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Hi, all -

Has anyone developed a list of the Pathfinder Tales novels and stories organized by the nation or region that they are set in?

I'll be GMing PFS monthly soon, and I thought it would help to be reading Tales stuff that is set in the same location as the adventure I'll be running next.


Not that I know of. Are you looking for any particular areas? I could probably point you in the right direction pretty quickly if you want a taste of Galt or the River Kingdoms, or Kyonin, etc.

That would be an interesting list to see though! I haven't thought of arranging them by region.


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Well, I'm definitely interested in all things Absalom, obviously. I've read Passage to Absalom, which, as hinted in the title, is not really set IN Absalom much (great short story though!).

I'd be interested in creating such a list, if others are game to help out. I've read four novels (reading Plague of Shadows now) and a few short stories. Let me pull the beginnings of a list together based on that. I think it'd be helpful to note in each entry whether the tale is entirely or partially within that nation/area (e.g., if I recall correctly, Winter Witch starts in Korvosa, but then travels to Irrisen).

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There is only one short piece of fiction set in Absalom itself, something to do with the waverunners?

Found it! Lord of Penance

Let's see...

Prince of Wolves - Ustalav, some Lastwall I think.
Winter Witch - Varisia (Korvosa) through Irrisen
Plague of Shadows - Taldor? through Galt, + plane of Shadow
Worldwound Gambit - Mendev + Worldwound
Master of Devils - capering around Tian Xia (not Minkai portion)
Death's Heretic - Thuvia, Axis, Boneyard
Song of the Serpent - Druma
City of the Fallen Sky - Andoran (Almas), Absalom, Osirion, Mwangi Expanse
Nightglass - Nidal, Cheliax (Devil's Perch)
Blood of the City - Varisia (Magnimar)
Queen of Thorns - Kyonin
Called to Darkness - Realm of the Mammoth Lords, Darklands
Liar's Blade - ?
Pirate's Honor - ?
The Wizard's Mask - Molthune, Nirmathas

Did I miss one... feels like I did... eep, three (fixed above).

PF AP Fiction:
1-18 - Varisia
19-24 - Katapesh+
25-30 - Cheliax (Egorian)
31-36 - River Kingdoms
37-42 - ? (AP near Sargova)
43-48 - ? (AP in Ustalav)
49-54 - ? (AP in Varisia, Crown of the World, & Tian Xia)
55-60 - ? (AP in Sodden Lands/sea)
61-66 - ? (AP in Varisia)
67-72 - ? (AP in Taldor, Irrisen?, ?)

Web Fiction: ?

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Thanks, you two. This is a great start. I can add a couple for web fiction:

A Passage to Absalom - Taldor (Cassomir) to Absalom
The Lost Pathfinder - Egorian (Cheliax)
The Fate of Falling Stars - Qadira

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OK, here's the list of novels and short fiction by nation/continent/plane.
As a bonus I also noted which ones featured Pathfinder Society characters or storylines.

Pathfinder Tales by Region

There are undoubtedly errors and omissions, and there are a half-dozen short fiction pieces that I couldn't place from the descriptions. Please send me a message if you note something that should be fixed or added. Hope this is helpful to others!


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This would be awesome to add as categories to Pathfinder wiki

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Hi, folks -

The list has been updated and it's now complete (but not necessarily 100% accurate, so feel free to let me know of any errors or omissions). It will have a permanent home up on my blog Delver's Diary towards the bottom of this post. I think when I have a moment I'll also make a permanent menu header for it too.

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