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Name: Dweomer

Alignment: Neutral

Preferred Alignments: Any

Role: Consortium of mages and tradesmen, spellcasters for hire

Player Roles Accepted: All

Membership: Arcane spellcasters and all those with an interest in magic within the River Kingdoms; Martial guardians, traders, crafters, and other support characters

Goal: Dweomer will be a true guild of spellcraft. Unraveling the mystical secrets of the River Kingdoms, acquiring magical knowledge and wonders, providing magic support and sharing to other companies, and creating a network for scholarship and trade will be our priorities. Game mechanics will guide how this is realized: we might be able to do things like sell and share spells and spellbooks, hire out arcane mercenaries, and maintain a high quality magic forge. Or, those in game activities might not be possible and we will instead focus on sharing player knowledge and being expert players of arcane characters. Accumulation of wealth in all its forms will also be a focus.

A note on playstyle: We recognize that the Crusader Road will be a dangerous place. Our members will be free to act how they like outside our stronghold, but our first priority will be to create a safe place for research, crafting, and trade. Members will be advised to not jeopardize that safety and to maintain civil and respectful relationships with other members.

Membership: We anticipate that roughly one third of our members will primarily be arcane spellcasters and that an additional one third will be hybrid concepts. Pure martial, rogue, and divine characters will also be welcome as all will have roles within a society of magic.

Who Should Join?: Join if you’re interested in:
Playing an arcane character.
Fighting and exploring with ready arcane support.
Crafting with access to arcane resources.
Exploring the arcane lore of the River Kingdoms.

Heirarchy: Heirarchy will depend on guild size and game mechanics. If possible, there will be two separate heirarchies: one for mages and one for combat and support. Details will be developed as the game nears release.

Relationships Dweomer will strive to maintain good or neutral relationships with other companies of the Crusader Road to the greatest extent practical. War is bad for business and bad for research. If game mechanics and economics permit, members will be welcome to hire out as mercenaries to get their fix of combat.

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Welcome Dweomer! At least you are not another of those goodie goodie guilds.

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I've added your Guild to the Guild Recruitment & Helpful Links list. If you have a brief description you'd like to appear there to let people know about your guild while they're browsing that list, just PM me or post a clear request here.

Also, The Seventh Veil welcomes you to the community, and extends an offer of Diplomatic Outreach. (Note, this is not an offer for Alliance, just a way to open formal channels for private discussions.)

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We should team up. :)


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Hmmm... I wonder will Dweomer and MAGI compete, or cooperate? From the description they sound like natural allies...

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Neutral Magocratic Kingdom?

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Greetings from the Keepers of the Circle. While we are not so focused on the arcane as the ever-present Nihimon's Seventh Veil, nor the members of MAGI, our group nonetheless has its own magical interested within our Ring of Crystal. Should you wish to pursue diplomatic relations with the Keepers, please feel free to visit our Chancery at any time.

Erian El'ranelen, Warden of Gold

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Thanks all for the greetings, looks like Dweomer will be in good company.

Nihimon - Excellent list you've developed there. I'll send you something by and by, and stop by the Seventh Veil as well.

Darkcenturi - It does appear that MAGI and Dweomer have similar interests. Hmmm....

Being - It's too early to know, but Dweomer hopes to cooperate.

Elminster000 - "Neutral Magocratic Kingdom" is an apt and succinct description of us.

Erian El'ranelen - I will plan a visit to your Chancery, thank you for the invitation.

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