Low level feats to buff allies?


Hi. I was wondering what feats exist in PF that would help allies in some way? My DM lets me re-choose feats for my improved familiar, which is a faerie dragon. One will be the Additional Traits feat to get Helpful, but I'm not sure what to do for the other feat. It would have to be something you can qualify for with only BAB +2, 3 levels / skill ranks, and/or sorc CL 3.

I know of flagbearer, but worry that would make my familiar stand out too much.

I want to make my familiar as helpful as possible to the party, it's sort of his "theme."

Anything on d20pfsrd is fair game, including 3rd party (pending DM permission). Thanks for the help.

Is anyone in your party interested in teamwork feats?

Not really.

Skill Focus (Use Magic Device) so the dragon can reach the wand's DC faster.

You might want to look into the bonded feats from Rite Publishing such as Companion Cache. Or if your familiar is using wands, he could use Wand Casting.

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Use Magic Device, and any feats that pump the check (and there should be no fewer than two or three, skill focus, and the dual skill one). Evolved Familiar gives it an evolution point and can be taken multiple times. If you can find an eidolon evolution that is useful to a single person or multiple people, go for it. There is a feat, I think, that makes aid another provide a +4 bonus instead of +2. You could give the familiar Intimidate and intimidating prowess, but this puts it in combat- although, if it succeeds on the check, then the enemy is at -2 ac, skills, saves and hit....making the familiar more likely to survive any counterattack. You would need power attack on it for this to work, though, and the familiar has to hit with it.

You can also go with Tougness, Dodge, Combat Expertise if it qualifies and then give it things like harms way and that sort of crap. But this means the familiar is taking the blows. I am sure that between selecting the proper spells and feats and having umd on it, the familiar could do any number of the combinations I've mentioned fairly well. Hope this helps and gives you ideas or at least sets you on the right track.

I feel there are several more feats I am missing but I can't think of them at the moment. =/

I thought the master had to take Evolved Familiar, not the familiar itself? If it can, I could try to find something there, though eidolons don't have much for group buffing evos, iirc.

If the master has to take it...my character is feat starved and cha 5, so it's just not happening...

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