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Gary, would there be any chance that GMs could someday gain moderator access to their own PbP threads? By moderator access, I mean the ability to delete, edit and move posts between all of the topics that are attributed to them.
The big reasons why this would be desirable are:

  • Correct typos and changed URLs beyond the normal editing window.
  • Shunt long conversations between 2 characters into a side-thread (so as not to delay the main one), and then move those posts back into the main thread in proper chronological order afterwards.
  • Save on headaches when someone who has been authoring a lengthy reply gets ninja'd.
  • Reattribute older posts to newer aliases when a 1-shot NPC ends up becoming a main-stay and merits their own alias.

In addition, it would also be nice for GMs to be able to upload custom avatars for NPC aliases as there are quite a few of us who have commissioned artists for character portraits. (Pretty sure I've used up all the decent elf avatars at this point.)

Honestly, if Paizo offered these abilities as a premium service (ala Gamespace), I'd happily subscribe for the same cost as my AP subscription. Heck, maybe that's a Kickstarter idea for after the PFO one has ended. :)

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I'll let Gary chime in on the other parts of your request, but even our own moderators don't have the ability to move posts from thread to thread, and editing or reattributing posts made by others offers abusable opportunities for mayhem, and is almost certainly not something we'd ever want anyone to be able to do.

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I didn't realize your own moderators lacked the ability to move posts between threads. Even so, since it seems like Paizo has started to look at online gameplay support as a service-offering of its own, it might be something to consider. A selective merge/split option would be very useful.

As for reattributing posts, I did not mean being able to do so from one of my players' aliases to an alias of my own, but rather from one of my GM aliases to another of my own GM aliases.

In spite of the fact that I have 100 aliases right now, I don't create new one for every single NPC. Instead I'll post NPCs who I expect will be 1 or 2 liners using a generic alias like "No One of Consequence". Occasionally though, those NPCs do become important and end up meriting their own alias. In such cases, it would be nice to be able to go back and correct that.

Regarding post-editing, I can see how that would be problematic. Perhaps allowing GMs to edit their own posts and players to be able to request a 1-hour editing window from the GM for older posts would be more appropriate.

Hope that clarifies things, and thanks for taking the time to answer, Vic, I appreciate it.

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