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KahnyaGnorc is just jealous because he came second to me in the yodelling competition.

Pulg yodels the song of his people during the night of the full moon.

The song of KenderKin's people is It's Raining Men.


No no no the song is Maiming Ren!

Or 'Stimpy The Best'

Better than all the rest.

"I'll never leave your pizza burnin'"

Would you, Pulg?

I am your pizza extinguisher man.

So you don't like it hot, hot, HOT???

I like it foamy, with a vague aura of damp cheese and disappointment.

Not green? Or was that, super green?

Ultra green. Pine scented perfection.

Solyent green?

The color green sends KenderKin into a silent rage.

Scarab Sages

Molten Dragon cornered Pizza the Hutt in his limo and devoured him in order to take over Pizza's loansharking empire, then fed an obviously bogus line about Pizza "eating himself to death" to notorious hack newscaster ROCKY 5000. Only Pizza's longtime Asexual Artificial Life Partner Vinnie knows the truth...and nobody knows where he is.

IHIYC is currently working on the movie rights to parody a parody of a movie. Or a television series about a series about nothing...

Indeed, KenderKin wrote some of the initial scripts. He described it as a cross between Seinfeld and Game of Thrones.

MD once sued GRRM for plagiarizing his early years with his mother. He lost.

KahnyaGnorc is the Weird Uncle Who Lives in the Basement of Dragons.

Ventnor was this guy....

KK was either hiding or so short as to be below camera in all his scenes on GoT.

KG operated the camera and keeps it on the so called main character of kender stature. Though he too is a kender....an angry alcoholic kender

KenderKin's pelvis was stolen by a man in a star-spangled mask. The last 10 years of his life have been devoted to tracking this man down and getting his revenge.

Liberty's Edge

Ventnor is one of the few dragons to mint his own coins for much of his hoard; as to why he chose to put MY face on the platinum denomination, that's...a long story.

"Hello, you killed my father, prepare to die!"

Dark Archive

No, Inigo Montoya...*I* killed your father.


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He did it with a potato peeler.

It was a delightfully lengthy process.

GT does his best to maintain a facade of utter depravity. In truth, he is living in constant fear of being discovered donating money to all sorts of wholesome projects.

Dark Archive

And the resulting crisps turned out absolutely delicious, don't you agree, GoatToucher?

Oh, and Sissyl? I wouldn't go about talking about others' "facades," if I were you. Lesser senses you may fool, but I know what's behind that lovely wax-museum number you've put on there....

Skiron is Schrodinger's Wizard. He both fails and passes every caster-level check.

KahnyaGnorc is Schrodinger's Schrodinger. He is both Schrodinger and not Schrodinger at the same time unless directly observed.

Ventnor is Schrodinger's cat on steroids and super soldier serum, with a bad case of mange

KenderKin is the Typhoid Mary of Mange.

Shocking just shocking....light sockets are not for practicing we art o French kissing

Both Kenderkin and Schism claim overlordship of East Westphalia. This hasn't caused as much strife as you might think.

Ventnor is the new minister of silly walks.

MD likes to sashay with a sachet

KenderKin likes to cast electric shadows just beyond everyone's fingertips.

Molten Dragon's laservision is fired from his nose.

Molten Dragon can fire his nose with pinpoint accuracy. Sometimes it doesn't come back, giving rise to the famous old joke beginning 'My dragon's got no nose...'

Those are snot rockets, coming from Pulg not lasers!

KenderKin's extensive research reveal that Pulg is afraid of my Mighty Judo Flexing Pose.

Which is very similar in appearance to gumby

KK can check out anytime he wants, but je can never leave.

KahnyaGnorc fought the RAW and the RAW won. To this day, he can never implement house rules in any campaign he runs.

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Ventnor has a blow hole.

KK has been through said blowhole....

KG wants ambergris so he is always hanging around blow holes.

KenderKin has a whale of a tale about the tail of a whale.

Molten Dragon suffers from a case of Chronic Teriyaki Lung.

Scarab Sages

Ventnor has the ability to Spin Dash.

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