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Don't want to jump the gun with hopes and fears just yet myself, so for now I'm just gonna leave this here:


I am highly intrigued. I'm still trying to figure out a way to play my old M&M games. Currently, the only machine with low enough specs is my laptop and the only OS options I have are Windows 7, which won't run on it, and anything free. All of my other computers show as having "too little memory" because of how the game registers the memory.

Kind of an odd problem, I know.

That said, a new game in that series would be very, very welcome.

Have you tried to rune Might & Magic in DosBox?

It's not a real Might and Magic game unless the villain is secretly a rogue AI and the demons are actually aliens. :P

Hey, Lord Xeen was Undead!

And as far as I recall Sheltem was rogue Android not AI...

Drejk wrote:
Have you tried to rune Might & Magic in DosBox?

I hadn't even considered it. Worth a shot!

GOG sells Might & Magic I to VI configured for Windows XP/Vista/7. I could not find information if they used preconfigured DosBox for that particular sale but they usually solve the problem of compatibility that way so I think it is possible to achieve similar result...

Might require some magic with configuring it properly, however :P

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

I don't have the M&M packs from GOG but based on the other products of theirs I've bought, if it comes with DOSBox or another program to help an older program run, it is indeed preconfigured so that all you need to do is click on the icon to run like any other game, DOSBox will launch and auto-run the game, and you're good to go without having to do anything yourself. If it doesn't come with DOSBox whatever it comes with will come with the means for it to launch as easily. Of course, it would mean you'd have to buy the game all over again.

Given the trailer has the creepy voice speaking in a "robot" voice, and the assembly of the pixellated images from past games being "fueled" into the game's logo, I would say the sci-fi elements of the franchise have not been forgotten.

Gameplay trailer.

It's out on Monday.

Yes, this Monday.

Sort of.

Apparently there's an early release for early backers/pre-orderers of the game, and the rest will follow shortly thereafter.

From the video, it appears to be a tile-based game reminiscent of GRIMROCK, but in an open world setting with multiple dungeons and surface/urban exploration and combat. Graphically, it's looking pretty good in a sort of new-retro kind of way.

I wonder how they're going to tie the world of Asha into the classic setting. I suppose the easiest is that it's just another world amongst the same universe that contains the Ancients, Kreegans and their artificial worlds.

Sheltem turns up (again somehow) and takes advantage of Asha's ignorance of the greater universe and its mysteries?

I suppose, being a robot, Sheltem could have had backups. Or wasn't the only Sheltem built....

I think Sheltem's story was expressly concluded with M&M5. He played no role at all in 6-9, so it would be odd to bring him back for 10.

Word of God (i.e. Ubisoft) is that the latest M&M games are a whole new world and reboot of the series, but many fans have simply ruled for personal fanon purposes that the new world is part of the same universe as the Ancients/Kreegans etc, even if that is never explicitly said in the game fiction.

Crag Hack and Sandro show up in Ubisoft's games, but that's more as fanservice than to link them to the old continuity.

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