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I just wanted to draw the attention of anyone interested to the Legends: Fantasy Violin Kickstarter. I don't have any affiliation to the project beyond being a backer but I saw the project creator post on the Reaper forums and my uneducated ear really liked the sample music she had there.

I've been getting into mini painting quite a bit lately and think this will go down a treat for playing as I paint or as background music on game night.

Just a few $100 away from funding now, so get in there if you're interested at all people. :)

Last bump of this one, promise.

Just 24 hours left to go now and the album is fully funded with a music video and an extra track added in. Really looking forward to this now. :)

Dear all,

I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone on this forum who supported and helped with releasing my first CD, "Legends: Fantasy Violin"!!! The CD is now released, and I am happy to share a free download of the album title song, "Legends", with all of you - please visit http://www.fantasyviolin.com/music.html to download this track!

I am also working on the new project right now, - a new fantasy violin release "Excalibur", and I would be very grateful if you would check out the Kickstarter project and help spread the word about it!

Thank you very, very much for being there!!!


The Excalibur project is funded and into the last couple of days now so I thought I'd top this. I highly recommend the first album, it makes for really nice background music on game night and I'm looking forward to the next one.

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