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There is a charity event on New Year's Eve called Serious Fun.

It is a 24 Hour gaming marathon during which me and a partner are going to be running the Thornkeep dungeon. ALL FIVE LEVELS!

The fundraiser benefits the Lamb’s Fold Center for Women and Children. Lamb’s Fold is located in Joliet, IL and helps homeless women and children and victims of domestic violence transition to successful independence through educational enhancement, supportive services, and personalized recovery services. They offer food, clothing, personal care items, counseling, transportation, advocacy, tutoring, educational/vocational opportunities, life skills training, and housing assistance.

If you are excited about Thornkeep and want to chip in here is a link where you can donate to support the event.

Thanks to everyone who donates, and thanks to The Wandering Dragon Game Shoppe in Plainfield, IL who is sponsoring & hosting the event!

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That link didn't work for me. :(

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Try this link.

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Thanks for that - that works much better for me. Must have been making some typo.. :)

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Wow... that's quite a commitment! Please tell us how it goes!

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Awesome charity event. Thank you for coordinating and running this. It is greatly appreciated.

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I wish I lived closer, this sounds like a great event.

I hope it goes well. Enjoy!

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Thanks for the support guys! I will be sure to report in after the event. :)

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Hi guys! Still two days before the big event, but we've already hit our half way mark on the event goal.
Thanks so much to the Paizo community for the donations, you guys are amazing! You are blowing all of us away with your support, I can't thank you enough.

I'm also very excited that the pdf maps became downloadable. That is going to make our Thornkeep game so much cooler for everyone.

If any of you are in Illinois, there is still time to get in on the event. I know we are looking forward to it, especially knowing you guys are behind us!

Thanks again!

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good luck with the event and nice job on running this. Hope to see some pictures once it is done!

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The event went great! Thornkeep was a blast for us and for the players. Even better, more then $4000 was raised for charity, and a huge part of that came from you! Thanks again to all of you for your support and your donations.

The store has asked me to run some more Pathfinder at the shop since things went so well. I'm considering The Shattered Star path with the official Pathfinder Society rules that just opened up. :)


P.S. I hope to have a few pics up soon. I'm waiting for copies of a few the game shop took during the event so we can share those also.

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That's great!

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