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Sovereign Court ***** Venture-Captain, Ohio—South

Hey everyone,

If you're ever in Ohio, just visiting or staying to rise a family, make sure to check out ohiopfs.org. We've got games going on almost every night between the 3 cities, all within an hour and a half of each other.

Sovereign Court ***** Venture-Captain, Ohio—South

New games posted on http://ohiopfs.org/events/. Sign up to play, and looking for GMs. Let me know if you want to run a game.

Silver Crusade ***** Venture-Captain, Ohio—Central

More games have been added to the schedule for Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton. Go to Ohiopfs.org and sign up for the site and then sign up for the game you would like.

Silver Crusade ***** Venture-Captain, Ohio—Central

OhioPFS has been updated with more events.

Silver Crusade ***** Venture-Captain, Ohio—Central

Multiple events have been added including Way of Kirin.

Sovereign Court ***** Venture-Captain, Ohio—South

Hey folks in Ohio, we've added more and more stores and more locations! COlumbus is grwing, and Dayton has added The Bookery and Game Haven to our regular line up. We're also adding mroe games to our Cincinnati locations at Gateway Games and Art of War.

Check out ohiopfs.org for all the details and sign ups!


Good to hear Ohio is going strong. Next time I visit the folks I'll try to catch a game in Dayton.

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