2-3 Replacements for Golarian Homebrew


Hello everybody, after a slow start this campaign has recently ground to a stop due to two players dropping out and myself disappearing from internet access for a few weeks. I'm hoping to get it started up again, now that I'm back in semi-regular internet access, and I hope we can find 2 or 3 replacements!

My posting rate is a little sporadic at best right now so it could be a few days before I respond, maybe even a few more before we get started again, and the game itself is not always a 1-post-a-day type game (usually more like 2-4 a week).

The best characters (and players) will find opportunities to develop themselves during lots of in-game down time -- I plan on having stretches of several weeks at a time (in game) with little development from myself, so crafting and sandbox-style adventuring is encouraged.

Right now the party is an Elven Wizard Transmuter and a Catfolk Barbarian with a Greatsword. The campaign is still very short despite being around for a few months, so if you could read through the game thread that'd be great. Check it out and see if you're interested in picking up where we've left off, when replacements have been figured out I'll introduce you to the game thread and everyone can rush off together to investigate the new problem facing Biston.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Copied from the original Recruitment thread:

Character Creation:
Your character should be living in Briston, whether you are a local by birth or not is up to you, but backstory will be important. Backstory is far more important to me than any sort of optimization.
- All Paizo races are allowed, but I should warn you that, without a good and convincing backstory, you may find that your Drow/Aasimar/Dhampir or what have you will be near the bottom of my list.
- Good characters recommended. If you want to play an evil character, it may be difficult depending on the party’s makeup, and I expect party cohesion to be at the top of everyone’s list. An evil character won’t be easily accepted.
- 15 point buy
- 2 traits
- Roll for starting gold
- If you have an idea that you like but need to bend some rules to make it happen, feel free to talk to me about it and we can try to figure something out.

Feel free to use any official Paizo sources; 3rd party material will have to be double checked by me and I’m usually a little hesitant to use it. With the official Paizo books you should have plenty of options. Also, because I am living out of a backpack with nothing more than a laptop and some clothes, I am using www.d20pfsrd.com and the Pathfinder Wikia as all of my sources, and the rest (mostly campaign setting) I am homebrewing completely. Therefore, whatever you use should be referenced on SRD for my viewing.

Basic Biston Information:
The growing village of Biston is divided into two sections: the Tunnels District and the Lakeside. The Tunnels District, excavated into some cliffs that overlook Lake Syrantula, is rumored to have been created by a long-extinct tribe of harpies. Now, it is inhabited by Biston’s oldest families. A few shops are in the area, but for the most part the Tunnels District is residential. The Lakeside is the flat, grassy area spread out at the base of the cliffs. It lies between the rocky landscape and the lake’s shore. This section of the village has been steadily growing since martial law ended ten years ago, and new families arrive every year, building new houses and slowly expanding the village.
Fishermen generally work close to the shore, and many of them live in the Lakeside -- immigrants to the area often come to find work fishing in the bountiful lake. Farmers often live just outside the village among their fields, but some live in town and make the trip out to their lands in the surrounding area when they go to work. Traders swing through the town on a regular basis, but the village has grown large enough that most mundane objects one could ever desire can be found there. Magic is a rare and expensive commodity in Biston--sometimes gypies pass through the town with minor magic items, but only the most accomplished Biston citizens can actually afford anything magical.

The town’s blacksmith, a talented young prodigy named Selyna Duntherhall, has her business in the tunnels. The best and most popular general store is owned by Sryan Farristil; he is the head of the Farristil family, and though they live in the Tunnels District, Syran has recently moved his store down to the Lakeside to appeal to newer citizens. There are three taverns in Biston. The oldest, Hunter’s Cove, is in the Tunnels District; they have very few beds and rooms for lodging, but it is higher quality than the other inns in town, and has become much more expensive. The most popular tavern by far is the Stomping Squat, run by the aging and charismatic Danny Nemuria; it is set up on a hill next to the cliffs near the Tunnels District, slightly away from the downtown Lakeside because of how rowdy it often gets each night. Finally, the shadier spot in Biston is Crossroads. The drinks are cheap and bad, the service is questionable, but everyone knows that you mind your own business while you’re there, unless you want trouble. There is one church in BIston, in the center of Lakeside, and it is dedicated to Abadar (the primary deity of Korvosa). However, the majority of the townsfolk worship Old Deadeye, thus there are a few shrines to Erastil scattered about the village, each one maintained by a communal effort of his most faithful worshipers.

You can check the campaign thread's information tab for even more information.

I have an idea for an Inquisitor of Abadar who is the (or one of the) town sheriff.

I'm thinking of him as a sort of western-style lawman with a fantasy twist.

Give me a bit and I'll have a basic mechanical work up for you to look at.

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 16

Considering either a Druid or Ranger who spends most of her time in the wilds, yet sees herself as sort of a protector of both the settlement fromthe wilds and vice versa.

Doomed Hero here.

Deputy Malcom is something like a traveling arbitrator. He's based in Biston because of his wife (a tragic tale).

He travels a lot less these days, mostly acting as Biston's local sheriff. He's old friends with Jorun and Warden Holly (and probably with whatever character Mark ends up making)

He's not particularly vocal about his worship of Abadar. He doesn't preach and he doesn't site holy works. He's just an agent of the law and sees Abadar as the incarnation of justice.

Mal's backstory got a lot darker than I'd originally anticipated. If you want me to lighten it up I can. Also, if you don't want to deal with having a character with a catatonic wife (making it hard to travel far), I could have her off with her father instead of in Biston.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Also, I can vouch for Mark as a player. We've been in many a game together. He's very dependable and a great writer.


I like the character concept a lot, but think that some tweaking might be necessary. I think that, instead of working as sheriff or even a constable in Biston, maybe Malcom is some sort of vigilante citizen who has come to be respected by the police force and backed (though often unoficially) by the Abadar church.

I have some questions, though, like how old is Malcom? His backstory description sounds like he's lived a lot more life than a 1st level character. It might be smart to consider that when revising.

As far as the character concept and overall idea, though, I approve!


We had a Ranger who disappeared, but not before working his way into the story a bit by coming up with a back country Ranger society called the Knights of the Sword and Sickle -- protectors of the Ashwood Forest and Biston countryland, etc. Might be something to consider, but feel free to do something completely independent, as well! I look forward to reading whatever you come up with.

Any chance of lady players? Adds another dimension.

We had one lady character, but she's since dropped.

I would be interested in submitting a cleric of Torag who tends a small shrine to Torag, and works as an apprentice smith to Selyna.

I would like to make him a half-giant (dreamscarred press 3rd part content on pfsrd) or human if half-giant is not allowed.

EDIT: I am not interested in the psionic aspect of the half-giant, and would be more than willing to drop that part of the race entirely. I am mostly interested in the concept of a very large and imposing smith who wields a hammer in service to Torag, so as much as I would prefer the half-giant, I could make it work with a larger-than-average human.

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My character's going to be female, tweaking now

starting gold 5d6 ⇒ (1, 1, 5, 4, 1) = 12x 10 =120

Still need a second trait and working on background, will go with Knights of the Sword and sickle

Alright, I'm disappearing for a few days on a jungle trek, but when I come back I'll be selecting the replacements (by the sounds of things, likely these first three to respond).


Dropping the Psionics aspect of Half-Giant, I'll allow it. I think it sounds like a fun character to play and have in the campaign. Please put together a character sheet and backstory by Sunday or Monday (when I get back).


Sounds good! Same thing, I'll be back in a few days, and then we'll see if we can't get this thing up off the ground again!

@Anyone Else

Looks like we've got the 3 desired replacements, but if you're still interested put down your thoughts and characters. I'll likely be going with these first three submissions, but if you've got something really amazing I might squeeze you in.

My thought was that he's in his late 20's or early 30's. He's been around the block, but he's really out of practice. I know there's no real mechanic for skill attrition, but it does happen in real life so i thought it would be fine for the backstory.

I like the idea of being a vigilante, but I think it would be better if he hadn't actually picked his guns up again yet. I think it would be neat to have Mal be a pretty unassuming guy at the beginning. Someone everyone knows and probably has pity for, maybe just a handy man who spends too many evenings drinking by himself at the bar. Not many know about his adventuring past.

The problem with this is that it leaves it up to you as the GM to come up with a plot hook strong enough to spring Mal into action. I'm sure we can come up with something that somehow ties Mal into what has already happened (or will happen) in the game.

MisterLurch here. I present Gaurm, Half-Giant cleric of Torag.

He is almost ready.

Starting money: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 4, 2) = 15 x10 = 150gp

.oO{ I wonder what all they're up to, back in Biston }

<-< original applicant to this game. Has since gone through some changes, and is active in another game. But I would be happy to run a second (first, I guess) instance of Gunser, in the game he was written for. If that suits.

Any chance you would allow me to purchase weapons and armor for crafting price and allow Gaurm to be wearing/using equipment of his own creation?

Traits and background complete

Dpt. Malcom, Gaurm, and Kyrra, please move your characters to the Discussion thread and meet the other active players. Gunser, I am still waiting to hear back from one of our members since the campaign went on a 3 week break (the Catfolk Barbarian). If he doesn't show up, I'll invite you to join us as one of the original applicants.

I'll get the campaign moving once everything is solidified! Keep updating your characters and make sure you're combat ready for when we start, because you'll be gearing up for a fight!

If any of these should drop, let me Gara. I'll keep an eye out.

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