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Ok, so although I haven't gotten anywhere near the end of the Kingmaker AP I wanted to share what the party went through, that ended up going better than expected and perhaps if you guys wanted you could share some experiences that you thought went better than expected.

I'll put it in a spoiler format for some people's benefit (Wall of text and spoilers ahead)::

So, after I the party wizard was able to make allies of the trickster faeries that had been terrorizing us (doing so without wearing pants at the time thanks to a fairy prank), we learned that the kobolds we had originally been about to invade and destroy weren't so bad and that the mites were responsible for the war between the two.

We explored part of a hex and when preparing to leave the next day, we were ambushed by 7 mites. We soon learned that the mites were somewhat fragile in battle and killed all but 1 in short order. My character, knowing under-common spoke and translated for the party interrogating the mite. We learned where their lair was, that they had large pets and that there were a great many of them. Also, we learned they were likely to attack us on sight.

Anyways, we made it to the lair and it was pretty much pitch dark, our half-orc rogue used his dark-vision and was able to kill 2 sleeping mites silently. After he returned to speak with us, we were close to being observed by a giant centipede (or so the rogue told us). Not giving it a chance to, we moved down a separate hall where we silently dropped in on 6 mites torturing a kobold. Our rogue killed one, shouted for light and we destroyed the rest.

After speaking with the kobold, we learned that his statue was in a room past a chasm. So, we made our way across the chasm. At that time our rogue and Kressle (currently a party member) fall due to trick holdings of some sort. They both hit the ground and out pops a huge centipede. It bites, poisons and nearly kills our party archer. The rest, surprisingly go unharmed due to mix of tactics and some lucky rolls.

After the centipede finally dies and was so kind to make a bridge over the chasm for us with it's dead body, our rogue finally climbed out of the chasm only to be met by grabble, tickleback, 3 medium sized giant centipedes and 11 mites all rush us. We fall back to the room we had been in before and the 3 melee users of the group hold the passageway. 1 centipede and 4 mites find some way around and come from behind eventually half way through the battle. They got some attacks in but we killed all but 5 or 6 mites finally getting them to stop due to their leader and "pets" being killed.

In the end we were able to make a sort of allies under terms with them assigning one of the mites as the new leader that reports to us. Only to kill who we say they can kill and allowing them to get new pets as long as they don't use them for things we don't like.

So, in the end we faced about 26 mites and 5 giant insects without much rest or a casualty and while making friends / allies with a small group of mites and feys as well. All in all, everything went better than expected.

So what are some kingmaker quests of yours that went better than expected?

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My group's battle versus the Stag Lord. Several lucky crits in a row, a surprisingly good infiltration plan, and three extra NPC allies the group negotiated with prior to battle made for a rather overwhelming victory.

A screenshot of Maptool at the near-end of that battle is linked at the bottom of that post.

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My group is much farther along in the AP (4th module), so I don't want to spoil any of the truly amazing encounters you still have in store. I will say that the mite lair encounter was a serious, desperate battle for my PCs, too, and still one of the closest times they've ever come to a TPK. I let them level up mid-fight (they had accumulated plenty of experience, they just hadn't rested yet) and the small boost to their character sheets and morale carried them through to victory. The sorcerer was still in the negs, so he took Toughness to get back on his feet. He still complains about that feat to this very day. Another player will remind him, "But it saved your life!" And he'll say, "Yeah, I know, I'm certainly not complaining about it, but [complains some more]." :) The poor little halfling archer was trying to pull a, "You go, I'll hold them off!" but the rest of the group wasn't having any of that. Tickleback took much more than the recommended blood donation from the alchemist, the oracle (who has a phobia of many-legged bugs, particularly the larger ones) was seconds away from a major freak-out, and when the huge centipede appeared, the group was like, "FML."

I'm glad your group is having a good time with the AP so far. Be sure to let us know when you're further along, so we can compare more notes of awesomeness. As Orthos mentioned, Stag Lord fights seem to be some of the most memorable...

Yeah, I guess it's those "FML" moments along with some special role playing moments that one remembers the most.

Thanks for sharing thus far everyone.

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Interestingly, my group's battle with the Stag Lord, while very successful, wasn't tremendously exciting. The mites though, there were some really good parts in there.

1) When they went to go rescue Mikmek, they gave him a cold iron arrow to poke mites with. Dude went buck wild, and made it through the rest of the dungeon on 1hp without being healed. I decided after that to give him levels of fighter, and they made him their Royal Assassin when they got their kingdom up and running.

2) The giant centipede was pretty sweet too, because it was busily chewing up their frontline when the musketeer lined up a perfect shot through all his buddies, through cover, straight into the bug's head.

Some of the coolest stuff has actually happened just in the last few sessions, but since it's not actual KM material, and we're in the middle of book 2 anyway, I'm not sure how much I should spoil for you, Third Mind.

I love hearing when a group does something completely differently than my group, like subjugating the mite tribe instead of burning their tree down like my group did. Keep posting more when you guys do more awesome stuff!

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MeridiaCreative wrote:

Interestingly, my group's battle with the Stag Lord, while very successful, wasn't tremendously exciting. The mites though, there were some really good parts in there.

1) When they went to go rescue Mikmek, they gave him a cold iron arrow to poke mites with. Dude went buck wild, and made it through the rest of the dungeon on 1hp without being healed. I decided after that to give him levels of fighter, and they made him their Royal Assassin when they got their kingdom up and running.

2) The giant centipede was pretty sweet too, because it was busily chewing up their frontline when the musketeer lined up a perfect shot through all his buddies, through cover, straight into the bug's head.

These two are pretty accurate for my group's trip through the Old Sycamore as well. Mikmek actually got critted straight to 0 by the Centipede, only to recover and survive the rest of the trip. Likewise he also became my party's Royal Assassin, and I ended up leveling him into Assassin/Scout Rogue. They also used a series of well-rolled Intimidates to bully a good chunk of Mites into being their reluctant slaves for the trip, then left them in charge after killing the chief and leaving. The Old Sycamore burned down later.

The highlight of that battle was probably the Oracle rolling a crit card on Tickleback and getting "switch places with target". Suddenly the tick was behind Mikmek, the Magus, and the Barbarian, and the Oracle was in the middle of all the mites with the Chief on her shoulders.

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In Book 5, we spent half a session with intrigue from the Pitax section. Although written more for flavor, it ended up fueling quite a bit of the day's activities.

In summary, after a failed attack on the Keep in Pitax, the party worked with the Liacenza family, whom the King had wronged, and persuaded the Vascari family to throw in support provided that the players ensured Jhofre Vascari ascend to the throne and marry a female PC to seal the alliance. Vascari would then require the player kingdom troops to root out the Strocalle family and the thieves' guild, which controls the black market and drug trade. During said meeting, the Cattanei family backed out refusing to put a pretender family on any throne and had to be eliminated.

The session went quite a bit more detailed, but you get the gist, all from supplemental material in the back of the book.

I could probably come up with a dozen cool moments, but this one was purely from the material as written. As for the mites, I'm glad no one died in my party (though it was very close). Who wants to say they were taken down by mites, or a giant tick? Just not a story one retells over a brew at the tavern.

MeridiaCreative wrote:
I decided after that to give him levels of fighter, and they made him their Royal Assassin when they got their kingdom up and running.

My group did exactly the same took Mikmek on as Royal Executioner for a while. He had this lovely stone throne that he tied his ?executees? to and then rolled them into the lake on log rollers - so it was death by drowning.

Eventually they sent Mikmek and back home and let him keep the 'Chair' as his leaving present. He now performs a similar role for Chief Sootscale ....

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Hah! That's clever.

Mine rigged up a Rube Goldberg-esque contraption that ends in dropping a troll axe on the unfortunate guillotine-style. They didn't have any work for him until a ways into Chapter Two, when they decided to execute Ayles Megeson (he wasn't 'cooperating' with Kesten in their Bandit Rehabilitation Program like the other survivors were) and sent the head and body back to the people offering a reward for him. Mikmek was giddy to have an opportunity to set off his machine.

MeridiaCreative wrote:
I love hearing when a group does something completely differently than my group, like subjugating the mite tribe instead of burning their tree down like my group did.

I, on the other hand, am quite glad to hear that my group weren't the only ones who set fire to the tree (mine had some alchemist's fire, and some Kobold scouts with them, so they actually let the Kobolds do it).

We had thought about burning the tree with the mites in it down, but we wanted to get the statue so that we could be on better terms going in to meet the kobolds.

It sounds like Mikmek was pretty BA in your game Meridia, which sounds awesome. I must admit, his character is somewhat endearing. However, that may be because I'm one of the only ones in our party that can talk directly to him.

For a wall of text update.(Possible Spoilers):
We did meet with the kobolds and the chief shatters the statue, which I wasn't all that surprised about really talking with Mikmek. He has us hide in another room while he calls in the one (forgot his name) who was talking with the statue and causing trouble. They begin to talk and so, I feeling like he might try to bolt, decide to cast vanish on our heavy hitting rogue, having him sneak attack what's-his-name. While some pretty tough AC, both the rogue and the chief get shots in and he dies without ever getting a chance to do magic which we later found he was capable of.

I get the wand of magic missiles, the scroll of fly, and his journal finding out his interesting history and then we ask to see their treasure. We find Svetlana's ring, I use detect magic and find a pair of magic boots and dust. They ask to keep the dust and I oblige.

After that we decide to find the buried treasure, which we do (yay for spellbooks!) and head to Oleg's. Here is where things get hairy. We are surprised by I believe 11 bandit archers, all of which we later find out had composite longbows. Our rogue gets almost shot to death and others take some good hits, I get shot in the arm. I use entangle (wood wizard) which helped us manage things and the others slowly picked off most of the others, until I yell, "Will you bandits just give it up?!"

DM has me roll intimidate and I get lucky. One bandit says, "Ok, just make the forest stop moving." To which I reply, "This is not a negotiation." He gets shot and we have one left. He drops his bow and puts his hands in the air, I drop entangle and our ranger takes him captive. Oh yeah and Kressle ran away in the middle of the fight. So, that should be interesting.

We get back to Olegs, get healed up and I put Fly from the scroll and copy the spells I didn't know into my spellbook.

We head out after picking up another player (another wizard) I meet Bokken who felt an awful lot like that creepy old guy from Family Guy. We made a deal to get him berries for a half off discount for a month. Head out from there, meet an owlbear and kill it fairly quickly, mostly due to our rogue. More new missions and we are soon going to head towards the stag lord.

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Meanwhile, out on the plains and in the air ...

The party had encountered a mammoth out on the plains, and done him in for his ivory. We camped right there for the night to keep the scavengers away.

The very next day we encountered a patroling Wyvern. One "charm monster" later, we convinced it to accompany us back to the mammoth carcass for a feast (we cooked our bits, but the wyvern prefers raw). A casting of overland flight for everyone in the party had us accompany the wyvern back to the nest for an after dinner nap.

If you've run the scenario, you know what's present at the wyvern nest (eggs and otherwise). Once the wyvern is asleep, a whispered plan emerges. The witch buffs herself with threefold aspect, uses the slumber hex (the wyvern is already sleeping, but why take a chance ?) followed by evil eye and misfortune while the melee type with the highest crit multiplier weapon prepares a coup-de-grace. I think the resulting fort save against death was around DC 50, with the wyvern having to roll twice and take the worst.

When my group did the mite lair, it was quite the mix of up and downs, but definitely memorable.

They were only about half strength too, with a couple of players unable to attend. Infiltrating the lair was pretty standard dungeon crawling. After they freed Mikmek, they fought the giant centipede. Bad rolls on their part made the encounter more difficult that expected, but Mikmek got a lucky crit in.

Unfortunately, they caused a fire during the fight and it spread to the rest of the tree, and everyone in the lair ran out. So outside the old sycomore, now burning up, the players and Mikmek faced off the Mite King and about two dozen mites. Despite being heavily outnumbered, the players cut a swath through the mites to engage the king. In that fight, Mikmek managed to get in even more crits, including the one that killed the king.

After the fight, Mikmek became one of the best allies to the PCs. They went to the kobold lair, and Mikmek's help was crucial to getting the kobolds on their side. After killing the gnome, the kobolds agreed to follow the PCs policies, and Mikmek went on to become the village's champion and representative in the PCs' kingdom.

Alrighty, another update that truly fits the title.


So, after having acquiring a new player, meeting Bokken and slaughtering an owl bear, we moved on to our next hex. During the nights 3rd watch we are ambushed by Worgs, do to only 2 people being awake for said watch our ranger, one of the awake people, gets mauled but not killed by a couple worgs and our newest player a wizard nearly gets mauled as well, rest of the party wakes and we get things under control relatively quickly and the worgs are taken out in short order. (Note: I now plan on taking the Keep Watch spell at next level to lessen the impact of these night raids.)

Next morning our only dedicated melee PC's player decides he's bored and leaves the game (for now at least), which is the real start of pain to come. So anyways, sans our melee PC we explore on and come across a man trapped under a log. Not long after some sort of floating skull thing pops up behind us. I shoot a magic missile from a wand I had acquired earlier thinking it might want to attack us. Due to the interaction most of us figure out that it's an illusion, I cast detect magic and figure out it's our old friends the tiny fey. Now's my chance.

I offer them some berries which they go wild over in our game and make them a proposition. They scout the stag lords fort as detailed as possible and they get 5 cartons of berries. The jump on the chance and now we have the floor plans of the fort, we know they have an owl bear, an unhappy person, some large guy that might be autistic, stag lord, some dude in a basement acting crazy and a feeling that somethings wrong around the fort. Given the details of why it gave a bad feeling, that other bandits are afraid to even step on the ground and that the fey call them ugly mens, we conclude that there are probably some unsavory mystic creatures under the ground, I personally think they are undead of some sort.

Now, here is where the title takes it's place. We move on to the temple area, awaken the bear in the temple of doom. I drop grease in front of it's charge, which only helped to make sure it didn't reach us next turn. After I dropped grease I backed up trying to put some space between me and the bear aaaaaaaaaaaand what do you know? I get attacked and grappled by a shambling mound.

So the party has a large evil grizzly bear in front and a shambling mound behind. Our party ranger attempts a slice and scores a crit, he decides to use the crit deck and pulls one that deals double damage and 1 point of con bleed on the plant. DM says it works so, not a bad start. Archer puts most of their shots into the bear as does the sorcerer. I try to escape but fail and pass out from the crushing. It then grabs ranger and starts crushing it as well. Archer has the bear nearly 2/3s down in health from what we can see and backs up some more, the bear stops attacking, not going past the temple boundaries. It apparently accidentally fumbled and we also use the fumble deck, it's now exhausted. Yay luck.

Archer and sorcerer turn their attentions to the shambling mound staying out of range, the sorcerer using a wand of burning hands and actually partially sets the forest on fire behind the mound. Sorcerer got to close and gets hit and grappled. After a round or two the mound is really weakened but our sorcerer passes out after trying to deal a burning hands once again to it. The new guy wizard and our archer keeping chipping away at the mound and it finally dies. Archer and wizard turn and put the bear down from afar and recall that we each had some cure wound potions on us.

I, the less hurt out of the three wake right away after getting my potion and ticked off at the bear spear the thing while it's down. It turns into an old man that looks peaceful and then dust. The temple area looks much more pleasant now and I notice that the water looks clearer. Thirsty from near death, I risk getting myself a drink from the pond and find it has healing properties. I bring this to the parties attention and after some trial and error, we cup the water in our hands and feed it to our unconscious team mates. They are all healed up and we have survived.

Note: It was during this game that I realized just how kind and somewhat merciful our DM is. Although he did say had the fire not started behind the mound it would have just grabbed me and the half-elf ranger and killed them in the forest. Still, it could have just killed us right then and there and I felt like he didn't want to kill most of the party completely. I was surprised by how much detail the tiny fey gave, but was happy with the results. That too might have been kind Dming or for all I know it might have been what the tiny fey would have done.

Sorry for so much text, I just like being thorough.

Back again. Last session was quite short but it went even better than the DM expected. Note possible spoilers ahead.

We are walking along, exploring a hex when we come across Tuskgutter the boar. Surprise round starts and our ranger is already in melee range so he has his ranger attack. He crits and we use a crit deck. Apparently the boar now has -4 on all rolls for a while, though we weren't told that at the time. Our sorc is up next and does something that sickens the boar. Called shot using jolt or something on the head, DM allowed it. So the boar is also sickened. I was told I was close to melee range so I go for color spray, make my concentration and the boar fails its saves and is knocked unconscious. A coupe de grace later and it's dead with its head in our wagon.

Besides that we had some river and bridge "fun" and got to level up. So all in all a good session.

Anyone else have any awesome "that went better than expected moments"?

Newest update


Alright, so we finally decided to go after the stag lord after dropping by Olegs for some supplies. I get the idea (that probably every one gets) to poison the green liquor we got before and try to get the stag lord to drink it. DM has the 2 people with survival role, they succeed their checks so he rolls. From what he told me after last session, he rolled a nat 20, so he decided to pick 3 different poisons from the list with decent DC saves. Out of about 5 or 6 he rolls for randomness and gives us 3 choices that our fellow party members found. So, we come across a a field of hemlock, some adders with venom and something else. We naturally go with the hemlock.

DM has the one that found the hemlock roll for how much he could grab and he got 5 doses worth... so we put all of it inside the liquor. DM rules that, that increases the DC to about 26 or so because of so many doses, oh also, hemlock requires 2 saves. Sweet.

Here's where I play my part, I call for the faeries we had made friends with. I had loaded up with more berries at Olegs for payment just for this. DM rolls, the faeries hear me and see what's up. I ask them to plant the liquor inside the stag lords room secretively and tell me when he drinks it. They agree, I pay half of the berries and stag lord drinks it. Pay the rest and we decide to swarm the fort because light was coming up.

I run up to the fort and peek through the slits of the fence and see Akiros and 2 bandits readying for intruders. Our ranger had gotten a nice hippogriff (DM allowed) and is flying above the battlefield shooting arrows at Auchs. Fighter hops over while archers shoot at our sorcerer from a watchtower. I cast stone call and hurt Akiros and kill the bandits beside him. Fighter fell from the wall prone due to sucky rolls and then gets sneak attacked by Dovan.

Ranger jumps from the hippogriff in front of Dovan to help defend the fighter. I once again stone call but this time on the bandits in the tower and auchs. I kill the bandits in the tower and auchs is roughed up. Other wizard pops in with a flaming sphere and directs it to Dovan. Dovan burns the first time but is still alive. Akiros runs in and hits the ranger hard. Fighter gets up and tries to trip Dovan, but it didn't help. Dovan runs. Auchs nears our ranger for some hurt time. I grease Akiros's sword and it falls out of his hands. Other wizard runs and directs the sphere to Dovan. Dovan fails his save again and dies a horrible death. Fighter shoots Auchs in the face and he dies. We get Akiros to give up, and after some talk to join us.

We then walk by a still cages owl bear up to the stag lords room to find that he died of the poison we had planted. We do some looting and decide to focus on crazy guy in basement. After some shenanigans with magic to see if he was aggressive, finding he is, we go down. He summons a swarm and had already summoned an ant, also he's phasing through the earth. So, I hit the ant with a burning hands and five foot step my way outside of the swarm, but ant is still alive. Sorcerer uses burning hands as well this time catching the swarm and the ant. Wolverine routinely pops out and attacks, but has concealment. I decide to switch to magic missile and it worked wonders. Swarm dies from another flaming sphere, ant dies from previous burning hands and we knock out the druid. He's still alive but now bound and wearing a metal chain shirt to hamper him. We plan to kill the undead and figure out the owlbear next session.

This time I shall go for the very brief highlight reel.

Quick Rundown:
After battling the druid and resting we go forth to zombies. A little more than 22 total undead attack, I and our other 2 casters are knocked unconscious near the end of the battle, one 1 point away from death.

We wake, go to meet Jhod, he heals us further and Akiros wants to stay so we let him. On the ride back to Oleg's one of our casters starts a debate after speaking with the captured druid. After nearly exploding into violence we settle on having Kesten decide. He allows the druid to leave on him swearing on his god not to do evil acts.

Then, with the Dms approval, my character invented the sandwich in our world. After that and showing we had killed the stag lord, we left to dump the body into the river at nettles crossing. He accepts the offering and we explore the area.

Next night in different hex we meet a special shambling mound (another one) this one having tremorsense. After getting whacked my character offers the mound his horse if it let the party leave. It agreed (in a way) and we got away safely. From there we explored hexes, nothing really happening but still getting our xp. Eventually we leveled up to 5th and ended there.

Well, that's about it. Let me know how you guys have done so far, in the first book. As except for battling the Tatzylworm and another thing, we've got the major story elements done. Getting ready to kingdom build soon in fact.

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