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I've got three interested people already looking to play SIFRP, so I'm here looking for 1-3 more people to join in. What I really need from anybody looking to join is an opinion on what type of game you would like to play e.g., member's of the Night's Watch, a minor house, a group of traveling knights, etc. It will be set in the standard time period for the game, right before the books begin.

While you aren't required to be familiar with the game itself, I would prefer if you had some familiarity with the series.

Thank you for your interest!

How would it be played? I might be interested in playing a Hedge Knight for a Minor Banner House of Stark or Travelling Mercenary Band maybe fighting for Deny?

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Pbp here.

I'm thinking maester. Middle aged, a bit smarmy but respectful to the people he's required to be respectful to. Bannermen/vassals to somebody is my jam.

I will gladly join in. Now I am still getting the hang of the Rules. Very willing to learn.

What all is the current group?

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As in who? UltraFennec there is the reason for the game in the first place. Michael Lane may be joining in, and I have another interested party from another game site.

So no characters already running or such?

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No, the game has not stsrted yet. I just need some extra people to form a group.

I am in if you will have me.

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I'm fine with that for now.

That both intrigues and frightens me...

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Just waiting for the other two, and anybody else that wishes to play, to check in. They're busy folk, so it may take a little bit.

Given that neither of them have earlier specified a particular type of game preference, we may go straight for the minor house approach.

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Checking in and minor house works for me. I'm familiar with the series, but not the game so I'll be learning with anyone else that is new. I do have the rules now.

I have read up to the middle of the Third Book. I haven't gotten a chance to continue on...

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It's really about the tone of the series that I want to ensure the players understand.

The first book is enough for that.

Rules for Reading/Watching ASoIaF:

1) Don't get attached to any character.
2) Expect the unexpected.

I've only read the first book to be honest, but I've heard enough random spoilers about the net that I can sort of piece together a few things. Mostly bad things. I've yet to do a wiki-dive for the series, but I might do so soon. Or not.

A Wiki of Ice & Fire.

I lurves me some Ice & Fire and would be more than happy to go for any venue chosen though a Black Watch or Northern Minor House would be my preference.

Night's Watch would probably be Combat Heavy while Minor House would probably be more Intrigue Heavy.

Irnk! A face I sort of know! Kind of! We almost had that Mouse Guard thing going!

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The game will be just as -heavy on any one part as the players end up making it. If you dedicate yourself to being an intrigue specialist, then you are of course going to end up with more intrigue being in the game, because you'll seek out opportunities to use it.

As for where a minor house game might be set, well, my intention was to go through the entire process that the book describes, including the use of random rolls to determine the kingdom you would be in and your coat of arms.

Oh... So we are random rolling?

BTW: How are you handling Status? Do you we start at 2, 1, or What?

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It had been my intention, but if everybody is against it then I'll work with you guys to pick something. I just like the idea of everybody cooperating to 'discover' the people they are.

As far as status, it is tied to how powerful your house is. Either Influence or Power, I can't remember which, determines the maximum status of the house. However, most people that aren't heirs of the house are 2 or 3 on average. 1 seems to be reserved for real peasants, aka, farmers and poor artisans, sometimes merchants. And of course, criminals have 0.

0 is Slaves. 1 is Peasent and IIRC Vagabond Knights.

Starting Status can't be above 6. Which is the Lord of a House.

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A 6 status would be the lord of one of the 7 kingdoms, with a 7 status being the King. In general, the minor house you create tends to have a lord with Status of 3 or 4 depending on Influence, perhaps 5 if you get it high enough.

The Table is on Page 65. Top Right.

Status 6: Lord of a house, officer of the Faith, archmaester, Lord
Commander of the Night’s Watch, heir to a great house.

Status 10 is the King of the Seven Kingdoms.

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I'm going off of the tables in house generation in chapter 6. Incidentally, since status is skill just like the rest, it can't rise above 7 without Blood of Heroes.

Chapter 6 is specific for a Lesser House.

Also Status apparently must be Increased or Decreased by Destiny Points or RP...

You can't actually increase it using Experience...

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Not sure about the specific to a lesser house bit, but I suppose it doesn't really matter yet how it compares to a great house. Your original question was our status level at start: that will depend upon how much influence our house starts with, which also determines the maximum status of the lord of the house. Everybody else will be below that.

EDIT: or at that level if it is at 2. Cause only actual peasants, bandits, vagabonds, etc are at 1.

My group was planning on starting a game of this before. We designed a House. It was determined I would never roll for us again. Simply because they actually wanted some form of challenge for the House.

EDIT: My original concept was a Vagabond Swordsman/Duelist... So Status 1 fit. Now I am thinking that will be his background.

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Generally, anybody sworn to service in a house has at least status 2. It gets a bit silly when your lord only has status 2 as well, but that's how it goes.

I was thinking of it as more of a "Inexchange for Room and Board I shall fight for you as long as I enjoy being here" kinda thing.

Think Draigo from Swords of the Wind.

As long as I get to play a curmudgeonly near-middle-age maester that likes gambling, cheese, and wine over books then we will be golden. I imagine that he's actually sharp-tongued and a tad dismissive of everyone he doesn't actually have to treat a certain way.

Wow the only thing missing is Wenches...

Though I think my character has that covered...

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I am very interested. Can I be a Connington?

Maybe we should move to Discussion for designing Characters and/or House.

Grand Lodge

Oh have all the spots been filled? If so my mistake,

I think there is 1 left.

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Well in that case I'm submitting Reinold Storm, bastard of the Stormlands

We aren't sure where we will be so you might want to hold off a bit on the Name & such.

And really? I was hoping I was the only one planning a Bastard...

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Ah, well if I get selected I am more than willing to work into whatever role. Read all the books so far and I love the series with passion. I can work with just about anything really.

Lucky! I read the first 2.5 in High School and haven't been able to buy the books.

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Actually still waiting on my third pre-interested party still. Unless you're already here, CI.

Grand Lodge

I'm a little confused, is there another spot? Sorry if that's a stupid question..

So I am guessing we have:


Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal
Azaelas Fayth(Myself)
And a 6th Unspoken Member.

Seems like a interesting game...

Liberty's Edge

Michaellane, UltraFennec, and my third party are already accepted to the game. I made this thread to fill out the group.

EDIT: Maybe it will work better if I actually link the thread for him...

So the new submissions are Irnk, Crom, and Myself.

Liberty's Edge

Yes. And if other guy responds, then we could get started right off.

Grand Lodge

Well! Wonderful! I am excited to begin

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