Variant channeling - Is it ever worth it?


My 10th level magus recently did a 'retrain' (with DM's permission) and picked up Leadership in place of an earlier feat. I am planning on bringing in a cohort Cleric to help the Paladin\Cleric PC with healing.

The cohorts and followers we are gaining are going to be disciples of Apsu, so I was poking around at the idea of variant channeling to give the cohort some flavor. But in reading over them, they all seem heavily situational, and not necessarily worth the loss of 50% of your channel healing - especially since the cohort will be 8th level, so in most cases will only have a channel bonus of +2.

Am I overlooking something? Are there situations\builds that make variant channeling worthwhile, or should I just avoid it?


I think the envy variant channeling is the only worth it. If you spend your attack to make every enemy waste thier attack and provoke. Awesome sauce.

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The Ale/Wine and the Nobility/leadership ones are both good if you can make the opponent fail his saves against their effects.

A while back I made a guide to using Channel Energy in this fashion. Not sure what happened to the Paizo forum version though:

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