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My old group is getting a game together and each of us needs to come up with a joke theme for our character. I have decided to go with a half-orc ranger with vermin as a favored enemy: The Orkin Man.

Any suggestions on how to keep the theme evident past the initial knee- jerk, while building a viable character?

Take humanoid (shapechanger) as your second favored enemy focusing on hunting down wererats and use silvered vermin bane weapons at all times. Take a cat as your hunter's bond to track and kill said rats. Favored terrain is urban.

Well, the Trapper archetype is obvious. You could consider also taking the Infiltrator archetype. I think the two work together.

Later, you could also take levels in alchemist, so you could bomb the bugs.

Zog of Deadwood wrote:
Later, you could also take levels in alchemist, so you could bomb the bugs.

"Bug bombs", This is pure gold! I like the cat as an animal companion as well. What would be a good stat array build options for a ranger/alchemist?

One of my buds is going to play a halfling barbarian with short-man syndrome, and I have heard wispers of a drow ranger/cleric named Sister Christian... I think this is going to blow up in our faces...

Don't feel like doing a full thing right now (don't even know what your point buy would be), but I'd say focus mostly on Dex/Str (depending on ranged or melee), with Dex/Str as a secondary, then Wis, then Int. Int then Wis if you want to take more than a few levels of Alchemist. He'd be kinda MAD but he doesn't need stellar scores in anything but his main combat stat really. He's much less so if you take Ranged, since both the Ranger and Alchemist sides benefit from Dex.

Then take Discoveries like Poison Bomb and stuff to complete the flavor (and Cloudkill's not too shabby anyway).

Dog companion, not cat. Why? Real exterminators use dogs to sniff out termite nests and the like. Wolf is close.

2nd trapper archetype. Love "bug bombing" hilarious!

I'm thinking like Vasilly Fet from the Strain series here. :)

Honestly though I wouldn't multiclass Ranger/Alchemist unless it were vivisection, unless the joke part overrides the viability. Poison traps can fill the bug bomb role.

Hand out scrolls of sending custom made to contact only you. Your card, heh heh.

Expect payment up front for all jobs, then mutter real quiet about no guarantees if there's an infestation (and that costs extra and you will always find one) Leave 1-2 alive to guarantee repeat business ina year when they recolonize. In fact, get summon swarm ASAP.

"Yep, see? You need me pretty bad there!"

(Silent spell casts summon swarm while customer is looking other way)

Oh never mind, wrong nest, WHAT THE HECK?! Boy you are overrun!

You might want to ditch ranger favored enemy and go pure bomber alchemist. Vermin are "usually" fought in swarms that are impervious to weapons but not alchemist fire. You can use smoke and stink bombs to fumigate areas. Half-orc would still give you the bump in INT and darkvision which is where the nasties usually live.


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thegreenteagamer wrote:

Dog companion, not cat. Why? Real exterminators use dogs to sniff out termite nests and the like. Wolf is close.

Seconded. Terriers and many other small working breeds were originally bred to hunt rats, foxes, badgers, ect.... Usually by going into their dens/burrows after them.

Check it out, I found some sweet character art for your concept.

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1. Get a wand of Instant Enemy, prepare it in all your 3rd and 4th level slots, and buy 3rd level pearls of power.

2. Cast it on an enemy, treat him as if he is a Vermin.

3. Shout, "Die, Vermin!"

4. Profit.

You need a Bombardier Beetle familiar. :)

I have to say, considering poisons are fort save based and vermin have sky-high fort saves, it's kind of funny how ridiculously ineffective a pest control build based around using pesticides truly is.

I would recommend looking at Trapper getting a +3 Vermin Bane Weapon or +1 Mithril Vermin Bane Weapon (if melee) ASAP.

+3 bypasses DR/Cold Iron & Silver. Mithril bypasses Silver, doesn't have -1 damage, and halves the Weight.

    Favored Enemy:
  • Vermin
  • Shapechanger
  • Goblinoid
  • Orc
  • Reptilian

Take and add to them in whatever order you want.

Also isn't there a Poison or something similar effect that relies on a Will Save?

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