Combinable Bard Archetypes

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Just finished this spreadsheet, which shows which bard archetypes are compatible with one another (second sheet, called "Compatible Archetypes").

Next will be figuring out how many you can stack, but figured I'd share it as-is in case someone finds it useful.

Comments/suggestions/corrections are welcome.

Looks like you put some work into it.
I use to look at this for combining archetypes. It's not complete because it is not up to date but I like it.

This is awesome, I didn't realize how many Archetypes Bard had, (this could be very useful/fun for all classes :D

Silver Crusade

I usually just use the SRD for this type of thing.

Scarab Sages

The Archives of Nethys shows what gets replaced within each Archetype on their tables. You can use this to easily see, at a glance, what archetypes can be combined.

It is up to date with every Paizo-released book that includes archetypes (only missing books are Bestiary 2-3, GMG, NPC Codex, and Ultimate Equipment).

Bard Archetypes

The tables on the SRD show what gets replaced for each, but that doesn't make it easy to tell which ones can be used together.

Umbranus, thanks for sharing that site -- good to know about!

This spreadsheet is very appreciated. I am looking it over to try to come up with a new PC idea. Thank you.

Any plans of doing this for other classes? Though doing it with bard was a good choice since they have so many archetypes. (very fitting really.)

Don't have any plans right at the moment, but if there's interest, I may.

Just gotta figure out a way to script it... :)

Well if you do someday do so I for one would be pleased. Also in this theoretical world where it does happen seeing them on the SRD extras area would be cool.

Ether way thank you for the effort you put into this. Its one of those things I didn't know I needed until I saw it heh.

Sweet. Handy! Dotting away.

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