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Hi, all -

A new post is up at Delver's Diary, where I share an Excel file I use to track my Pathfinder Society PCs' gp, gear, XP, fame, and prestige (yes, I know I'm a bit hyper-organized!).

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I, too, am rather organized when it comes to my characters. Only I have a spreadsheet document with a single page for each character. It's more compact, single line for every scenario played with a column for wealth (I usually use equations to calculate everything accurately), a column for fame, one for prestige, and another for past and planned purchases with PA, vanities, and large gp items reliant on fame. It's worked out well for me so far. I keep it on Google Drive so I can access it from all of my mobile devices, hahaha.

Grand Lodge 4/5 Venture-Agent, Nevada—Las Vegas aka kinevon

Like Sior, I am a bit obsessive about making things automated. I looked at your spreadsheet, and immediately started adding calculations in, felt like I wanted to add an extra column in the XP section, for XP earned, so that a proper calculation could be built, then, if I feel really obsessed, I would add a column with a calculation to tell me the PC's current level...

Also using the Prestige earned column in the calculation for total Fame.

I told you I was a bit ... obsessive.

Then again, I have a simple spreadsheet that I use as a front cover for each of my PCs, showing what scenarios, modules, or other games they have played/earned PFS credit for. Including whether it was Player or GM credit...

Liberty's Edge

I track everything as well.

I don't use a computer. I have a journal that I keep each session by date and what character/scenario I played. Along with all my adventure notes. Click on my name and you can see some of the stats that I track. Its neat when you are talking about a past adventure and have all the notes with it.

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I knew I wasn't the only one to have a system! Admittedly mine is quite basic in its current form. Hopefully it will be useful to a few folks who can take it and make it suit their purposes like kinevon mentioned.

Lexica, I haven't seen someone track in Pathfinder kills in that much detail before. Is that something you do as a player, or is it part of your character's concept to keep track of these things?

Liberty's Edge

Doug, It started out as something that I wanted to know as a player and very quickly became a part of Lexica, it fits who she is.

I'm still lurking around and reading your blog, so keep up the good work.

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