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Which characters are (or were) your favorite to play for mechanical reasons? For thematic/RP reasons? Which characters did you put out pasture and why?

My favorite character to play mechanically is my Dual-Cursed Life Oracle, Longspear Lux. He was built to be both the damage sponge/channel bot AND a buffer/debuffer when healing isn't needed. When I'm not doing one, I'm doing the other and I am constantly engaged by maximizing my utility every turn.

My favorite character to role-play is my Tetori monk, Bruno Breakbone. He's a dum-dum brute of a grappler who grapples everything and anything he can.* Thanks to certain choices made in season 4 of PFS, he's now a fallen ex-monk who no longer speaks due to his shame of succumbing to Lissala's temptations. He now uses a slate tied around his neck and a piece of chalk.

Fell from favor: Martella Crowhammer, a 4th level Paladin/Oracle that I whole-heartedly love the RP side of (little girl with a big hammer, worshipper of Andoletta) but I find boring in combat as she's just a beatstick. Right now she's just a place to dump GM credit or be a last second sub-tier option should either need arise.

My favorite, both mechanically and for role-playing, is Captain Xan Stormblade, my Pirate-archetype rogue. She's reasonably effective in combat, and can contribute in a lot of ways when skills are needed. Role-playing-wise, she's fun, smart-alecky, and one of my few "selfish" characters (I'm usually the one playing the goody-two-shoes healer-type).

I've put out to pasture Amunkhet, my Osiriani wizard. He was my first PFS character (first played on "Opening Day" for PFS at GenCon '08), but I never really found a good RP "voice" for him, and just never found I enjoyed playing him all that much.

(BTW, I loved playing with Bruno...interesting to hear what's happened to him.)

My favorite PC? Probably my Ranger/Rogue/Horizon Walker, who was far from the best designed character in any regards other than Perception checks. She was a lot of fun to play, even if the majority of her conflicts were wholly debated within my head (such is the trouble with a very introspective character). But I prefer all my female PCs (Kiara the Arcane Monk; Hedda Gørsyn the Arcane Duelist/Kensia; Jenissa Halvarek the NO LONGER ALLOWED IN PFS)to my male PCs.

Least favorite? Bellarius D'Nassi, who is fun to roleplay (to a degree), but just became such a liability to party success that I had to stop playing him. What is truly infuriating about him is that the way I envisioned him became available with the Hospitaler archetype but PFS allows very little in the way of incorporating new material into existent PCs.

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My original favorite was my rogue/ranger as he was my first PFS character he has since completed eyes of the ten and retired

Currently I have several favorites, my brother of the seal, my new fallen paladin/cleric, my fighter/sorcerer

I have 2 characters that arent my primary choices (Toshiro cleric of shizuru however honestly I cant do an Asian accent and sometimes I wish he was a cleric of iomedae instead so he was easier to roleplay). An a fighter eldritch knight who is basically shelved as im going to be playing one in a homegame (and thus having 2 is unneeded)

The Exchange 5/5

my favorite? whichever one I am running at the moment...

Sovereign Court

My favourite characters to play were either Jorah Genveer or Quinn Danielson. This is gonna get long winded!

Jorah Genveer
(Antipaladin 13/ Lawful Evil)
Jorah was made for a Carrion Crown group that at the time only had 3 players. They had a sorcerer, a rogue, and a summoner. So I went; "S$@%, they need a tank and a healer." The party was Chaotic Good, for the most part, but I suck at RPing chaotic, so I made a Lawful Good Paladin of Abadar. He was intended to be a childish, optimistic, and very forgiving paladin.
That changed when the lives of his party were threatened by an Erinyes. The choice came down to either; let the entire party die, or die - and the entire party might die anyway. Jorah couldn't figure out another way to save his friends - and that's what he cared about over everything else in the world. So he sold his soul.
Jorah eventually became an Antipaladin (a Lawful Evil variation that my DM homebrewed for me) who's descent into evil was slow and prolonged. In the end, however, he ended up making some choices that were nothing more than pure evil. I really liked playing him, because I had never played a truly evil character before - especially not one that I thought I played cleverly.

Quinn Danielson
(Cleric 10-Lich 5-Obscure 3.5 Prestige Class 5/Lawful Neutral)
Quinn is notable because for a while, his highest stat was a 12 and I still managed to get s++% done. He was also my first full caster, and, more tragically; my first character death. He was trying to rescue his one true love, but it was actually an assassin in disguise. Quinn, obviously, failed his fortitude save. I was shocked that a character had, y'know, DIED ON ME, but then I immediately began pouring through 3.5 sourcebooks trying to find a loophole. I found one, and Quinn returned shortly after as a ghost.

Quinn is ridiculously fun to roleplay, and amazing mechanically. He's selfish, vain and cocky - but he also cares deeply about his family (and children in general) as well as his longtime friends and associates. His biggest flaw is that he sucks at planning, and he's absolute rubbish at knowing when the odds aren't stacked in his favour. His philosophy was always; "There's always another way out." which inspired me, as the player, to find loopholes and look for creative solutions to adventuring problems.

He also had a balor in his kitchen. Long story.

My least favourite character I've played was probably Many Many 3.5 Rogues.

I have no idea why I thought playing Many Many 3.5 Rogues was a good idea, but I definitely did it early in my Dungeons and Dragoning. They were all pretty much the same; Chaotic Neutral, really unhelpful to the party, mostly tools. Ugh. Those were dark times. I don't think I could ever play a rogue again.

I love my gnome Pontificor. I spent a great deal of resources on color spray so almost everything drops from it. He is my first character and I built him against the "rules of how to survive" from my local group. He is often the comic relief and his aloofness is the but of many jokes. I often have the whole table laughing at/with him.

Grand Lodge 4/5

I'd say that it's a toss up.. for fun.. it's

-Cindrana Longpath (Tiefling Admixture Wizard 8). It's fun blowing things up.

-Roasa Annarey Hellena Delaphine del Noire (Taldane N Cleric of Pharasma). I'm REALLY looking forward to her first 'raise dead/resurrect/breath of life where she's going to look at the player and go. "She says it wasn't yet your time, do be careful next time.." She drives one player crazy, till it comes time to walk into a big fight..then she hands out potions of enlarge, prot from evil and such.. She insists the fact that the Taldane way is best. :D

-Akim the Crafty (Qadiran Human Trapmaster/Lore Warden). He insists on talking to folks in their native tongue if he can (made points with at least one group of Ulfen for doing that).

In Favor:
Roakar - Invulnerable Rager Barbarian 12:
He is designed to be useful in almost any non-social problem. He can deal out gobs of damage with a pounce, daze lock foes, dispel magic with a hammer, shrug off almost any spell effect, UMD, etc. He is a swiss army barbarian.

Angrod Luin - Forsight wizard 5/Bloatmage 3:
Power, Power, and more Power. Elven Wizard from Varisia who attended the Acadamae. Learning the fine arts of conjuration was not enough though so he delved deeper into the arts of blood magic.

Devinor - Bard 1:
My first character concept that delved into taking a tactic that people didn't use much and making it Amazing. He spends his days utilizing Aid Another to ridiculous levels in addition to inspiring courage and spell buffing. Character can turn a bunch of welps into a true party who can survive Seaon 4 scenarios. At least that's the plan.

Fezzig - Heavens Oracle 1:
New character who is designed to have fun and be useful with illusion. Plan is to go into veiled prophet at lvl 6. Should be fun when GMs let illusions work as they should and powerful (color spray of doom) if they don't.

Out of Favor:
Morgoth - Witch 6:
I like playing him but I am not too keen on the witch. Is he powerful? Yes. Can he debuff like no tomorrow? Yes. Are hexes boring? Yes. A witch basically has a few totally awesome options that overshadow everything else. Why do anything when you can sleep the enemy. It's either I cast sleep every round or I do the evil eye, misfortune, debuff route and waste time. By the time the third round comes the BBEG is already dead or close enough to it.

Well I only have two PFS characters. Fortunately, they each qualify in the two like columns.

Vikram, Osirian Invulnerable Rager 2/Battle Oracle 1 (going Rage Prophet)

An 18 strength half-orc swinging a power attacked Falchion. I greatly enjoy his overwhelming power attacks and the look on my GMs face when I say 16 damage after rolling two 1s. He's also got a planned build that I really can't wait to play through, even though he's not going to be amazing. He's also my first PFS character and I was looking through the factions, saw an ancestor revering, Egyptian-style faction and remembered the Rage Prophet prestige class. Thus was Vikram made. And its great too, because my local PFS group doesn't have a lot of front liners. I can't wait until I'm getting into the really crazy tricks involving his planned build.

Genthus Blackburne, Grand Lodge Inquisitor of Gozreh 2

Ok, I was not going to make another character until my Barbarian got out of the 1-5 tier. Then my group decided to run Crypt of the Everflame and I was 3rd on Vikram, so I had to make a new one. I'm really glad I did. I wasn't really sure where to go with the build, so I was really freed in my feat choices. I'm still not sure where I'm going to go with his build, but I do know where I want this guys story to go. I picked Breadth of Knowledge, which immediately set up his RPing. He's a curmudgeonly, old, dour dwarf who sees the Pathfinders he's assigned with as unruly children he has to protect from themselves. I intend to pick up Stonefaced because it fits him (though it will also help with his HORRIBLY tanked Charisma) and he'll mostly be using that against his fellow pathfinders to keep them from harm. Someday in his career, I intend to procure a ship and letter of marque from Absalom so that he can rid his God's domain of the scourge of piracy. Of course, I'll have to take some of these dagnabit kids along with him so he can show them how to survive the inner sea and behave as proper privateers. Man, He just makes me smile.

Man, sorry for getting long winded.


Roleplaying-wise, my dwarf urban druid. He smells of sewage and doesn't like anybody. Amazingly fun.

Mechanics-wise, my life oracle, because I love healers and man is he good at it, my wizard, because slowing everything in sight in just fun, and my thundercaller bard, because everything because confused and/or stunned is just amazing. I'm looking forward to some of my upcoming builds, though.

Least favorite? Well, I have this Sorcerer 2/Oracle of Heavens 1. Oracles of heavens is just...well, you end the battle, essentially. Which is not as much fun as making the enemy fumble around.

I love my Alchemist (grenadier) / Sleepless Detective. But the poor bastard is a generalist, which means he's not really good at anything. I'm going to save him for mystery-type scenarios, but he's up to level 8 now and unlikely to survive anything interesting at high level. He'll certainly never go through Eyes of the Ten. (Plus I built him before I really knew what I was doing so he has a 10 Con. Pfft, forget it.)

My Tengu reach-Fighter is pretty good at AOOs and tripping, but not at basically anything else. He's still fun to play, though.

Liberty's Edge 5/5

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Venture Captain Utan "Hoppy" Wortmuddler, Knight Captain of the Eagle Knights - Gnome Battle Oracle 13
Utan is a priest of Cayden Cailean and jack of all trades. He speaks 36 different languages and is a skilled diplomat, healer, and drinker. He's a master of the heavy flail and frequently trips and disarms his foes. During his semi-retirement he keeps busy curing Pathfinders returning from Varisia (and raising a few from the dead) and translating erotic poetry.

Rufalo of Nex, Evangelical Priest of Razmir - Vudrani Human Bard 11
Rufalo relies on his quick wits and casual attitude toward magically enchanting others to succeed on his missions. This character is a lot of fun to play. Relying on save or suck means amazing successes and catastrophic failures. Further, it's fun to prosthelytize for Razmir and denigrate the other gods.

Screed Nor, "Super-Genius" - Wayang Illusionist (Shadow School) 8
Playing a wizard again has been a blast. I've missed the challenge of selecting the best set of spells for the day and then trying to make them work. I've focused on stealth, illusion, and necromancy with Screed, which has made things more exciting. Starting next level, Screed will become a Loremaster.

Vortha the Fat - Chelish Human Freebooter Ranger 4
Vortha's fun. He was drummed out of the Chelish navy due to his girth and has traveled to Korvosa where he hooked up with the Sczarni. Through them he joined the Pathfinders. Despite his large size, Vortha is rather quick and nimble. He will soon become a Shadowdancer.

Out of Favor:
Vaclav "Shame-Bringer" - Shoanti Human Urban Barbarian 1 / Transmuter 5
I was going the Eldritch Knight route, but have become disillusioned with the idea of playing a gish. He's a mediocre spell-caster and mediocre fighter. He needs two rounds of buffing on average to stack up with most other melee classes. However, by then most stuff is dead.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

I am Farak, the Most Powerful Mage in All Absalom!

Unfortunately I don't work as well mechanically as I used to so I am retired at level 12.

Liberty's Edge 3/5 5/5

I just started PFS last Fall, but the character I have put the most time into is Cormac O'Bron, Human (Varisian) Fighter (Weaponmaster) 6 / Rogue (Knife Master) 3. I'm wielding 2 kukris, and the combo of multiple power/sneak attacks critting on a 15 gets my damage output in a place I am proud of.

I have been gaming since the 70s, have made a knife fighting character in each D&D edition as well as Tunnels and Trolls, I.C.E., Rolemaster, etc. and I have to say this is by far my favorite of the bunch.


Farak, the Most Powerful Mage wrote:

I am Farak, the Most Powerful Mage in All Absalom!

Unfortunately I don't work as well mechanically as I used to so I am retired at level 12.

Perhaps then, you can have a great mage-duel with Elan, my dragon disciple sorcerer, who has also retired at level 12. After having been rejected by Mengkare as a petitioner to join his glorious endeavor he is dejected and of a mind to throw some fire around.

Liberty's Edge

I get a lot of enjoyment out of my now Level 9 Musket Master, Samuel Revell. Many think that he is just a killer (and well he is), but he also believes in his individuality and freedom for all those who are confined or enslaved. Recently at a meeting of fellow pathfinders (for a special) he grated up against several Pathfinders who are rather dubious in nature or do things that he dosnt think the Society would appreciate. He has also died to a Purple Worm , and Ive built on that to give him some issues concerning anything worm like.

My original intention with my Fire Elementalist, Rahtotep was to have him just adventure in Absalom only set adventures. On his first trip out of Absalom (due to needing to make up a table) , he went to a certain place in vice and met Miss Feathers who made his cheeks turn bright red with her saucy talk. Id also seen him as very bookish and very prim and proper. That scenario was itself a lot of fun.

Out of Favor:

Magnus Khollarix, Cleric of Mephistopheles

As a player Ive always struggled with the social characters whether those be bards or charismatic clerics. I attempted to overcome this when i made a character from a name I saw in the Cheliax book. As a Cleric of the God of Secrets and Contracts , I wanted to make a character who did whatever he could to get the 'job' done. After several GM credit sheets and some adventures where his non healing played a bit of an issue Ive semi retired him. I may continue to feed him GM credit and then bring him out of his semi retirement.

Sczarni 3/5

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nosig wrote:

my favorite? whichever one I am running at the moment...


As I only have 3 characters I love them all, I've got party animal rogue who always ends up being the only one who hasn't tanked charisma. My cheliaxian ranger is a bounty hunter who is a slave himself, and a tiefling wizard who I've only played once but he's a daft old professor type

The Exchange 5/5

friendly sauce wrote:
nosig wrote:

my favorite? whichever one I am running at the moment...


As I only have 3 characters I love them all, I've got party animal rogue who always ends up being the only one who hasn't tanked charisma. My cheliaxian ranger is a bounty hunter who is a slave himself, and a tiefling wizard who I've only played once but he's a daft old professor type

Cool concept (or at least what I am envisioning)! A Cheliaxian character that is a bonded slave ("Yeah, my master is unable to go on this mission, so he has sent me in his place. He's really the Pathfinder, I am just a slave. Yes, I am in bondage for crimes I did in my youth. No, I do not talk of them. Yes, I do wish to be free, and I will be at the end of my sentance..." A lawful character that would just drive the Eagle Knights crazy!

Sovereign Court

My old favourites: Balthazar Picsou (level 6 half-elf wizard/pathfinder savant). He fell out of favour after some bad experiences with higher tier scenarios where our party was boned because we didn't have a very specific defense prepared in advance. I decided to focus on more jack-of-all-trades PCs instead.

Lily Moonrose (half-elf sorcerer 1/Animal domain cleric 3). I had a lot of fun contributing with healing, Extended Command spells, a magic missile wand, True Strike + whip shenanigans and an outrageous Perception modifier. She fell out of favour when the rules for animal companions changed (e.g. intelligent animal companions became less intelligent, Handle Animal became more important, Boon Companion was removed from the core assumption).

Current favourite: Kitty Galore (human lion shaman druid 2). So far she's doing pretty well with her pet mountain lion Mimi and her love of wrasslin'. I also learned my lesson from previous scenarios and gave her some ability in Sleight of Hand and Disable Device...just in case.

5/5 5/5

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First, I should preface this by saying all of my characters are fun in the right circumstances. However, while I enjoy them all I do not enjoy them all equally.

Venture-Captain Filraen Ghaun (elf wizard 1/fighter 6/eldritch knight 7) is by far my favorite PC to roleplay. He was my first PC in all of PFS way back in 3.5e, and even though he and I took an (almost exactly) three year hiatus between July 2009 and July 2012, his rebuild into PFS rules only made him more fun mechanically. The hitch was that as an EK he's a jack of all trades, master of none; while he can function as party tank, primary arcane caster, or scout and trapfinder based on the needs of the team he will never be as good in any role as a dedicated fighter, witch, or rogue; I've never had a scenario where he wasn't contributing, but I've had plenty where I felt like the team did not need me. Unfortunately, his last seven levels were all GM credit, including Eyes of the Ten.

Signifer Alastor Henderthane (aasimar oracle 7/hellknight signifer 1) is probably my favorite character mechanically. Built around the In Harm's Way feat and having as many Shield Other spells active as possible, Alastor takes everyone's pain because it is more efficient to heal one than to heal six. However, his personality and alignment are the polar opposite of mine so while I have fun playing him, roleplaying him can sometimes become a chore when Ryan feels like one course is the right one but Alastor believes in a different, more lawful course. Prime example: Ryan liked the NPC Ekkie and wanted to befriend her. Alastor believes criminals must be punished; thus, she was sent to the God Claw to be judged.

Lacy Petticoats (human bard 3) and Kalam (human rogue 6/shadowdancer 3) have both gone out to pasture. Neither one were really exciting for me anymore. Both were statistically awesome; Kalam did buckets of damage between sneak dice, power attack, and 17-20 threat range falcata crits and Lacy was an Aid Another bard with a really fun archetype in Chelish Diva. However, neither one was really fun for me to roleplay. Kalam was introspective and reserved, a character personality really more suited for a home campaign than Organized Play where I only have five hours to share myself and experience the other three to five player characters. Lacy was a caricature with only a half-developed personality that I had no interest in developing further. I will play them both again eventually (Kalam is probably going to play King of the Storval Stairs soon) but I won't go out of my way to do it.

I have two other characters who at this point are just GM credit sinks. I've played my alchemist once (an excellent run of The Infernal Vault by Brett Sweeney that made me stop sinking GM credit into him to see if he was worth playing) a magus that will probably become my primary 1-5 character through the end of Season 4, and a paladin who received a bunch of module GM credit and doesn't really have a build yet. I haven't played any of them enough to know whether or not they're fun though.

Silver Crusade 3/5

In favour:

Adrethan Denethal: A 10th level Half Elf inquisitor of Pharasma. Nothing special mechanically and nothing really original in the concept but he's fun to play and I like inquisitors.

Dalian Vrey An 8th level Human Cleric of Shelyn. Mechanically a bit poor but I love to play him. He's a Taldan fop and master violist who has addressed the Andoran senate and subtly insulted Chelaxian nobles through skilled viola playing. Rubbish in a fight though...

Hachito Takano A 5th level Tengu Samurai. A devout follower of the art of swordplay and member of the UK Hachito clan of Tengu. He's both mechanically sound and a lot of fun to play.

Samson Datani A 2nd level Nagaji Sorcerer. A Prophet of Kallistrade raised from an egg and bought up in Druma, he knows nothing of his people and couldn't care less about that. Only played him 3 times but he's a lot of fun.

Out of Favour:

Ambrosius Harker 3rd level Half Elf Wizard. Played him once and then dumped GM credit into him. Not inspiring.

Verdugo Amir 1st level Human Bard. Ugh. Was orginally a Vivisectionist Alchemist before that was banned. The idea was that he was a Rahadoumi disbeliever who rejected gods. Unfortunately I have only played him once because I hate bombs and hate bardic performance. Also the lack of ability damage healing will just cause problems at later levels. As he's 1st level I'm thinking of scrapping the whole concept and just using the name and building a different character.

Shadow Lodge

Welp, since I have 10 characters...

Graeyar Thornaxe- highest level at 9, don't get to play him enough to be fun or work out much character to him. Also, not good at doing what he is supposed to be doing, taking hits.

Raltz Nighvanus- my first magus, Bladebound level 7. Is a blast to play.

Naea Vaudrick- Level 3, based on a character in a book I am writing. I try to avoid playing her, as she can be boring, but I can when I have to fill a party role.

Frizzil- while I though he was great when I made him, I don't really like him now. Especially since my Winter Witch is a better ice-caster than him (elemental sorcerer)

Taraclus Wintrish- my other magus. REALLY fun to play, I put him on slow to keep him from becoming the same level as my other magus.

Zstelian Illezadr- been a while, but can be fun. An inquisitor of Sivanah who is level 3, or 2.

Tania Halfmain- level 2 alchemist, kinda fun.

Marshall Jawson- Just a level one gunslinger. I have only played him once, but hella fun to play.

Asta Conugail- my tiefling winter witch, pretty fun to play, I always enjoy it.

Logheir Khan- my samurai. REALLY fun to play, will always try to play him when in a low-level game.

Grand Lodge 4/5 5/5

Right now my favorite characters are

Beshaba a Winter Witch 6 who loves to hex and curse people. She is totally uncharacteristic of most of my characters because she is egotistical, loves to throw around her power, and is never afraid to intimidate the lesser people.

Theodoric Maximus an (Aldori Swordlord)Fighter 2/ (Master of Many Styles) Monk 1...this is my Inigo Montoya flavored character. He is training to be the greatest sword fighter in Golarion. Of course he has been training to find the person who killed his family. Ties into a Kingmaker adventure path that never quite finished.

Out of favor but maybe making way back in

First Pathfinder Society character Amiko (Monk of the Four Winds) Monk 3 this character started off really well and enjoyed her, but could not get the third Quest for Perfection in so I retired her until I could fit that one in. Just did and now I find that I have other characters I want to play. So goes life in PfS I guess.

Horatio Burns Alchemist (Grenadier) 5 my second character who really filled the time. He can really dish out the damage and has some good skills. However, had some bad experiences (like accidentally killing a fellow pathfinder)with some badly thrown bombs. Kind of left a bad taste in his mouth and mine. However I think he may find his way out of a bottle soon and make another appearance at Gary Con.

Does it have to be my own? I like PainLord's character:

Thorne, the Most Powerful Mage

He's actually a druid

There's a fun guy to play with :)

Grand Lodge 4/5

In favor:

Sister Bellis of the Order of the Golden Erinyes: It's fun roleplaying a Halfling with fanatical devotion to Asmodeus and Cheliax, and a possible side-order of Stockholm syndrome.

Ayako Wu: Panda warbeast companion, 'nuff said.

Out of favor:

Isa Harris: A 1-level dip of Mysterious Stranger on an Archaeologist bard is proving less mechanically effective than I'd hoped.

Shan Taicho: Another disruptive player with a similar build has ruined Tengu Musket Masters for me, even after I had to ban him.

Liberty's Edge 5/5

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Tangaroa wrote:

Does it have to be my own? I like PainLord's character:

Thorne, the Most Powerful Mage ** spoiler omitted **

There's a fun guy to play with :)

He has a reckless disregard for the lives of summoned creatures! Case in point, when he delivered fire seeds via summoned suicide bomber monkeys.

Gregor Thangual Barbarian 4/ Rogue(scout) 4
He's developed the nickname "Buttes the blind dwarven Barbarian Rogue". Though people are throwing in Kenny now since I have a habit of dying a lot. He is a chaotic dwarf with low charisma that always seems to the one talking. He's well traveled though and can speak Tien and Shaonti so he's been the party translator more than a few times. He likes to keep trophies of past adventures in his beard and he is blinded almost every scenario.
-After failing 3 times to open a stuck door with a crowbar the gnome witch with str damage from poison pushes him out of the way and opens the door with one hand.
-While leading a party through a underground maze he triggered 3 traps that each of which targeted the oracle right behind him.
-After singlehandedly destroying a few lesser monsters, while the rest of the party was distracted with something, he decides to charge the large dark shadow in the back, turns out it was an Oger Mage. He lasted just long enough for a cleric to make it up to him and cast Breath of Life.
-Last time out "Butters" died 3 times in one encounter and had to retreat defeated. After giving him his third breath of life the party decided to try and bypass the encounter, this ends up triggering two encounters at the same time and "Butters" dies a 4th time this time from negative levels (he was raised once back in Absalom).

Tallquin Burdil, Halfling Cleric (Merciful Healer) 6 of Milani
I've played Tallquin once and it was so boring I just use him now to dump GM chronicles that I can't give
Dragorin, human Cleric (Negative Energy) 9 of Asmodious that I've played twice. I've just started having to give credits now to
Jubal Early, gnome Sorcerer (Fire Elemental) 3 who I never plan on playing.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Tangaroa wrote:

Does it have to be my own? I like PainLord's character:

Thorne, the Most Powerful Mage ** spoiler omitted **

There's a fun guy to play with :)

How dare you! HOW DARE YOU!!!

Don't be fooled by that wretched imposter. I am Farak, the Most Powerful Mage in All Absalom! Thorne, the pretender, is nothing.

Grand Lodge

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I pretty much like all of my characters. But since all my play is PFS play, the ones I truck out will be dependent on the following:

1. Tier of the group. My characters are all over the place level wise from 1 through 9.

2. Composition of the group. I like to keep in mind what everyone else is playing.

3. Module particulars. Is this part 3 of a series I've played the first two parts with a given character? Is this set in a character's homeland? Or does the theme of the title seem particurlarly appropriate?

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nosig wrote:
friendly sauce wrote:
nosig wrote:

my favorite? whichever one I am running at the moment...


As I only have 3 characters I love them all, I've got party animal rogue who always ends up being the only one who hasn't tanked charisma. My cheliaxian ranger is a bounty hunter who is a slave himself, and a tiefling wizard who I've only played once but he's a daft old professor type

Cool concept (or at least what I am envisioning)! A Cheliaxian character that is a bonded slave ("Yeah, my master is unable to go on this mission, so he has sent me in his place. He's really the Pathfinder, I am just a slave. Yes, I am in bondage for crimes I did in my youth. No, I do not talk of them. Yes, I do wish to be free, and I will be at the end of my sentance..." A lawful character that would just drive the Eagle Knights crazy!

"Close, my master is a very high profile cheliaxian noble who has had me since birth and trained me as a bounty hunter to catch runaway slaves... But as of late my master desires eyes and ears in the society, it's been interesting especially explaining to those Andorans that I am content with being a slave"

I have a cleric of Asmodeus that's semi-retired. My original plan for him was to summon up hordes of minions.

Then summoner came out, and he's just not that awesome.

Shadow Lodge 4/5

I may have to "retire" my Pal3/Sor2 before he gets his first level of Dragon Disciple. Every time I play him (he's mostly GM Credit) it's a near-death experience. I don't know if that's bad luck (nearly dying) or good (always making it through) but I'm starting to get nervous. :D

Sovereign Court 5/5 5/5

Pathfinder Starfinder Society Subscriber
Sammy T wrote:
Which characters are (or were) your favorite to play for mechanical reasons? For thematic/RP reasons? Which characters did you put out pasture and why?d

Mechanically is Mar Tadish, witch 7 of trickery. He just recently acquired a faerie dragon familiar which should make things interesting. He's a great battlefield control debuffer...except against incorporeal undead...

Role-play actually comes close to being favorite mechanically as well: Venture-Captain Grikmet Grandovalna, Viscount of Wispil, Unredeemed King of the Gnomes, Proprietor of Grandovalna's Marvelous Machinations, and Delver Extraordinaire (Rogue 7, Pathfinder Delver 6). After a party member died to an unfound trap around level 3, he set about being the best trap finder he could with a Perception of +35. Invisible monsters? Bah!

My summoner 7 Thrak Nalfik, Qadiran caravan security guard, is likely most out of favor. He had a really bad experience in Sniper in the Deep, and he is very behind the wealth curve. He and his eidolon do a LOT of damage in melee, but I just don't find it that interesting.

Lantern Lodge 3/5

In Favor:

Gloin Greenleaf - Dwarf Fighter-Archer 3 / Cleric (Crusader) 1 of Sinashakti

Started out as a joke ideal of "what if" Legolas and Gimli from the Lord of the Rings were an actual couple and they adopted Dwarf, Elven and other races kids.......
So Gloin became a Dwarf Archer, with 2 dads and a totally confused view on Dwarf/Elf relationships.

Gloin has really grew on me, being able to hold his own in and out of combat, stats-wise and is still great to RP.

Out of Favor (For the moment):

Groin "Big Beard" Greenleaf - Elf Alchemist (Grenadier) 2

Groin, the Bearded Elf, adopted brother to Gloin, started out as a Elven Alchemist bomber ideal with "Breath of Knowledge" to make him a "know it all" character. All the while stroking his long "stick on" beard as a sign of wisdom.
But with the Grenadier's Alchemical Weapon (Su)'s ability to infuse his Bombs being constantly called into question, I find it hard to play a character who's main combat ability is depended on the table GM's "interpretation"

That said, Groin may be in for a shake up. May be dipping him a level into Gunslinger to make up for his shortfalls with a "Boom!" Stick... :)

Out of favor:
Lycorine - Human Monk 2
For some reason, every first character I make for an Organized Play falls out of favor with me really fast. That, and I tend to not play evil characters but for some reason had her be part of the Cheliax faction.

Thrush Thirdtemple - Human Cleric (Shelyn) 1
The problem with this character is that I made her with the idea that I would use only the Core Rulebook throughout.

Marlenia - Half-Elf Summoner 9
I was excited for having an eidolon at first. Now, I realize that I like playing the eidolon and monsters she summons more than the actual character. When I made my eidolon Large and had to play her more than the eidolon, it really took the fun out of it. Even if I make it Medium, I'm not sure what to think of it or do with it.

Liberty's Edge 3/5 5/5

My Tengu Zen Archer just hit 5th and got Tengu Wings and I am WAY more stoked about it than I should be.

Shadow Lodge

Esper_Magic wrote:

Out of favor:

Marlenia - Half-Elf Summoner 9
I was excited for having an eidolon at first. Now, I realize that I like playing the eidolon and monsters she summons more than the actual character. When I made my eidolon Large and had to play her more than the eidolon, it really took the fun out of it. Even if I make it Medium, I'm not sure what to think of it or do with it.

In favor-for Mechanical reasons (and is also cool RP wise)

Ariel Aren, Half Elf Summoner 6: At first level I picked up the bow proficency with that overpowered Andoran trait which grants bow use. I also didn't pump Charisma up to 18 at first level (lots of buff spells on the summoners list). Also picked up whip with Ancestoral Arms.

What is awesome about her is she is never useless. Sure Bertie her Eidolon is a melee monster, but I am always able to attack, buff, sometimes trip and generally be able to respond to any situation. She on her own works very much like a combat bard.

Also there is Bertie, the eidolon. He talks, for example during the their recent attendance at the Blackros weddding

he kept near the Andoran representative distracted by questioning him about the prospects of allowing Eidolons becoming members of the Eagles knights in their own right and was able to prevent a diplomatic gaff by putting a feathered hand in the honored guest's mouth
and generally questioning some of the customs/attitude of humaniod on this material plane. He is spiritually very close to the Dragon Tremere.

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

I'm currently playing Otoll' - a gender-ambiguous human bard who believes he's the illegitimate son of the recently deceased king of Korvosa in Curse of the Crimson Throne. Otoll' is a champion of disguises and worships the beautiful and young queen, searching for a way to distinguish himself in her eyes. Every gesture, every glance must be graceful, studied, and packed with meaning in case there's an audience.

The Exchange

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I may be really new to Pathfinder, but I definitely have a favourite character:

Charlaxis Mephistopheles Wright, Expert (handed out to each player + DM at the start of a game)

Charles wrote:

"Good morning gentlemen. My name is Charlaxis Mephistopheles Wright (call me Charles)... and I'm your new best friend.

As friends, let's be honest with one another: You can operate in the adventuring business for only so long before you invoke the ire of the law. Barbarians can only smack so many skulls before one of them has friends in high places. Bards can only sojourn with a limited number of buxom ladies before a father comes calling demanding dowery.

It's my job to make all those little legal qualms "disappear". Don't get me wrong, I'll certainly be of assistance if cutthroats come calling, but my real speciality is persuading magistrates that his hangman should take a brief holiday.

Now... let's discuss my prices.


Charlaxis was born into an upper-upper-middle class Chelaxian family and raised in Egorian. His parents had great aspirations to raise the esteem of their family and gain power by living vicariously through their children: all 12 of them.

Born the 3rd child of 12, Charlaxis' destiny was to be apprenticed and trained in Law and to become a travelling lawyer, judge and inquisitor, dispensing the convoluted justice of Asmodeus through out Cheliax.

Unfortunately, whilst dispensing Asmodeus' will in a backwards agricultural town, Charlaxis put to death a noble who was visiting the town incognito. To make matters worse, the noble was currently in great favour with the Thrice-Damned house Thrune and so Charlaxis was deemed a national traitor. Charlaxis fled the country, changing his name to simpler 'Charles'. As is often the case, Charlaxis' existence was wiped from the official history books, and his family was greatly punished. Some of his siblings were enslaved, others killed. Curiously, some of them ended up rising in fame and esteem because of it.

Despite his expulsion from Cheliax, Charles still believes in the absolute value of the law: If you trust in following the law to the letter, then you can generally get around any issue you face. Contracts are binding, especially if you write them to favour you greatly. For this reason, Charles has found a new family serving as a legal representative for the Sczarni. Even man deserves his day in court.


Inquisitor 1 (Conversion Inquisition Domain)
Deity: Abadar
Str: 16
Dex: 12
Con: 14
Int: 10
Wis: 16
Char: 8 (No One Likes A Lawyer)

Useful Skills:
- Bluff (+8)
- Diplomacy (+8)
- Intimidate (+8)
- Perception (+7)
- Sense Motive (+8)
- Profession: Lawyer/Barrister (+7)
- Knowledge: Religion (+4)

Standing at a short 5'9" Charles is thin framed, sandy-haired and sports a well maintained moustache. Despite his age and apparent frailty, close inspection will show that Charles is covered in lean muscle. Charles is always seen wearing an ill-fitting tan suit that roughly matches his hair colour, even in combat - he looks like a mafia lawyer. This lose fit suit masks the mail inquisitors arm that he constantly wears underneath.

Charles is silver-tongued and quick to involve himself in any situation that he could benefit him. He can quickly gain both trust and fear based on his precise use of language and wisdom in matters of law. Often people find themselves trusting him because he just seems to KNOW the right course of action.

The Twelve Children:

My future plans is to play out as many of the Wright children as possible. Of course, as was mentioned some of them are dead, but this way I can pick and choose as I get inspiration. Here is the list of their intended roles so far:

(1) Inheritor/Businessman/Politician
(2) Priest
(3) Lawyer
(4) Architect
(5) Bankers/Accountants (TWINS)
(6) Bankers/Accountants (TWINS)
(7) Industrial Baron/Engineer
(8) Police Officer (Hellknight)
(9) Scholar
(10) Cloak+Dagger salesman *Nudge Nudge*
(11) Diplomat
(12) Socialite/Marry into nobility

Shadow Lodge

May the blessings of Rovagug rain down on your heads.

I would say Anihlus, my Reformed Church of Rovagug Inquisitor, is my favorite character to play. He is also my out of favor character because he's dead. He's died in every adventure he's played in at level 1.

It's quiet beautiful. Rovagug has truly blessed me over, and over, and over.

I only hope that all of you may one day feel the blessings of Rovagug pierce your heart, lungs, and entrails.

Shadow Lodge 5/5 5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Northwest aka WalterGM

Mechanically: This would currently be my druid, Cassius Hale. I spun him off a mix between Osprey from Pathfinder and Medivh from the Warcraft universe. Basically, an anti-social human that prefers spending time as a bird and is always worried about one thing or another. He has tons of neat tricks (what druids dont?), but I'll try to keep it short.

I picked up Natural Spell and Quick Wild Shape and have been able to do some really fun things with him. For example, while engaged in a savage battle against a dragon, I flew into a fog bank and Quick Wild Shaped into an eagle, then summoned some eagles, and instructed them to fly around the room in different areas. Effectively creating "druid's mirror image." When the dragon finally tracked me down, she started ripping me apart in the air. I provoked the AOO as I shaped back into a human and left her threatened area as I started plummeting toward the ground, before swift-actioning back into a bird a few feet from impact and effectively retreating further than I could have flown (the GM was lenient enough to let me do that).

But my favorite tricks all come from being a Menhir Savant. Namely getting transport via plants at level 9. I played in one scenario where the quest is to climb a mountain and acquire something, and then come back down. Along the way you are accosted by bad guys. We avoided most of the game. We used spells to fly up the mountain, acquired the item, fought some local inhabitants, then I created a tree and ported us back to Absalom. Forty-five minute game.

Now that I'm level 11, I start games off by using Liveoak, effectively giving myself a treant companion for the duration of the scenario. 1d3+1 cyclopses (cyclopsi?) is also pretty great. Shenanigans abound. What a fun class.

Roleplay: This is tough, as I love roleplaying with all my characters. But probably my favorite would be my dwarf, Tassel Packbearer. And I call him my dwarf because after how awesome he's been to level, I can't see myself disgracing the species by rolling up another. He's your standard bard/helper character, but I think he pulls it off in a way that's always entertaining.

His backstory is that he's a "lesser son, from greater fathers." He comes from a family of well known and respected heroes, paladins, and pathfinders. He's the middle child of three brothers, the older of which is a paladin, the younger of which is a fighter. Both of his brothers are actually PFS characters that are played by a friend of mine -- we had the idea to make them all related. So whenever we get to play together it's excellent. Tassel is no hero though, or at least doesn't see himself as one, often spending his turns regaling everyone with a tale of great heroism from a Chronicle or moving the smaller sized combatants from one end of the field to the other. Even when he is a major contributor to a fight, he'll never mention it in the stories he writes. He has no place among their pages -- that script is for those more deserving.

His father was a pathfinder of epic proportions, and bestowed to his children one weapon each from his armory. Tassel, being a curious lad, picked the most complex. When it does come time for him to attack, Tassel favors using Madeline, the +1 holy heavy repeating crossbow he received as a child. Due to all the buffs he can provide, even with his stubby dwarven fingers and dexterity of 16, he hits more than he misses when he needs to. And his crossbow makes a beautiful addition to orations during the heat of battle (my nod to Varric from DA2).

Out of Favor: Cap'n Swagger was one of my first characters. And he's got a laundry list of memorable achievements, not the least of which is slaying a dragon and saving Absalom from the nefarious Shadow Lodge. I retired him from play when it became apaprent that my turns as a witch would be misfortune/cackle, evil eye/cackle, or fortune/cackle. While I love shouting "yarr-har-har" (how pirates cackle) every five minutes at a table, I also love doing different things each fight. While the imp companion gave me some flexibility, it wasn't enough to keep me hooked. So I had him retire to his private island to live out his days of infamy growing fat off the loot as the admiral of a pirate fleet. Even now, new characters spring up from time to time in our area and get the ship vanity, all so they can be in the employ of the illustrious Admiral.

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