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Did some more editing.

The descriptions of Grim and Noble are unchanged from last time, but Assassins don't need to be Grim any more and it's no longer inherently Grim to use any spell or ability.

I've also added a paragraph explaining which spells are opposed to your own alignment or your deity's and clarified a thing in the Relative Morality section to make it sound less like Grim characters are always counted as evil and Noble characters are always counted as good.

I dunno about you, but I feel like this has come on a lot since I made the thread.

This is the system as it currently stands.

There still needs to be a list of suggested alignments for Golarion's major deities, but that's hardly rocket science.

Once that's done, I will consider adding a couple of setting neutral example organisations of each philosophy and creating an optional planar cosmology in a separate but linked document.

Thanks for all the interest so far. I hope you guys agree it's improved.

Hey Mort,

I like what you have done here. One of my groups may use this in our next campaign. Just wanted to say good job and see if there will be anything else added to the doc.



Great to hear you're interested. There won't be any changes made from now on unless somebody discovers a mistake in the document or something.

I may still add that list of core deity alignments, but if I do, my interpretation will be no less valid than yours.

Be sure to pass along any questions your group has and tell me how it goes if you use it.


Om nom nom, it is delicious philosophy, and I must eat it.

I think I'll also just leave this here.

Mortuum, I am actually attempting to write my own game system primarily for personal use and was wondering if I could use this alignment system in it. Probably won't use the whole thing, but I think you've done a wonderful job.

I doubt that it will ever be published, but would love to give you some credit for this idea in my own work. I myself am not particularly fond of alignment systems in general, but know that there are many people even among my friends who use these concepts to add to the game by setting guidelines for their character's actions in morally dubious situations.

Don't know if or when you might see this, but hoping that it's OK.

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If you want to respond to a poster, you're better off sending them a private message than necro'ing a three year old thread and hoping they're still around to see it.

I hadn't read this, interesting stuff.
Thank you for necro'ing a 3 year old thread, so that I noticed it. :)

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