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Oh gods beyond my group.

They have developed a new standard operating procedure. Crisis Entry for all dungeons. They (with the help of Spivy) found the backdoor for Brinewall, and when they got to Ravenscrage went in via the roof (Flying Ediolon with Ant Haul + Cart = AIRBORNE ATTACK).

What this has done has more or less caused them to handle all the dungeons BACKWARDS. That's righty, they've faced the Decapus first then went after the rest of the folks in they're basically bashing their way to the dungeons below Ravenscrag and blocking any defenders from exiting upwards.

Oh, when they when to the Viking Feasthall earlier in the adventure...they went in with Pyrotechnics first off and then started to hammer through blind warriors. The Rimerunner's guide hall..they 'made' a hole in the roof and started blasting downward again.

They are currently looking into passwall items so they 'breach' a dungeon or location and begin attacking outside of standard approaches.

They are having the time of their lives.

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They attacked the Rimerunner's Guildhall, from the sky, in a cart being carried by a monster and filled with dangerous adventurers, in a city the king of which heavily favors the Rimerunner guildmistress and which is populated by warriors out the wazoo?

Wow. Ballsy.

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Ayep. The Summoner Skotty Narr (synth summoner) dismissed his pet when done and walked out none the wiser. The rest of the crew either changed face (bard) or invoked "Cheese it" Barbarian/Monk or honestly didn't look like they would cause any problems.

This is the same group that did an full on Wuxia battle with a sniper and assassin across roof tops because they can either fly, or jump 30+ feet every turn.

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I always try to plan for my players to use crisis entry, because it's my SOP as a player. Give me a cathedral to breach, and I'll come in from the bell tower every time. Even if it leads to a TPK and ends a Shackled City campaign prematurely.

Crisis entry: not always a good idea, but always awesome.

I wish my group had battled across rooftops, instead of one-shotting the sniper. (Magus crit fml.) Sounds epic.

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Don't forget the Pyrotechnics code phrase... ;)

Hey, one of my groups cast Gaseous Form on themselves and engaged Omoyamani as their first encounter ( and the Caryatid Columns. And that half-troll dude ). Only one dead PC and after that it was mop-up time.

Sometimes, players come up with unconventional ideas. I quite like it, as long as it doesn't devolve into working outside the rules.

From what I recall, most urban combat entry is done through "any place that isn't a door," so it's not much of a surprise that the PCs are bringing their modern understanding of tactics to the game.

If the NPCs catch wind of it they may want to adjust their formations.

TheLoneCleric wrote:
This is the same group that did an full on Wuxia battle with a sniper and assassin across roof tops because they can either fly, or jump 30+ feet every turn.

That's pretty awesome.

i have a halfling archeologist bard and my daughter has a cat folk ninja so we fold in acrobatics and other shenanigans into every combat. even if it doesn't work its still oodles of fun:)

My party is fairly does a lot of wacky stuff to overcome obstacles, for the spider eater monster, the alchemist vomited spiders on the fire escape thing and the spider eater rolled a perception check passed to smell the spiders and then failed the perception versus all of the stealth and got wrecked by a bombardment of an explosive bomb, a heavy crossbow(with a critical hit), sneak attack damage tipped with poison by the rogue. Killed in a round... basically.

They also fought through Brinewall's backdoor killing the decapus first, then saved Kelda and fought their way up into the keep, the sneaky rogue. They then played the harpy vs. the oni and the alchemist who is chaotic crazy out of boredom tossed an acid bomb at her for fun, which the witch was not so happy about and avoided the bushwhack... great stuff...

between 3 critical hits, and a burning hands by our witch, the tengu oni was surprisingly easy. buttersnips the quickling was another story entirely and is still a favored encounter my wife and daughter love to recount

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Oh, they picked up Forge Fire? Fist amulet and the Summoner was using it to CARVE out blocks of ice fighting the dragon and Oracle.

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