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Hello all, we have been quietly lurking in the darkness working on a handful of projects. One of which is now done and live on Paizo now! If you love the fey, you need to check this out.

Long have the fey captured mankind’s imaginations. Dwellers in Dream is a fey-themed player sourcebook containing five all-new races for the Pathfinder RPG. This new sourcebook explores five original fey-themed races for your d20 and Pathfinder games. These are not your standard fantasy fey either, these are creations from the darkest recesses of the twisted minds over at Total Party Kill Games.

The first of the five new player races is the Briarborn, a plant-like race born of nature’s response to harm and injury. They grow quickly and are a measured response to the likes of orcs and men who would seek to harm the world itself. Then there are the Crimbil, goblin-blooded fey and snatchers of children. Next, we explore the True Changelings, mercurial shape-shifting fey. There is also the Glimmerkin, a race of elves who used magic to enter a chrysalis state for an age and emerged something altogether different. Lastly is the Sylfaen, a brutal warden of nature and fey lands, the leaders of the Wyld Hunts.

Each race is fully developed with a total of 80 pages of content! There are tons of new fey-themed feats, abilities, traits, archetypes, spells, magical items and even a new plane of existence. All of the content is hyperlinked to the d20pfsrd.com website for your convenience of use and extensively bookmarked.

For those interested in a sample, check out the Briarborn race on d20pfsrd.com!

This is just a huge amount of content for only $9.99! You can grab it on Paizo right here.

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That was fast! Now in the top 10 Pathfinder products at DriveThruRPG!

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Currently the #2 PFRPG download on DriveThruRPG!

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Here's a sample feat for you!

Deep Reverie
When entering the elven reverie, you gain
greater benefit.
Prerequisites: Glimmerkin or elf, Wis 15
Benefit: After resting in reverie for four hours, you tap into the communal wisdom of the dwellers in dream, taking a bit of that insight with you. You gain a +3 competence bonus on any one skill check of your choice. This may be changed each day after entering the reverie.

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I can now confirm that Hero Lab files will be added to this product for all 80 pages of content! We will update the files and cover when they are completed. Previous purchasers will be able to redownload the product files.

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The first review is out and a great read (4.5 stars). Feel free to discuss! You can read the review here.

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I wanted to reply to our first review (from James Toms) and give everyone some insight behind how Dwellers was produced. As I mentioned, it’s always interesting to see things from a reader’s perspective. First off, I’m glad it was enjoyed! It was intended to be a book about the fey, and some of the darker fey at that, capricious and unfathomable. Normally we don’t respond to reviews, but I think people will enjoy hearing some behind the scenes information.

I’m glad you enjoyed the Briarborn. To me, plant people are really boring and I wanted to make a plant-like race that would be fun to play. That’s one of my core thoughts behind these books; that every race should be interesting enough to play, not just exist in a setting. I was less than inspired by existing plant races. Each race should really make you want to roleplay one regardless of their stat bonuses.

As for the Crimbil, I tried to have a little fun. With goblin and fey bloodlines, I felt obligated. I’m really pleased that you picked up on their tragic duality. I’m also 100% guilty of breaking the fantasy as you mentioned, lol. I generally write very serious material, but being fey, I wanted to be a wee bit humorous too.

The True Changelings were meant to be a replacement for the missing Changeling from 3.5 D&D. Ours are not the doppelganger spawn or Hag-born Changeling, but instead more true to folklore. This would certainly be an interesting PC.

I wasn’t sure how the Glimmerkin would be received. They are an interesting race for sure. I’m not a super hero fan at all really, so it was an interesting parallel comparing them to Daredevil’s abilities. So much so, that I might make a Glimmerkin Lore Warden fighter to play sometime! David A. Hill’s vision of the Glimmerkin is both alien and wondrous, with a mindset that is completely unexpected. They are definitely a unique take on a race transformed.

I’m really glad you like the moral ambiguity of the Sylfaen! I probably over-use that trope in my works, but I find it to be a lot of fun. The Sylfaen lands are definitely not to be trifled with. PJ Harn primarily wrote these, and he has a definite view on the harsh fey wilds that carried across into the Sylfaen race. You didn’t know about this race because they didn’t let you find them…

I found it interesting you didn’t enjoy ‘A Good Day to Pie.’ It was intentionally humorous in an otherwise dark book. My own writing style is very grim and terse, so I definitely see how it clashes. This was from an established writer who is new to our work, and it probably shows. Also, it probably comes off as very kitsch by comparison. I should try not to confuse our fans with material that is contrary to our brand. Being that is was very fey in nature, we all loved it and laughed heartily while reading it. Guilty as charged, but I suspect a lot of people will still enjoy it. It’s probably more a matter of personal taste.

Oh, and again, we’re totally guilty of slipping humorous bits in our books. Often, no one even notices. In this book, it’s much more overt. Being a book on fey, we felt obliged to do so, but I thoroughly see the point you made.

I half wondered if we should have done an intro story for each race myself. The problem is that we would have blown our page count by a lot and had to pay for that additional writing (unless I did it myself) and extra pages printed. I might consider that next time though, as it lends a feeling of immersion to each race.

I’m glad you enjoyed it overall though. It was really an experiment on our part. We wanted to see if we could pull off a big player sourcebook. It looks like we did on a whole, and the feedback has been great! There are a handful of others planned as well. I’m already writing a follow-up called Servants of Shadows – Five Necromancy-themed Races.

It’s not humorous…

Thanks for the opportunity to review Dwellers In Dream.

Personally, I find behind the scenes content on nearly any product to be fascinating and was glad to get a glimpse.

A Good Day to Pie. Agreed, it was a personal taste issue. It was a different tone than the material that surrounded it and it stuck out a bit. I actually gave the humor stuff a lot of thought before writing the review. I think if "Pie" hadn't have been there, I wouldn't have mentioned Verdant Dew or the Twilight Blade and such at all. Those were low-key and will slip below the radar of a lot of folks. But since I felt compelled to comment on "Pie" I felt it was OK to mention those as well.

Re: Page count and short fiction pieces. I had wondered if that wasn't the case, since this PDF already clocks in at 80 pages.

Thanks for the glimpse behind the scenes. I look forward to reviewing more TPK Products in the future.

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Now with Hero Lab support! Be sure to download the PDF again for the additional files.

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