The party has a new friend!


The party I am GM'ing for has made friends with an Ogre npc from the campaign. I think its great and they want to keep him around. My question is how do I handle xp? Does he get a split and level with the party?

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I was part of a party where this happened once - the story gets rather long and complicated, but the short version is that the GM decided that the Ogre was eating much more of our rations than we realized, and we would otherwise starve without leaving him behind. Plus, when it was time to break camp, who really wanted to be the one to wake the ogre up?

We eventually left him in the woods with a nametag and a holy symbol (the monk's idea) so we could recognize him if we ever saw him again... Alas, the campaign tapered off a little while after that.

Alternately - I am part of a campaign now where we captured the LE ogre NPC who was hired to attack our fort and renegotiated with him to work for us. Eventually, when the party got access to Leadership, he's become an invaluable cohort.

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In my home game, cohorts and party followers get 1/2 xp. Generally, I let the party members control their actions, but reserve the right to play these characters myself should they be unfairly mistreated or given suicidal orders.

Is anyone willing to get Leadership and keep the ogre as a cohort?
If yes, then he gets xp and can get levels as per the cohort rules.
If not, he is just a followers and gains nothing, after a couple of levels he won't be much useful in battles and you can really test if the players are keeping him around for the friendship or just as an unpaid meatshield.
My current party has a shifter, two sentient constructs and possibly a drow as followers, we don't let them interfere on the fights so they won't end up dying, cause we're pretty high level and the followers aren't, but we keep travelling with them so my paladin and another players cleric can help redeem and reintegrate them to civilized society.
Edit: Control: If it's a cohort, the player who pays the feat controls him but like Martin said you take control if he is treated bad or told to do something the ogre would thing stupid suicidal or too against his nature. If it's a follower and there for the roleplay, you roleplay the ore and the players control him in combat.

i would up the CR's of things facing them, and when the party levels he can level, though I (the gm) would be the one to do the leveling on him to avoid silly optimizing on their part.

In game I would let the players decide his actions to a point.

He will attack

or defend

or get the caster

Then you the GM gets to decide how he does it, reserving the right to have him say no if he doesnt like the players

What level is the party?
I've run many campaigns where the players have "adopted" a random monster into their fold. Goblins, Kobolds, Faerie Dragons, a Dust Mephit, even a Hill Giant. The monsters usually became party controlled characters via Leadership or we just rolled up a character sheet for it. (At one time I had 2 players controlling 32 characters!!!). Fun Times.
But anyway, I'd usually let the newfound monster stick around for a few sessions as a "guest star" so to speak, not really taking any XP or Gold, but as they progressed with the monster, they'd have to make choices. Not only in XP and gold distribution (that's easy). But taking the thing out of the dungeons and widerness and INTO civilization. LOL. Again, Fun Times.
I'd leave it mostly up to the players to decide if its worth investing the feats into Leadership if you go that route, and the RP implications of having an Ogre in the group.
Good Luck.

Currently the party is only level 2 so the leadership feat is out of the question at this point. They all escaped from a prison together and are now on the lam. I would suspect that they will eventually take the leadership feat but how should I work till then?

Does the xp come off their total?

In this case, I would definitely impose an XP tax on the players while upping the encounter difficulty to match.
At level 2, having an ogre is a significant perk in a combat situation (and a downright liability everywhere else).
I'd add the ogre in as though he were an actual player character for XP division. At least until the players are level 4 or so, when having an ogre is like having a dumber (in some cases) fighter with less HP, a bigger (again, in most cases) appetite and a whole lot of general social stigma.

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Is this traditional Golarion Ogre, or some other Campaign Setting?

blackbloodtroll wrote:


Is this traditional Golarion Ogre, or some other Campaign Setting?

I'm hoping its not one of the PF "Rise of the Runelords" type Ogres.

I'm really, REALLY hoping.

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Well, any Golarion based adventure path.

Ogres in Golarion are crazed, inbred, rapist, and are unrepentantly evil not for any philosophical or moral reason but for the sheer, repugnant joy of it.

They will literally rape you to death, then rape your corpse, and then use it to knock your horse out, so they can rape it.

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