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Will they exist and will they be player craftable?

I remember Ryan mentioning in an interview at GenCon that the game is basically a "zoomed-in" experience of approximately the equivalent of 6th to 13th level in the tabletop game. (Sorry, can't find video right now - youtube banned at work.)

I'm guessing this entails that magic arms and armor as well as other slotted and wondrous items will exist with a strength of up to the ingame equivalent of +3. Would be great if they could appear both as dungeon drops and as player-crafted items, with the latter perhaps having a slight edge in exchange for the effort in gathering the materials and crafting it.

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RyanDancey wrote:

@All - realistically, crafting, like all the game systems, is going to start simple and iterate into more complexity over time.

It will almost certainly start with something similar to EVE Online - you assemble a bunch of resources at a location, load them into a "job", press a button, and are given a delivery date in the future when they'll be ready for pickup.

...the more powerful and exotic an item, the more different materials will be needed to make it. Those materials may in turn be processed intermediate steps also requiring various precursor materials.

Also check out this link- info on crafting in general from the dev blog.

RyanDancey wrote:

@All - remember that we're going to build a much, much shallower power curve than the tabletop game.

There will be lots of magical gear. But it won't be "+1" type gear. Think more like "+0.01" gear. And you'll lose it all the time, and have to replace it constantly, giving crafters lots and lots of work to do and orders to fulfill.

MMOs run on scale not magnitude.

Based on the above information I think it would be reasonable to conclude that magic gear will be very available - both looted and crafted. I believe the intent is for the best gear to be crafted and for crafted gear to be more readily available than looted.

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Also, remember that it's not the bonuses themselves that will matter as much as their keywords, which enable them to be used for certain abilities, etc.

From Kickstarter Community Thread: Player vs. Player Conflict:

Ryan Dancey wrote:
"Best" in Pathfinder Online means having lots of keywords, not having big mechanical bonuses.

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Nihimon to the rescue, clearing up things I forget to address. :P

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I think one scenario I would like regarding crafted weapons would be something like this.

"My apprenticeship with the old wizard hermit was taking its toll, who knew wizardry started with scrubbing floors and cleaning that grumpy man's clothes. To my surprise this morning he said it was about time I got my first staff, all wizards with respect for themselves had one. In my ignorance I said I though I had seen some sticks laying around here. My laster laughed and said I would have to do better than that. There is a druid I know that might help you get the proper material to make a good staff for you."

Then an exciting adventure to find the proper materials and when you have that the master would teach you how to create a mastercraft staff which can be used to make a magic weapon. Maybe at first just some nifty low level spells and permanency, like read magic, detect magic, tongues etc.
Would be cool if the staff could be built on further, and making it like a legendary weapon over time. Maybe at some point you find a magic orb artifact which you can embedd into the staff.

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