Reign of Winter Obituaries Thread (Spoilers)

Reign of Winter

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Name: Root
Race: Plant
Classes/Levels: Summoner (Synthesist) 8
Adventure: Maiden, Mother, Crone
Location: Artrosa, Maiden's Head, Witch Tree
Catalyst: Fumbling
Gory Details: after a long, 8 hour climb, party exhausted, Root's eyes spied a beautiful site - a massive she-tree with branches for hair. Delighted at finding such an exquisite creature, the young summoner sought to cross-pollinate. And she, much amused by the young sapling's antics, humored him, hoping to get her own desired prize in the blood and flesh of the party's half-orc. Despite his interest, he declined to give up his friend and as such the Witch Tree offered her riddle, calling it her "sacrifice of the mind." Root agreed and conferred with his compatriots after hearing the riddle, and though they were able to decipher it well enough, the poor synthesist fumbled and spoke incorrectly. Disappointed, the Witch Tree attacked, and made splinters of the now-deceased Root.

OOC: the player got excited in his RP and stumbled over his lips. We have a RP-heavy group and he accepted it with grace, even though the players were all upset to see him die.

Name: Willie Robinson
Race: Ifrit
Classes/Levels: Gestalt Oracle/Bloodrager 1
Adventure: The Snows of Summer
Location: High Sentinel Lodge
Catalyst: Melee with freezing skeletons when already low on health
Gory details: So I'm running this as a two-player gestalt campaign, and the PCs took the Talking Stag at his word, so the bandits were ready for the players and beat them thanks to their action economy advantage. I decided to give them an out: Ten-Penny Tacey found out about Rohkar being an evil cleric and decided to free the PCs and Lady Argentea while making her escape, and the chillbane shakes had spread to every bandit apart from Tacey and Rohkar. Willie failed his stealth check, alerting Rohkar that something was up. Rohkar came out with his skeletons and unleashed Channel Negative Energy, killing all the sick bandits and hurting his opponents. Willie killed Rohkar in melee while Tacey fought the skeletons and the other PC, a Divine Hunter paladin/Archaeologist bard named Alara, unleashed a volley of arrows. Willie ran in to help Tacey, but one of the freezing skeletons hit him twice and rolled high on damage both times, killing him instantly; as we ran the numbers, I said, "Well, it seems that I've killed my first PC." Tacey went down soon afterwards, and Alara and Lady Argentea ran for it, luring the skeletons into an ambush. It's been a couple months since then, and the campaign is going strong despite the early death.

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Name: Gilt Uld Stenk
Race: Goblin
Class: Alchemist 4

Location: the white tower

Catalyst: opening the wrong door.

The gory details: The party had not been quiet in the tower, causing loud fights, throwing bombs, and basically just murdering their way through everything. this tipped off Hestrig who gathered a group of guards and npcs into one big fight. When the alchemist upended the door to the room 4 guards used their readied crossbows and Hestrig to a readied swing at him.

3 high rolls on the crossbows deal him a fair bit of damage, leaving him at only 3 HP. Hestrig was sure to knock him out if she connected. But I rolled a 20, then a 19. He took 14 damage from the critical, enough to kill him outright.

The player then took over Nadya from there until they finished the book.

Next session we convert to 2E so this just gives that player an excuse to try out a snow goblin barbarian which he has been hankering to try.

I'd like to think the party will at least attempt stealth in the future but it's quite unlikely.

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