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I'm new on the Pathfinder scene and have a good group of experienced d20 Star Wars players that are new also. Does anyone have any suggestions on what pre made adventures to purchase from Paizo Publishing? There seems to be an abundance.

Things to consider:
-My group of 4 is currently active in a homebrew adventure out of Sandpoint that will leave them Level 3 when finished. I'd like to stay somewhat close to the Varisian area.
-I'm not looking for a one shot. I'd prefer something that would occupy 3-4+ sessions and leave the heroes with contacts and, of course, treasure.
-If it helps, my group is a half-orc sorcerer, a human monk, a halfling rogue and one new guy who hasn't made a character.

Thanks all.

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Crypt of the Everflame: Level 1. Easily modified to take place in Sandpoint, somewhat of a throwback to old-school adventures, very well designed. Has two "sequel" adventures (Masks of the Living God and City of Golden Death) that form sort of a mini-Adventure Path, that as a whole is one of my favorite adventures to run for new players. Each focuses on a different aspect of classic play (dungeon crawling, urban adventuring and infiltration, exploration).

Feast of Ravenmoor: Level 3. Takes place in a nearby isolated village, is creepy and fun.

We Be Goblins!: Level 1, comes with pre-made goblin characters. Very fun, and takes place around Sandpoint (and is actually designed to kick off the Jade Regent Adventure Path).

For that matter, many of the Adventure Paths take place in (or at least start near) Sandpoint. Even if you don't feel like running the whole AP, the material inside can easily be adapted.


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What type of adventures does your group perfer? Hack&slash? Diplomatic? have Roleplay? Black and white villans or grey area questions?

Brreitz--Thank you for that feedback. I will definitely look those up!

Cpt_kirstov wrote:

What type of adventures does your group perfer? Hack&slash? Diplomatic? have Roleplay? Black and white villans or grey area questions?

As for my group, I'd have to say they are looking for about 2/3 combat, with the remaining 1/3 a good mix of investigation and the exploration of the world setting. The majority of villains need be nothing other than classic evil... but the occasional grey area bad guy is not a bad thing.

Any thoughts on Rise of the Runelords? I saw that it's pretty much a full campaign, which wasn't my initial thought but I think I could work with it... considering this is all of our first time doing Pathfinder.

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