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I like these 101 reason threads, so I did a brisk search on a subject that can be sometimes a difficult question to answer. I didn't see anything with the quick once over, so here it is.

The question is, "Why is my character adventuring with these strangers?"

I'll start.

1. The party consists of your brother and sisters.

2. Each other party member holds a piece of a shattered legendary item that could be mended.

3. The king commands it.

4. You don't want to go it alone.

5. These people look like they'd make for an exciting time.

6. You have a death wish.

What others can you think up?

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7. If I try to have my own adventure completely away from the party I'd be "that guy."

8. Bragging rights for using this all Paladin party as sacrifices to achieve my lichdom.

9. I lent that mofo 3k for some stupid belt and I'll be damned before he isn't forced to pay what he owes.

10. They are a means to an end.

11. I've known him since 6th grade

The adventure is over if we don't adventure together. That or I'm an a&$$$&%.

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"Angel Lady Pretty! Grod Like Pretty Lady! Grod Stay Pretty Lady, Keep Safe!"

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14. They have candy and Mongo like candy.

15. Someone has to lead those idiots around.

16. It makes for a great joke when we walk into a bar.

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17. They seem to ignore my terrible body odor.

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18. I'm interested in what our mixed-species babies would look like.

19. They owe you money.

20. You owe them money.

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21. that tagalong loli is cute, and i want to have her on my shoulder

22. the elven bikini babe is hot, and i want to see what she is hiding

23. i like big beefy half-orcs with huge swords

24. i want to know how much the elf in the leather catsuit charges

25. the summoner killed my horse and he owes me a new horse.

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26. Nothing says success like first-hand witnesses to yours.

27. This bunch of loser dwarves are heading to a great wyrm's lair? Sure, you'll "burgle" something alright.

28. You and your dwarf 'cousins' sure shnookered that stupid hobbit. "Burglar" my rear, he's there to be appetizing to the dragon while you and your 'cousins' charge the beast en masse with your mighty dwarven arsenal.

29. Dwarves ... hobbits ... they're all a sideshow entertainment while you filch that last dragon scale necessary to complete your phylactery that you're calling 'the Flame of Uldun'. There should be hundreds of suitable scales laying around that big treasure horde.

30. Nothing ensures loyalty like interwoven geases.

31. You all lost the same bet.

32. You all want different pieces of Tar-Baphon/Vectra/Venca. Go Team Appendage!!

33. Han shot first. Your group is going to make that smuggler pay for that, oh yes.

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34. You don't have to be able to run faster than the hungry troll. Only faster than the guy in fullplate.

35. I didn't see the obvious ...you met at a tavern and all got in a barfight together.

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36. They say to keep your friends close. This party is composed of people I like to keep closer.

37. They are bunch of alcoholic buffoons, but they sure can find the loot.

38. If I'm part of the party I always know where the barbarian is, so I can stay upwind.

39. I doubt I could find any more guilable suckers erg companions no matter how hard I searched.

40. I assure you that's just a coincidence that you all would make excellent organ doners.

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41. After that episode with the sheep, the town kicked all of you out.

42. We're off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

43. You're not quite how it happened, but you are the Druid's Animal Companion.

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44. I'm intent on exploring Thassilonian ruins...just not alone.

45. I think the elf is my father...

46. As a cerlic of Nethys and student of all things magical, I'm curious about this "ki" our monkey friend uses. I've read about it, but am excited to witness its execution firsthand.

47. We've faced and beaten death together.

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48. It was either travel with this group, or kill them as ordered. You figured money in the long haul made more sense.

49. Your the only one with actual survival skills to find someone/something.

49. The GM asked for comedy relief.

50. You are the old kings jester before he decided you were no longer funny.

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51. The rakish rogue and his furry companion are willing to get you and your old wizard mentor out of town quickly, no questions asked. As a bonus he only wants 5 times the going rate.

52. Your last 5 parties all died, and you were the lone survivor.

53. He got a 28 on his Diplomacy roll...

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54. Who would have thought a group of recently hired caravan guards would have so much in common? (Not wanting to be caravan guards).

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55. I'm their parole officer.

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56. I'm plotting to kill them one at a time.

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57. We may be a bunch of quasi-psychopaths with an unhealthy obsession for danger and gold, but it beats having to do all the heavy lifting by myself.

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58. I need a meatsheild

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59. I'm sure the gnome is stealing my underwear, I have to stay with party until I can catch him in the act.

60. they all treated INT as a dump stat, and if I leave they might mistake me for an orc (or maybe a horse, two of them have a 5 INT) and try to kill me for xps.

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60. Mind Control @_@

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61. You're all members of the same church!

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62. "Come with us," they said. "It'll be fun," they said. "You won't have to carry the bodies out this time," they said...
--62a. And I believed them, because I didn't pump Wisdom.

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63. Gotta catch em all!

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63b. While that other summoner is off with his stupid little "electric mouse" eidolon, trying to figure out ways to summon new monsters, you've already got a group of female cohorts and this sweet red wagon, in addition to a better eidolon and some sweet custom summons of your own. Now you're mostly in it just to rub it in his face.

64. I need traveling companions to keep me company and help me protect my Eidolon from those weird summoners who are always trying to steal it, unless my damned rival who's always one step ahead of me driving around in a red horseless chariot with plenty of b*****s to cheer him on.

Dammit why can't I ignore that fairy >_<

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65. Because love.

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66. Look to your left...look to your right...now see those shackles around you ankles...here is a shovel.


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67. We all just happened to be drinking in the same tavern when the sheriff burst in and deputized the lot of us.

68. When I was a kid, I wanted to either be in a squad of mercenaries, or a traveling minstrel troupe. Now I've in a group with an elf with a giant scimitar and a halfling with a flute, so all I have to do now is figure out which dream I succeeded at.

69. The sorceress of the group have charisma 20.

70. You burned down the last town you were in ( accidently of course) and theyre the only ones who believe you...

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71. Because its Friday night, you have nowhere else to go, and a massive stockpile of pizza rolls, mountain dew, dice, and other people who keep telling you it's more fun in a group.

72. You heard that "They" are taking the hobbits to Isengard, and really want to know what the hell a hobbit is, but have yet to see one. Hopefully they are tasty.

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72. Your regent decided that you should learn a lesson about friendship each week.

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73. A powerful need to eat sometime this month.
74. To satisfy your morbid lifelong curiousity to see a dragon up close and personal.
75. It's the quickest way out of town to skip out on an arranged marriage or shotgun wedding.

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76. you really want a piece of the nymph puppeteer that enslaved you with her cruel enchantments, she took your innocence, and made you her geassed bodyguard. you want to get rid of the damned geass but no matter how hard you try, it won't go. so your only alternative is death, but dangerous situations make you stronger as a means to survive. damned spider web of Geass effects. your life is a living hell, and you really hate that nymph. but thinking bad about her causes a lingering painful needle like sensation to pierce your spine. which while not damaging, hurts like hell, and lingers.

77. a little girl demasculated your pride, you want to avenge your honor, so you gathered the strongest of cohorts you could, thier pride also wounded by that same child. now with your band, you will teach that insolent brat a lesson

78. a little girl beat you in a game of high stakes old maid, and now you are her servant till the day you die, or she dies. you humour yourself by being the child's champion, becoming reliant on her buffs to save you. and you cannot remove the contract mark she left upon you, no matter how hard you try.

79. the little girl demasculated you in a duel, and you are now her "Friend." you don't know what it entails, but you are forced to carry her excess baggage, taste her lethal cooking, allow her to treat your wounds, assist her in combat, and engage in all the duties of an indentured servant until you reaqcquire your honor.

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80. You wrote a tell all book about your last party and they are still chasing you.
81. Fortune and glory...but mostly just to have the wench in every tavern.
82. They are the only ones who don't point and laugh when you say 'hero'.
83. The blue hand of god implies you're motivated to help the neighboring valley when they send out a rider calling for aid.

84. you want to live the high life, pillaging, plundering, looting, having a harem, eating at top end taverns, and having lots of money. you run into a little girl whose father is the head of a bandit troupe. you accept the girl's offer. after collapsing from keeping watch due to your fatigue from overworking yourself. you and the little girl are the last 2 survivors, there are thousands of dead soldiers, and you wish to restart your grand band of brigands

85. you were conscripted to join an elite organization known as the grey wardens, you had to drink a bottle of demon blood and barely survived, your organization was betrayed when the Vizier abandoned the king, your group was executed, and you seek to gather an alliance to defeat the false king and the demons who plague the land.

86. Your "game" is so played out, you need 3 wingmen.

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87. It's my party, I'll die (with them) if I want to.

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88. you are the great swordsman known as Futanari, prodigal son and apprentice of the great swordsman known as Bukkake. like your father, you dislike your name you were unfortunate enough to recieve, so to punish those who bully your name, you wish to become the greatest swordsman ever.

89. unlike most elven women, you grew up within a drow monastery and were trained by your drow masters in the martial arts for one reason and one reason only, to murder other surface elves and and to punish drow traitors. your mother was a surface elf prisoner that died in childbirth while held captive by drow, but you consider her weak, and you wish to spread the might of the spider queen lolth

90. unlike most Undines in Quin, you became a priestess of the Azure Dragon, you had to sip from his blood and survive a harsh trial. but in exchange, you gained draconic powers, your patron grew ill, and you sought to save him.

91. you were a simple princess sheltered within your castle, one day, an invading force you once thought were allies enter the castle armed and seeking to kill the royal family. to survive, you must escape the castle and join with a group of knights, start a mercenary company and develop the strength to avenge your deceased father and brother

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92. You know that "Book of Love" that the pie molesting kid used to have? The good news is, it's on the market. The bad news is, it's 200,000 gp.

93. Your planet's name is Alderaan and you know the clock is ticking, but not why.

94. The train won't leave your dreams at night. As it turns out, you are all seeing that damned train in your dreams. You haven't seen the front end of it yet ... and you are also pretty sure that you will regret it if you do.

95. You have a Drinking Oath: to drink every drink.

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96. you were a fairy summoned by an old conjurer, the conjurer had you assist at his mansion, until one day, a great evil sought his twin nieces, so he offered you a chance to earn your freedom by protecting his nieces until the evil goes

97. your grandfather was consumed by a demon, to avenge your grandfather, you team up with a group of alike individuals who also wish to punish that demon. but to defeat that demon, you require your grandfather's unholy parasitic weapon, that leeches a bit of your soul every time you use it. you are the 7th heir to this weapon.

98. your ex girlfriend was the local count's sickly niece, because she was upset about you dumping and insulting her, she coerced her uncle to place a bounty on your head. adventurers are after you, and to defeat adventurers, you require a party of adventurers

99. the evil king wants you dead for marrying the woman he desired so badly, the woman passed away last year due to the plague, and now you are on the run, there are 2 things that stand a chance against an army, mercenary bands, and parties of adventurers

100. that dwarf encouraged you to consume a quart of some drink called "Dragon's Breath". you almost died, and you lost a drinking contest, you are indebted to that dwarf and now you owe him quite a lot. so you are trying to procure the required funds

101. you stole some pretty elf babe's bloomers during a panty raid at wizard academy across the street from your bardic college and now there is a geass effect on you. now you have to do everything the elven wizard demands, including protect her as she adventures. what an unlucky bard you where, thinking those undergarments were an easy steal to show your buddies.

102. You and your friends thumb your noses at conventionality and decided to offer one more reason than necessary.

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103. You have a daughter, and you need money to support her. You can't get close for person reasons, you carry a dire curse and you can't allow her to suffer. You can't let her down, you'll need friends to keep you safe and to help you on the journey.

104. Mother wanted you to go out and explore the world! You found a group of adventurers doing just that. Just don't tell them your step mtoher is a succubus and your father a hellknight...

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