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Does Gust of wind remove the fog caused by Guards and wards?

I believe so, but I would be delighted if it didn't.

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Nope. Dispersing the fog subsumes that you're bringing in clear air to replace the fog. The fog is generated by the spell itself, and fills the whole area...all you're going to do is roil it for a round, and then it'll be back the way it was.

I'd probably let you thin the fog in an area as long as you have the wind focused, but you'd have to stay in the area of the gust.

It's a static warding effect, not just summoning up a bunch of vapors, and a much higher level spell. Since it generates the fog as long as the spell is up, dispersing it just makes it generate the fog again, and next round you're back to the same.


Cool, now lets see if we can build a consensus on this.

Is there any specific rules (or ruling) I should read concerning this type of problem?

What type of problem, exactly? It's hard to think of something else quite like this.

I agree with Aelrynth. In addition to those reasons, I would add that not only does the text for the fog aspect of guards and wards mention nothing about being dispersed by wind but the stinking cloud aspect of guards and wards specifically does. It doesn't even say the fog is "like fog cloud" or something like that. This shows that if the fog effect were supposed to be so easily dispersed, it would have said so.

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The main thing you should do when pointing this out is where the rules for how fog spells are countered are and how they are affect by by Gust of Wind or even normal winds.

The description of those dispersion effects lies in the specific fog spell descriptions, not in Gust of Wind's text. It's in Obscuring Mist's description as well as some other fog spells that states they are specifically affected by wind.

Guards and Wards has absolutely no mention of any kind of wind based counter, nor does it reference that it functions in a similar manner to lesser fog cloud spells the way that Acid Fog references Solid Fog which references Fog Cloud and so would not appear to have one. This isn't unreasonable for a 6th level spell to have that kind of power, especially one that isn't castable in combat in under like 300 rounds.

Thematically a GM might decide that strong winds affects the fog cloud in some way but it shouldn't be completely subject to dispersal from that alone in any reasonable situation.

Thanks fellows! I was getting mixed up because it used the word "fog."

Checking my 2nd edition book it doesn't even use the word "fog" it says "misty"

If the "fog" worked like Fog cloud it would mention it
It mentions the "Web" spell for the web section.

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Due to the fact that it's an Abjuration Spell instead of a conjuring would true seeing work?

A few thoughts:

1) The Fog effect fills only 'corridors'. Rooms and perhaps stairways are other potential areas Guards and Wards might effect. But some of that I highly suspect is Legacy wording that never got updated from AD&D. (from a time when it was literally possible to randomly roll the structure of your dungeon near as I can remember)
2) Gust of Wind effect is placed in a single room or corridor. For this reason I'd probably say it clears the areas of Fog that it might effect, by blowing out through an open archway, for example. But Morgen is dead right it doesn't specifically get mentioned as a counter.
3) True Seeing shouldn't really be of any use at all. The Fog and other effects are real not illusory. Mist Sight would be pretty dang useful though (and didn't along with things like Blindsight and other such spells even exist for years after Guards and Wards was introduced).
4) What Karlgamer said above (in his third post).
5) The spell in general needs a huge overhaul to make it worth taking ... it barely made the cut waaaay back when it was first introduced in my experience and changes to the game and available spells have made it even less useful.
6) The text only mentions Dispel Magic and Disjunction. I'd probably check against each effect for which the caster had a LoE to for Greater Dispel Magic when used as an area dispel.

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