Weapon Creation: Unique Weapons?

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When statting up a character over the weekend (one of the LJN line of toys - Drex), I was trying to decide what sort of sword I should have him that might fit the sword the toy comes with. The problem is, nothing really quite fits the mold.

So I started to think, maybe it's a unique weapon? It looks almost like a falchion or large scimitar, but with an inner "hook" that could seem to function almost as a disarm or sundering tool. (Google Drex if you want to get an idea.)

That got me thinking- how cool would it be to be able to use the Crafting rules to create unique weapons (or armors, etc.), by coming up with costs and rules for adding special abilities to the weapons?

Just spitballing here, as I haven't given it too much thought (and I can see where it could certainly be abused without DM oversight).

Anyone else think about doing this? Have you done it? What do you think of the idea?

And there's a huge shortage of different weapons in Pathfinder? I understand the desire, but between the overabundance of weapons (which often provide various benefits / advantages for no real reason) and the potential for abuse I'd say this needs to be GM territory... but hey, it's not like there is a shortage of anything else in PF :)

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