How does a 5-foot cone work on a grid / battlemat?

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I'll be controlling a character with a breath weapon (5-foot cone) and I don't know how that works.

Is it a single 5' square? Is it three squares?

If the creature has a reach of 0 ft. does the square it's in get hit by the breath weapon? If so, can it choose not to?

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What is giving you a 5' cone?

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It just affects an adjacent space.


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One of the tiny-sized dragons has a 5ft cone. It only affects one square.

Happler wrote:
What is giving you a 5' cone?

Faerie Dragon.

And searching around (I searched, honest) it looks like Undine can get one too. (ooze breath, yuck)

One square makes sense, but the magic chapter talks about picking a corner and counting squares, so I wanted to make sure it wasn't a semi-circle.

Any thoughts on reach? I guess if I pick a corner, it can't work on the square I'm in, so I can't spray someone who is sharing my square.

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Reach has absolutely nothing to do with area effects. It only matters when attacking with weapons (manufactured or natural). Breath weapons (and spells) don't care about reach.

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