Werewolves underpowered?

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I'm looking to make a werewolf PC, and was trying to calculate the CR/level adjustment. Couldn't help but notice a serious disparity in power between the werewolf and other lycanthropes.

For example: tigers and bears are large creatures, hence large hybrids with decent damage output. Wolves- not so much. Why no claw attacks so prevalent in cinema? The werebat has them, yet no bat base animal has claw attacks... Seems odd.

Any "legal" fixes?

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Werewolves have a nasty Bite attack they get, Wereboars get a Gore, they all have just about the same stat adjustments too.. I dont get where you're coming from.

if you want large make the base a dire wolf

Bears and tigers are much more powerful animals than wolves.

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The thing that makes werewolves roughly equivalent to the other lycanthropes is towards the bottom of the stat block and is a doozy as well. Here, I'll post it for you.

Organization solitary, pair, or pack (3–6)

Fighting a werewolf usually means fighting 3 or more of them at once as well as their wolf companions.

The one thing we've learned from pathfinder is action economy and group support are the key to success and wolves/werewolves really take that to heart.

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But in pathfinder wolves are bigger and stronger than bears, at least according to the animal companion entries (wolves get large while bears only get to medium).

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The bear animal companion is a black bear. IMO, there should be a large bear animal companion to cover grizzlies and polar bears (like how there's big cat and small cat).

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I have not found the rules question.

Did I miss it?

One of my players last weekend told me he saw a feat that gives claw attacks in Ultimate Combat, I haven't looked it up yet, so I don't know what it's called. But he also claimed that Lycanthropes get it for free or as a bonus feat of some sort or something along those lines.

Sounds possibly like Aspect of the Beast? Not in UC and not a bonus feat, though. Lycanthropes just qualify for taking it.

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