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How does one slip past a creature with scent when the creature in question gets a massive +8 bonus? Is there anyway to negate this scent bonus with magical gear, mundane gear, spells, or abilities.

All ideas are welcome for posterity's sake but the party is level 3.

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Stink casually?

Negate Aroma.

Or use Air Bubble and Stinking Cloud, but Negate Aroma is easier.

Or distract the creature, or drug it, or kill it, or keep it from reacting, or teleport it to the bottom of the sea, or...

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Adventurers Armory I believe:

Potion of Negate Aroma (50gp): 1hr of scentlessness as long as you don't rub poop on yourself or get sprayed by a skunk. Fantastic little item for a bargain price of 50gp, also the kinds of items a kindly GM could slip in as found loot for low lvls with no cash

Asteldian Caliskan wrote:
1hr of scentlessness as long as you don't rub poop on yourself

This requirement is too strict and has gotten me detected many a time

* As said -- negate aroma or perhaps air bubble (although I don't personally know that Air Bubble does that.
* Hide and sneak upwind of the creature so it doesn't detect you within 30 feet, but 15 instead.
* Find a way to break your scent-trail after you have left.
* Ask your GM if it would be possible to overpower your own smell -- perhaps by getting rotting garbage, or flesh from trolls or otyughs or somesuch. This may be able to mask your own odors and serve as a diversion -- walk through, then toss the decoy down a hallway.
* Sneak past the creature while it's sleeping. Even if your GM says it still detects you automatically within its Scent radius, it should find you more slowly as it awakens and gets up.
* Find / create herbs or alchemical substances that could overpower a creature's sense of smell. I imagine a poultice of garlic, pepper, mint and ginger could blow out an animal's ability to smell for a while. Previous editions of D&D have offered an item like this, and real-world equivalents seem to exist that can confound dogs (I'm not a criminal, honest -- I just watch NCIS).

Oh, and there should be illusions that allow olfactory elements. I've never put much thought to it, but that'd be amazing to use against a creature with Scent -- laying down a false trail, and in a way so novel that most people would never suspect it could be illusory.

On the downside, following a trail would certainly count as interacting with the illusion, and eventually they'll roll a 20 even if your DC is high. Further, illusions are based on what you personally know, so you'd probably need a Scent ability of your own to make a convincing Figment.

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There is the Conceal Scent feat as well.

Go for broke, and nab some Boots of the Soft Step, to hide from Tremorsense.

Druid: pass with out trace

Ninja : no trace

skill: disguise, disguise your scent as something it would think was normal or indigenous.

Also is scent passive or active? Does it have to be sniffing or does it just poof, smell everything?

I know there is a total difference between my dogs when they are alerted and their sniffer is going over time or if they are just laying there.

Summon a skunk and have it set upon the creature while u sneak past sure the skunk will die but not before using it's spray first. Hunt down a skunk kill it at range, extract it's gland and launch it at the creature at range then invis and stealth away it won't smell nothing for a long time

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Thanks to everyone for your ideas!

I also found Distilled Terrap Sap from Adventurer's Armory, but I did not see the Potion of Negate Aroma. I'm not sure if it can be made into a potion because it doesn't have a range of "touch".

Please tell me what page it's on in the Adventurer's Armory if it is indeed a potion.

Terrap Sap wrote:

Terrap Sap, Distilled

Source Adventurer's Armory

When first opened, this sealed jar releases such an overwhelmingly antiseptic odor that it covers other smells until it disperses (1d6 rounds after opening). Creatures within 20 feet of the jar get a +5 alchemical bonus on all saves against scentbased attacks while the sap’s odor remains, but they automatically fail any scent-based Perception checks during that time.

Create: Craft (alchemy) DC 15

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