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Whats the difference in the title options for the 2 add-ons?

Honorable Title offers you a list and simply says you get to add that title to your character in game.

Secret Salute says you get a title that appears in game and a special emote.

Would getting SS be better then HT?

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They're different titles. You get to pick which to display at any given time.

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I would like the salute, but the Honorable Title (Sir) is more important to me as my main character is going to be a Knight. I'm also getting the Regional Trait pack. (with another title) the Memorial of Honor, the Twice-Marked of Pharasma and an extra 1 year of game time.

Puts me up to $265. :-)


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I am wondering if the list of titles that appears in the Add-on's description is all that we will have available to us
or can we make our own once we are given the go ahead from Goblinworks?

I was hoping to use Lord and Lady or Duke and Duchess, Price and Princess.

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