need a weapon drawn - you're just telling them how badass you are). Then I can definitely see 3 Inspiring Commands worth having. Then....back to Bard? Stick with Battle Herald?

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