HAPPY NEW YEAR from around the world

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Thought i'd start this off, even if i'm a coupla hrs late.
HAPPY NEW YEAR from Wellington, New Zealand.

Happy New Year from Auckland here! Have a great 2013 all.

Happy new year from Sydney Australia....

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Happy New Year, from South Korea!

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What is it like in the future?

happy new year from the U.S.A.

Celestial Healer wrote:
What is it like in the future?

Jet packs and hover cars, I hope.

New year? Didn't you guys get the memo? World ended a tenday ago.

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Run, Just Run wrote:
happy new year from the U.S.A.

It isn't 2013 yet! We still have a few hours.

Happy New Year. Yay. *grumbl-grumble*
You can stop firing the fireworks now.

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Happy New Years from Northern Ontario, Canada! May the rest of you not suffer our current flash freeze! May 2013 bring joy and happiness to you all!

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Happy New Year from Boston, Massachusetts, USA!

(Actually an hour late, because I just got back from watching the fireworks.)

Happy New Year ... Aberzombie, you're slacking on us! Where's the Horde?!


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Happy New Year from Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland in the USA!!! May it be a good year for us all!!!

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Happy New Years from San Diego, CA!!!!

Happy belated New Year from east TN.

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