Geisha Bards with other Archetypes and the Tea Ceremony

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If you have a Bard with the Geisha Archetype as well as another Archetype that switches out one of the performances that the Tea Ceremony can grant (for example, the Sound Striker archetype's ability Wordstrike replaces Inspire Competence), does it also remove it from the Tea Ceremony?

Or is the Tea Ceremony able to grant it by virtue of it (the Tea Ceremony) being it's own unique ability; thus it (the switched out performance) can only be gained via the Tea Ceremony and not via regular performance.



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If I'm understanding the question correctly, the answer is that you can't apply two archetypes which modify/replace the same class feature.

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I don't know if this directly addresses your question, but JJ gave some insight here.

James Jacobs wrote:

Individual performance types are separate class features, but Bardic Performance is also a class feature.

You can have an archetype swap out specific performances, or you can have one swap out the entire thing. Depends on the archetype.

And yes, if you have two archetypes that modify different performances but don't overlap, you can indeed take both archetypes, provided that the two archetypes aren't oppositional in some flavor way that makes the GM unhappy to see them mixed.

It sounds like if Inspire Competence has been replaced, it's just been replaced since it is its own class feature.

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Looking at this particular combination, it looks like Geisha doesn't actually modify/replace any performance options, but rather adds a new ability which interacts with Bardic Performance. Thus, the archetypes should stack.

However, the Tea Ceremony only does what it says. You can't give the benefits of a performance type you don't have, and you can't give the benefits (via Tea Ceremony) of a performance type that's not listed in Tea Ceremony.

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