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Wow and thanks!

I have to admit I didn't really think about the logistics of how that order was going to be packaged when I placed it and I was a bit surprised by the size of hte box when it showed up, but man was that thing secure. All of the protective packaging inside the packaging kept all the fragile items in perfect condition despite all the big stuff sandwiching it. I actually figured the comics would be coming in with all sorts of styrofoam-related damage, but nope! Print perfect.

Thanks for the above and beyond, warehouse crew! :)

Paizo Employee Customer Service Manager

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I've printed out your post for the warehouse and conveyed your thanks.

~sara marie

Silver Crusade

Thanks! :D

Paizo Employee Customer Service Manager

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The culprit was discovered and given a gold star (not actually kidding).

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This is one of the reasons why I love Paizo; every single person who works there cares about what they do and shares our passions and this hobby of ours.

I once ordered a boardgame from a local online store, and when it arrived it was simply wrapped with brown wrapping paper—no box, not even some bubblewrap. Suffice to say that was the last time I ordered anything from that place.

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