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Okay, back during the age of 3.5, a lot of third party products came about, and one of the titles I found most interesting was Arsenal, by Perpetrated Press. It's a supplement that introduces Techno-Magic Firearms to the d20 system.

The concept behind Arsenal and it's sister title Factory, is the idea of taking d20's Magic system and ask "what if people took Magic and built a technology out of it?" Factory covers the topic of Robots and Computers, which are imagined as "advancements derived from Golem construction", while Magic Firearms are essentially more advanced versions of Wands.

Now, what was bothering me was whether or not these weapons were compatible with Pathfinder. I know the Firearms rules were changed a bit from 3.5 to Pathfinder in Ultimate Combat, but I'm uncertain how that would apply to the Techno-Magic weapons.

Here are the stats for one standard Arsenal weapon, a Blaster Pistol, which fires a bolt of Force energy:

Blaster Pistol - 1 to 5 d4 of damage (depending on the setting), 1 charge per setting, Crit x2, Range 20, RoF 1, Caster Level 5, 3 lbs, 200 g.

Pistol batteries hold 50 charges, weight 1 lb and cost 50 g.

I don't think these need much of an adjustment to work in Pathfinder, but I'd appreciate some feedback.

I'm also curious as to wonder how they would relate to the regular Firearms rules from UC, including the Gunslinger. Arsenal splits Firearms into multiple Weapon categories: Simple Firearms include hold-out pistols, pistols, heavy pistols, rifles and heavy rifles. Martial firearms include assault rifles, sniper rifles, SMGs, HMGs and auto-cannons. Exotic weapons include grenade and rocket launchers.

Now, at first glance this would clash with the Gunslinger, which is supposed to be Proficient in all firearms. But looking at the categories of firearms available in Ultimate Combat, there are only pistols and rifles, with Shotguns counting as rifles. So, if applying Arsenal's rules, the Pathfinder Gunslinger would only be proficient in Simple Firearms. This opens up the road for a Gunslinger Archetype that gains proficiencies in Advanced Firearms, though.

Any opinions on the subject?

I was looking at those two books myself, recently.

As far as gunslinger proficiencies, I'd have to say that it would depend entirely on the type of campaign you were running. If it was a full bore (pun intended) Arsenal based campaign, then the gunslinger should be at least as good as the fighter in terms of the proficiencies: Simple and Martial, at the very least. I could even argue that they should have all the exotics as well, since the standard gunslinger is proficient with all gun powder weapons, including the exotics like cannons.

On the other hand, if you are simply going to slip in a few of the nifty toys into a more typical setting, then I would limit them to the Simple weapons that they already know how to use, and anything else muct be learned with Exotic Weapon Proficiency.

Oh, and I'd suggest a look at the alternate price scheme included in Arsenal that allows for more "appropriate" pricing in a world where these weapons are not made in factories, but must be hand crafted, one at a time.

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