Timing of Saves vs. Poison

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A few quick questions regarding the timing of saving throws vs. poison:

  • When does one make saving throw(s) to cure poison?
  • With injury poison, I would assume one is made immediately upon receiving the injury that delivers the poison, but when are the subsequent attempts made?
  • Are these saves attempted during the injured/poisoned parties turn or during the turn of the one that caused the injury/delivered the poison?
  • When during that turn is the save attempted? The beginning? The end?

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Treat it just like you would a spell (like if someone cast haste). It gets its own place in the initiative order immediately preceding whatever action caused it.

As a general rule you can just have to go off whenever the cause of the poison has its turn, but if the cause changes it initiative it doesn't change when the poison would have its effect.

If it has a 10 round duration and triggers 1/round. You have the initial save, then 10 more potential saves before it runs its coarse.

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