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Oh most awesome customer service:
Today I recieved a partial order that contained 'Into the Nightmare Rift' and 'Mystery Monsters Revisited'. Sadly, both books suffered from heavy water damage - they seemed to have gotten oaked and then dried. The upper (ItNR) respectively the lower half (MMR) of the pages are wavy and a bit brittle, several pages stick together. Into the Nightmare Rift remains usable, although it will never look remotely pretty, Mystery Monsters Revisited is borderline unusable.

Please tell me how to proceed from here on.

Paizo Employee Customer Service Happiness-Inducement Imp

I'm sorry to hear about your damaged shipment! I will put replacements in with your next subscription shipment. Please keep and get what use you can out of the damaged copies, then just dispose of them once the replacements arrive.


Scarab Sages

Thank you, oh most awesome customer service!

Scarab Sages

Oh most awesome customer service:
I fear this shipment was cursed - the last two boxes arrived today, thankfully undamaged, alas the Map Pack (PZO 4041) was missing.

Lantern Lodge Customer Carebear

I will tuck a replacement into your upcoming January subscription shipment.

sara marie

Scarab Sages

Thank you again, oh most awesome customer service!

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