GMs - Raven's Head vs, Graveknight (Spoilers on Graveknights)


Situation - Artifact level heavy mace "Raven's Head" (From Carrion Crown), wielded by a Cleric of Pharasma pastes a Graveknight. The Graveknight fails the save vs the Disruption effect.

So, what happens next?

According to the rules on disruption, the graveknight is destroyed.

According to the graveknight write up they regenerate if the armor is not destroyed (unless very specific spells are cast to cleanse the armor).

I am asking because in the next few sessions this could very well happen.

I am tempted to have the disruption actually destroy the armor. Any other ideas? Any "official" ruling?


Graveknight gets destroyed. The armor changes the next person to don it into a new graveknight. Problem solved.


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