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Hey folks, Brian Berg from TPK Games here. This year at GenCon I was absolutely wowed by a small company that produced amazing miniature terrain. This company was Legendary Realms Terrain. In an attempt to help these guys off the ground I'm assisting with their Kickstarter, and urge anyone that uses game props and dungeon terrain to check this one out.

Ever seen the fancy dungeon terrain that exists out there and longed to use it in your games? Most of us have, and unless you have a huge amount of disposable income, that excellent terrain is probably out of your reach. Right?

Wrong. Legendary Realms is about to change the dynamics of the terrain making game. We are already producing low-cost and high-quality durable fantasy terrain. Now, with your help, we would like to purchase a 3D scanner and printer and bring our excellent product to an even greater audience.

The scope of the Kickstarter will include the introduction line of five themed rooms including an epic Throne Room, wicked Dungeon Cells, an arcane Scrying Chamber, and at least two additional themed rooms designed in collaboration with our supporters. The project will include the R&D for the pieces necessary to build the rooms, molding and casting of the prototypes, packaging, and standardization of the manufacturing process.

So take advantage of our Kickstarter and let us stock your game table with amazing high quality terrain for a fraction of what you would be charged elsewhere. You’ll walk away with some great stuff for your game table and by doing so, you will help us fulfill the next step in our business growth.

How can I help you say? Well, let's check out these great rewards!

Legendary Realms Terrain Kickstarter!

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Oh, and I'm told there are a number of third party publishers supporting this endeavor's stretch goals with dungeon-themed releases. Among them currently are Frog God Games, Total Party Kill Games and Purple Duck Games!

What a great way to get your claws on some killer dungeons and the terrain to put them together!

*Any other publishers interested in throwing their support this way should contact me directly or message the kickstarter page (

Thanks in advance for the support!

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

Looks like you're off to a great start! Going to get in on this once I figure out what I can manage financially. :)

Webstore Gninja Minion

Moved thread.

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Thanks for all the support everyone! This is going well and we are about to announce the stretch goals.

Scarab Sages

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I supported also, and posted to Facebook. Good luck, everything looks great!!

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Thanks for all the support! This funded quickly, and now all that is left is to soak up the rewards! Get in on this and grab some awesome terrain and great third-party promotions!

Man, for entirely selfish issues, I hope this project hits $12,000. I had no idea Raging Swan was donating that stuff!

Eric "Boxhead" Hindley wrote:
Man, for entirely selfish issues, I hope this project hits $12,000. I had no idea Raging Swan was donating that stuff!

P.s., I'm in.

Cool kickstarter, I'll share this on fb and plasticrypt. :)

Are these pre-painted?

DungeonCrawler_greyhaze wrote:

Cool kickstarter, I'll share this on fb and plasticrypt. :)

Are these pre-painted?

The FAQ says they are.

Groovy, that makes them better! :)

Are there any pics of the medium and mega size dungeons put together? I could not find any on kickstarter.

This would be a good line for my new 28mm stuff.


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The products are indeed pre-painted. I gushed over their product at GenCon, and after their original kickstarter went virtually unseen I offered my assistance. Now they are funded, getting a ton of great third-party support and we are seeing some great stretch goals.

Thanks to all of you who are pledging. The math says that we are all getting Rappan Athuk and whatever other surprises I have in store! Please consider sharing our KS link and "bumping" this thread.

You guys rock!

While I do wish they had more and better pictures on the kickstarter page, I have purchased from their website. It is a great, low cost alternative to the other pre-painted terrain out there. My $350 is pledged, and my buddy is also in for the $350 level. Totally worth it.

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There are a lot more images up now, and more add-ons coming soon. This is one of those that any and all gamers will want to pay attention too.

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15k has now been achieved, and all backers of $100 or more are getting a free copy of Rappan Athuk, plus some more dungeon accessories! Wow!

@necroblivion you don't have a stake in this company?

I particularly like the mine set, although there aren't many pics of it yet

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