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Howdy, I"m new here and I was wondering if anyone knows or if there is available or will be available a program where you can create your character and that it can calculate the math for you (BAB, Saves skills points, ability modifiers, number of feats, spells, etc) to cut down on character creation time? I use to use E-tools but honestly I found it only useful for making mass simple characters as appose to very limiting to making intricate characters where you would need to sift through 8 books to be able to do half of what I made him to be able to do. (i'm looking for something i can use with 3.5/pathfinder)

Hero Lab does exactly this. It's not free, but as a customer, I think it's worth the price.

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+1 for Hero Lab, it is worth every penny. Though, if you want to do both 3.5 and Pathfinder, you would need separate lisences.

The program is not infallible, but if there are issues with things not working correctly, they fix it quickly. They also have a very active forum. Finally, you can download a trial version for free to give it a test drive.

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Herolab or if you're restricted to free, PC-Gen are your two options for desktop software right now.

I also throw in a +1 for this. Well worth the money.

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I personally use google doc templates for my character sheets. Like this one: 04S1JranRSSEE&mode=public#

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