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I am starting a little recreational writing project and I was wondering if there are any recommended discussion forums, websites, or person(s) that might help answer lore/flavor/specific questions dealing with the setting.

I enjoy writing in settings but I also like them to 'fit.' I tend to write smaller scale stories (no reshaping the world, or slaying deities) so it isn't a question of viability, but rather authenticity.

I suppose it is because I have always found campaigns to be infinitely more interesting from level 1-10 rather than 10-20. Hardship and ingenuity to surmount it make a hero not apocalyptic power. Not to mention much more interesting.

You should check out - it has most of the known information about the campaign setting.

Having said that, information on specifics in Golarion are (intentionally) pretty vague - e.g. we are told that the Shoanti get tattoos to mark important events but what those events might be is left up to you.

If you want to get more detail on specific towns and the NPCs who live there then you should check out the adventure paths, since they tend to go into a lot of detail on a specific region.

Thanks. I actually have quite a few adventure paths (perhaps slightly dated,) but I've been moving quite a bit (military spouse life) and haven't had the time to build a group up (just started one recently and I'm a player this time around.) My sore lacking is I haven't read any novels or comics. I suppose I'll have to add that to the shopping list next. On that note, any suggestions?

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You may also check out Pathfinder Chronicler, which is a Pathfinder fan fiction community. It sounds like just the place for someone wanting to write in the setting.

Thank you so much all.

The PF novels are great so far. Check out the free web fiction from paizo for short stories/novellas and preview chapters.

Havn't read any of the comics yet but if you have the first AP you will probably recognize the characters and setting. Theyre releasing the first comic for free on the blog bit by bit btw.

Also for specific questions just ask here...

Follow up question, I wanted to write something taking place somewhere between Sandpoint and the Fogscar Mountains. My fear is that it may be a little difficult to fit in that area. It isn't supposed to be a place of any significance aside from a specific type of tree that grows there, but there already is Sandpoint and Windsong Abbey. Any opinions or advice on that?

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