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Does martial weapon proficiency include proficiency in eastern martial weapons?

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If a class grants access to all martial weapons. They are proficient in any weapon categorized as a martial weapon.

Eastern weapons are a regional style of weapon, and not a category. That is why you see eastern weapons still broken down into simple, martial, exotic, light, 1hand or 2hand.

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So that's a yes?

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So what I'm getting at is everyone says the Elven Curved Blade is one of the best weapons for a 2h weapon user to use. However, the nodachi has the exact same stats but is a martial weapon.

For a fighter, why would ou waste a feat or trait for ECB proficiency when you can use a nodachi for free? Is flavor/fluff really worth it?

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The elven curve blade is primarily classified as an exotic weapon because it is the only two-handed weapon that can be used with weapon finesse.

The nodachi is a str based weapon, and that is why it is only a martial weapon in comparison.

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Ok but for a Str based fighter there's no reason not to just use the nodachi, right? Or is there a better weapon than 1d10 damage and 18-20 crit range?

It's generally believed 18-20/x2 and 19-20/x3 are about the same, right?

Most people who advocate the Elven Curve Blade:

1) are unaware of the No-Dachi (which you're right, it is actually a better weapon for only a Martial proficiency instead of Exotic)

2) do not use Eastern equipment in their game at all

3) play elves who get martial proficiency in it free anyway

4) think that Elven Curve Blades are more likely to be found as loot than a No-Dachi.

5) don't fully understand the game's math and so intend to use Weapon Finesse with it

Generally, if the No-Dachi exists in your world, it's a better choice all around.

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Well this is a PFS character I had to roll up on the spot for the last session of a con this weekend, I grabbed a falchion for the session, but now that I have more than 150 gp to spend I'm doing a bit more optimizing.

I am human with an 18 in Str so I grabbed some lamellar steel armor and a nodachi.

I picked up Power Attack, Weapon Focus: nodachi, and Improved Initiative as my first level feats.

I took Indomitable Will and Reactionary as traits mainly because I couldn't find anything I like more.

Full stat spread is 18/14/14/12/12/7 if that helps with recommendations more. I also have a longbow and a scimitar/shield combo in case I need the extra defense.

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