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IHIYC travels to a land with pipes and intelligent fungi, to save a giantess princess (he can eat a certain mushroom to double in height to reduce the height difference greatly) from an even larger fire-breathing turtle-man.

Scarab Sages

KahnyaGnorc does arithmetic by hunting out the correct answers in a labyrinthine series of chambers, and physically devouring them one by one...before the hideous primeval monsters roaming the grounds can eat HER.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet uses a white rectangle to hit a white square at a different white rectangle.

Sovereign Court

Should he not wish to simply slay his knightly adversaries outright, Ventnor boasts a mesmerizing moth companion who can seduce his challengers into his wicked army - of course he must be careful, for should another gallant knight slay one of these loathful Lepidoptera, their dominion over the hapless knight hath been lifted, and old knight and new shall hence join forces in stereo 'gainst Ventnor's vile horde!

SQ has no facial hair that is just something GT added with a marker while he was sleeping before he Censored him.

KK is riding his flying ostrich, in armour, trying to kill his similarly equipped enemies with his lance.

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Sissyl, dressed in a ballgown and tiara, is flying through the clouds on a sparkly unicorn, laying waste to the ground below with an immense bucket of custard.

Pulg is currently in the library

...with the rope.

S is plotting murder

KenderKin stalks around his own house chanting redrum over and over.

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MD's mighty breath can heat aluminum foil, but can't melt it. Great for making popcorn

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KK's mighty breath can make others feel uncomfortable around him.

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KahnyaGnorc's mighty breasts make KahynaGnorc extremely uncomfortable, despite regular castings of a Maximised Seoni's Sensational Dire Bra

In Pulgs hometown they have an annual Pulg Shaving Day where one lucky toddler gets to shave Pulg down to the skin. Naturally all the hair is donated to charity.

Pulg's hemorrhoids are plotting to take over the world.

They were stopped by Molten Dragon's ninja army.

Ventnor's hemorrhoids are preparing a counter-coup even as we speak.

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Misunderstanding the popular hemorrhoid cream, Pulg always prepares for the dread H.

KG and Pulg share in inching and burning and claim hemorrhoids...

KenderKin stayed in the dark too long and was eaten by a Grue.

Ventnor is a connoisseur of glue in its various forms.

MD once made artwork by gluing grues together.

KahnyaGnorc's macaroni & glitter painting won him the Nobel Arts & Crafts Prize.

Ventnor got hungry and ate the entire macaroni exhibit

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KK's baloney has a first name, but it is unpronounceable by humans, and hearing it drives mortals irrevocably (and homicidally) mad.

Scarab Sages

GoatToucher is barely able to fathom, let alone stomach, something as banal as processed lunchmeat and mayonnaise on white/whole wheat bread, and hence assumes that a "Baloney Sandwich" refers to a group sex act with the cast of FOX and Friends.

IHIYC is a fervent supporter of the New York K'nishes.

Pulg supports bagel rights, or was it beagles....

The host of the morning talk show that Molten Dragon produces is a Can of Spam.

Ventnor is hungry again

KK is in charge of preparing the F&F cast for the "Baloney Sandwich", both physically and emotionally, but one can never truly prepare for it.

Scarab Sages

Years ago, GoatToucher received a bile transfusion from none other than Detective John Shaft.

GoatToucher got the gold mine and IHIYC got the shaft.

MD likes his bologna sandwiches fried with velveeta

KenderKin was challenged to a rematch by Mt. St. Helens.

Ventnor was behind that whole Mt Vesuvius incident.

KahnyaGnorc never met a volcano they didn't like.

Liberty's Edge

Molten Dragon never metamorphic rock he didn't like.

Xavante was voted "Most Igneous" in his graduating class.

GT fantasizes that the goats touch him.

The KenderKin vs. Mt. St. Helens match is entering its 15th day.

Ventonor will watch anything with enough smoke, ash, death and destruction....except Nascar

KenderKin's pyroclastic flow is the envy of geological rappers everywhere.

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Pulg discovered the resting places of the Holy Grail. The grail is now his favorite hat.

Ventnor is top in his spinning class.

MD sits right behind him for the view.

KenderKin watches MD and Ventnor at spinn class from across the street at a creepy gentleman's juice bar.

GM_Beernorg, Health Inspector Supreme, would like to know where the bar in question gets its creepy gentleman's juice from.

Dingleberries, Pulg hopes

Dingleberries are KenderKin's favorite comfort food.

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