The arcane rebellions


The arcane rebellions is set in a world of my own making, or rather a kingdom at any rate. The setting is the Valkans a collection of loosely allied fiefdom's controlled by the clergy of the One True God, Astimas (LE, domains Evil, Law, Fire, Sun}. In order to put the Valkans under their complete control all magic not of Astimas is outlawed on pain of death by fire.

Now brave heroes or vengeful anti-heroes must launch the arcane rebellions! Will you show compassion or will you seek revenge? Will you upon overthrowing the church of Astimas consign its members to their own pyres or will you give them the mercy of a swift death? The choice is your's, but remember the price of failure it beyond reckoning.

Note I do not intend to GM this campaign unless no other GM's step forward in which case I will GM it, but do note that I will be a first timer GM.

House rules 20 point buy, any paizo race allowed. Gunslingers may not join (this is set in the height of religious supersition think spanish inquisition). Ninja's, Samurai and wizards need justification. The former two not being western medieval approiate, must have exceptionally good backstories to explain their existance in the Valkans. The wizard due to the exceptional training they have to go through must either be a foreighner or have a suitably stealhy theme to explain surviving in the Valkans.

The one other rule is thou cannot be a divine class of any description of Astimas, you may be an infiltrator of the church and attempt to brink it down from the inside out, but you cannot be an Astimas believer. Any others gods are allowed (all other gods are enemies of Astimas).

The Gunslingers being forbidden and the Astimas rule are the only ones I want a GM who takes over this campaign to follow. Reason for making this campaign in the first place is not to allow a good idea to go to waste (may the arcane rebellion be glorious!).

The Arcane Rebellion sounds quite interesting and I am looking for another PbP to be in... so just for giggles...

Either Antipaladin worshiping the ideal of Anarchy and taking the church to its knees....

or... Monk with a peaceful heart but takes up arms to save the oppressed people

What say you? may I join?

if 3 more stalwart adventurers can be found and you all assist me with maps yes. A question though would you mind playing a paladin if instead of LG he could be say CG?

Actually... LG paladin is so God dang fun! I will play it... If the others don't mind Yrrin Lightbringer!

Well actually he is just an example of a paladin I play... I'll make a lvl 1....

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Oh what the hey. How about a Oracle of time. Being hunted base on some esoteric prophecy. And sure why not.

ok guys aince here are some additional rules for making characters. you start of with max hp and the average starting gold for your class.

Since im creating this campaign in it's own setting which I've made up I'll give you guys traits to help you out.

Foe of Astimas, you have whether due to personal beliefs, practicing the arcane or opposing the clergy of Astimas have become a Foe of Astimas. You receive a 1+ bonus to saves against divine spells cast by Astimas's clergy.

Champion of Freedom. Your heart swells with the strength and dignity of freedom, yet your heart contracts as you see the religious oppresion that surrounds you. You know in your heart of hearts that this cannot go on. You will fight, you will make a stand and you will not surrender! You receive a 1+ bonus to your will saves.

Vengeful arcanist. They burned the towers of wizardry, they hunted down your kinsmen, they killed children by burning them alive at the stake if they showed the potentiol of sorcery. You know that by your hand the vengance that all arcanists in the Valkans seek will be delivered. Like the children and innocents they put to the pyre, the clergy of Astimas will be put to fire. You receive a 1+ bonus to damage rolls against the clergy of Astimas and their minions.

Oppressed believer. Your religion has been oppressed by Astimas and his clergy, now an oppertunity has presented itself. By your faith and conviction the clergy of Astimas will be driven out of the Valkans. Your fellow believers and others will be able to worship freely. Your faith is great and so is the might of your deity's vengance for the suffering that Astimas has caused. Trait bonus you add 1+ to the damage roll of any divine spell you cast against Astimas or it's minions.

More may follow depending on whether or not I'm feeling creative...

Hm, interesting premise. I think I shall be bringing the sorcerer. Been a while since I played one. Thinking the vengeful arcanist trait, a natural-born magician who watched his mentor be put to death by the church, so now he has a burning passion to kill them all.

I like to have imput guys so bear with me. As now I intend to introduce a new twist on the morality system its up to the players if they want to use it of course....

Justice/Revenge. In this morality setup your actions are not judged on a law, good, chaotic, evil etc axis. Instead your actions are judged by the Justice/Revenge system. Here's an example of Justice/Revenge in action. Player 1 wants to give the murderer a quick, clean death this a action of Justice. Player 2 wants to burn him alive, this is a Revenge action.

Justice/Revenge opperates not just as a morality system but as a reputation one as well. A Just character will receive a warm welcome from those who oppose Astimas, he may receive things like a hiding place, free food, drink and lodgings etc... A wrathful character by contrast does not receive those advantages however as his exploits grow ever bolder and more vicous he gains a bonus to his intimidate and bluff skills against the clergy of Astimas and their followers.

Both options will eventually give you an ability called Rally the masses. This is basically the ability that allows you to cause a revolt in the area you are in. A Just character appeals to the crowd's sense of Justice and their urge to be free. A Wrathful character appeals to the mobs pent up anger and hate of the Astimas clergy.

give me your input guys.

I like the idea of it.

And I will be going very, very much on the side of Vengeance.

Champion of Justice.... Alexander the Just

Paladin, Defender of all that is good

Hey, I'm looking at building an elemental sorcerer, who's going to start very fire-based but may eventually progress to use all the elements. As such, a question is raised... could I apply the bloodline arcana that lets me switch energy types to magic missile? There appears to be great debate over this subject, so I figure I'll check here.

my veiwpoint is that it changes all elemental spells to your element if you choose...

Elements: Fire, Acid, Cold, Electricity

so I would say no but idc if DM says yes

I can't allow you to select a all elements sorcerer however as you progress I'm more then willing to entertain a few made up feats that will help you deal with fire resistance and eventually fire immunity...

No, I meant that I'd choose a single element for the bloodline, but as time progressed I'd pick up different spells so that I had a few for every element. Of course, they'd all be capable of turning fiery as soon as needed... I'm also rethinking doing fire, since a lot of spells are fire-based already. We'll see where it goes.

Loup Blanc have you considered trying out the paizi wilder from the d20 srd website? I think that type of playstyle would suit you just fine. And don't worry about campaign flavor, if they hate the arcane they will hate psionics even more so. After all it is the "unseen" art.

What other deities are allowed?

Deities I have not considered that hmmm.....I'll think of something

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I would like to join in with an adolescent savant Learned Sorcerer perhaps of the ifrit race, though if allowed to use the race maker, I would love to make a shadar-kai.

And as far as I know force damage is held seperate from energy damage which the elemental BLA mentions energy damage rather then elemental damage, so if force is considered energy damage...

Deities in this homebrew are Irilo, god of philosophers and magic (N), Tageriv, god of war and glory (CN), Noremia, goddess of lust and pain (NE), Variji, goddess of nature and the ocean (NG), Karox, lord of order and time (LN), Naroon, the honorable lord (LG) and Faeroxi, goddess of love and archery (CG).

As for a shadar-kai I would need to see what that creature is before judging if its overpowered or not.

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The shadar kai are a 4e race that I really like, which why I would have to build them. Basically they are humans from the shadowfell and they have grey skin extreme colors for hair and eyes, revere the Raven Queen, partake in ritualistic tattoos, piercings, and self scarring, and they are warriors.

Their stats in 4e are +2 dex and int, +2 acrobatics and stealth, +1fort, and they can teleport 15' and remain insubstantial till end of turn once per encounter.

I will build them in the race creator tommorrow either way, I was inspired when looking through my Char sheets yesterday so if I can use her awesome if not, I'll have stats for the next game.

I hereby deliver the crunch for my elemental sorcerer. I shall work on fluff posthaste!


Arkasia, “Bolt”

Female ifrit sorcerer (crossblooded) 1
N medium outsider (native)
Init +7; Senses Perception -1


AC 13, touch 13, flat-footed 10 (+3 Dex)
hp 6/6 (1d6-1+1)
Fort -1, Ref +3, Will -1


Speed 30 ft.

Melee Sickle +3 (1d6-1) OR
Melee Melee touch +3

Ranged Ranged touch +3

Combat Options Ray of Fire


Str 8, Dex 16, Con 8, Int 12, Wis 8, Cha 20

Base Attack +0; CMB -1; CMD 12

Feats Eschew Materials, Weapon Finesse

Traits Charming, Vengeful Arcanist

Trained Skills
Bluff +9
Intimidate +9
Spellcraft +5

Languages Auran, Common, Ignan

Special Abilities
Racial Abilities
Darkvision 60 ft.
Fire Affinity: Arkasia’s Charisma score is treated as 2 higher for all sorcerer spells and class abilities
Spell-Like Ability: burning hands 1/day, DC 16
Wildfire Heart: +4 to initiative checks

Class Abilities
Bloodline Arcana (Efreeti): May automatically change an energy damage spell to fire damage; also changes the subtype descriptor
Bloodline Arcana (Elemental): May automatically change an energy damage spell to electric damage; also changes the subtype descriptor
Crossblooded Drawbacks: 1 fewer spell known of each spell level; -2 penalty to Will saves
Eschew Materials: gain Eschew Materials as a bonus feat
Fire Ray: 30-foot ranged touch attack as a standard action; deals 1d6 damage; 9/day
Favored Class Bonus: +1 hp

Spells Known: 3/1
Spells Per Day: -/5

0-level Spells: acid splash, arcane mark, ray of frost
1st-level Spells: shocking grasp

Kick out the once per encounter ability and slap on a 2- to either cha or con to represent that they are not entirely human (or more accurately not of the prime material plane), remove the fort bonus and slap on either a 1+ to bluff or intimidate.

here is the time Oracle

Note this campaign will begin within one week, we have 5 spots available the one thing players will be expected to do beyond roleplaying is helping me figure out a good map system for pbp.

I've recently begun using Google Docs' Spreadsheets for the PBP I run here. I can show you a couple and teach you how to make them... They're rudimentary, but do the job.

im interested Loup Blanc, a question thogh have you read any guides on creating a sorcerer? As unlike a wizard you just can't change your spells each day.

I know. The character is very combat-oriented. What's your concern?

It's just that I don't want you entering and suddenly half way in combat figuring out that your build is learning that the hard way may not be good for your characters health.

I know this isn't the best build evarzzz, but I don't typically like doing that. This way, she's got a good mid-range spell-like ability to fire off 9 times a day, a nice close-range AoE 5/day, and a smattering of mid-range attacks at-will that, while not dealing a ton of damage, do allow her to deal any of the four energy types. She's not intended to be uber-powerful just yet.


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Shadar-kai race build:

+Humanoid 0pts (would call it outsider nonnative, but they don't have that option and the outsider native option comes with darkvision which shadar kai don't have)

+Medium size 0pts

+30ft speed 0pts

+2 dex +2 int -2 wis 0pts

+Standard languages 0pts

+low light vision 1pt

+lifebound 2pts (+2 saves vs death effects and negative energy effects, +2 to rolls to remove neg lvls, and +2 to stabilizations rolls from having neg hp)

+Skill bonus +2pts each (Acrobatics and stealth)

+SLA teleport 15' and remain insubstantial till end of turn. +2 (had to create a new spell for this which should really be lvl 1 but I went for the safer play on lvl) This can be replaced in your game with a +2 to intimidate for the same cost.

Total of 9 points, the shallow end of standard race costs.

i'll accept your shadar kai build with the modification that you suffer a 2-penalty to diplomancy with creatures outside the plane of shadows. Reason is same way I felt about tiefling getting a hit on cha, they should have gotten a hit on diplomancy. After all charisma is a measure of force of personality not good looks etc....

Interesting. What level will this start at?

lvl 1 starting at i think either fast track or medium track experience

Ok if any of you who posted are still interested I need your stats. As for the justice/revenge system its up to player vote whether to incorporate it or not.

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I don't really care for the concept, though I don't mind being outvoted either.

Though having reputation isn't all that bad, but it should be seperate from the morality of the character, since people's rep can be different from their actual morals and may not even give indication of morals, such as when people have heard of a character's skill but not their deeds.

I'll have my stats up later today, just need finishing touches and an alias.

guys im sorry we just don't have enough people

I might be interested in playing; I'm thinking a primitive Sorceress/druid multiclassing into Barbarian that is fighting injustice.

If this is going on, I may change my sorceress into a magus. Might be a better build and fit the concept better, even though I'd have to drop the whole "master of the elements" thing.

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