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For the pandora box, it states the trap is triggered regardless of the method used to open it. But, the trap also only requires a dc 15 perception. Isnt this trap always going to be spotted and disabled? Or is it that it is spotted, yet not disabled by most because of the high DD of 25?

Thanks for any help.

"Oh, Erastil's nuts, there's a trap here. Okay guys, I'm gonna try to disable it. Stand back, we don't know what these ancient traps might do..."


pop. pop.

"Imps! Or-or things! Kill them!"

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Traps can only be spotting if you are actively looking for them. It's not exactly a reactive thing, unlike other stimuli.

I'd like to shamelessly plug my alternate Paradox Box here.

Also, I would formulate the 'trap' as if the monsters where always somehow enclosed (in stasis) in the box (it is an extradimensional pocket after all). This way, there is no trap, and also no grumpy Rogue when it does 'spring'.

Thank you!

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