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Scarab Sages

GM_Beernorg is a certified Squeezit Master, with the power to rebuke or command cheap plastic bottles.

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IHIYC's got a squeeze-box, Daddy doesn't sleep at night!

Can anyone find a way?
There's got to be a way!


Can anyone find a way?

There's got to be a way


Pulg's video uploading website, MeTube, still hasn't caught on. It will though! Just you wait!

Ventnor plans on dyeing his scales green for St Patrick's Day.

Molten Dragon has never been able to figure out the Raven/Writing Desk riddle.

What's in the box?'s great great great grand father was a famous sea chest aboard the HMS Beagle.

GMB once owned a beagle and found him to be delicious... with catsup.

Molten Dragon is a ketchup fanatic and becomes enraged when people phonetically sounds out "cats up."

What's in the box?'s career took a nose-dive after he was replaced as "Companion Cube" in the Portal series by the younger "I'll text you from in the box."

Believe it or not, KahnyaGnorc can text using only their feet. That one, long gross yellow nail is especially useful for texting "LOL" to people.

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Molten Dragon's ability to speak the language of potatoes has made him the most feared person in southern North Dakota.

Sovereign Court

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Ventnor is a world renowned psychiatrist, specialising in the field of paralepidoptery (ghost butterflies). Some people call him a genius, others call him, a quack! He'll let you decide on that.

AoZK once tried to conquer the world by arming lemmings and forming an army. Unfortunately, one fell off a cliff to his death. The rest soon followed.

Scarab Sages

KahnyaGnorc was briefly abducted and assimilated by the Intel Bunny People, living as one of them for the better part of 5 months before the Supreme Pentium judged her 'unfit' for the collective.

IHIYC, a.k.a. Number three, fought long and hard to supplant Supreme Pentium.

Scarab Sages

Supreme Pentium attempted to take Sissyl for its Concubine Prime, only to discover that their hardware was incompatible (its being made by Apple and Sissyl's being made by Ericsson).

IHIYC is fully functional and programmed in multiple techniques.

GoatToucher likes to separate his saucer section from his drive section, and we are not talking about a star ship.

GM_B opened an all you can eat stake buffet! (no that is not a misprint, sharpened wooden tools were the main course... it was frequented by dire termites, but... sadly they do not tip well.)

What's In The Box? once operated a seafood buffet. Unfortunately, the gentleman in question pointed out that his name was actually Seifert, and also that he preferred not to be drenched in Thousand Island dressing and set upon by strangers

Pulg keeps his coat nice and shiny by bathing nightly in salad dressing.
He chooses different types depending whether he wants his coat to be straight, curly or frizzy.

It only takes one Partylf Sunev's to screw in a light bulb. They are very efficient and do not appreciate your sense of humor.

Dark Archive

What's in the box? Hours and hours of entertainment, that's what! Also, some sort of small nut or bead, from the sound of it. It is the ultimate game for the discerning player! They say whoever plays with it for long will go mad, but I feel right as rain, and so did the necromancer with emu-leg grafts and the lovely bones through her nose, who I killed to get it from! HEEHEEHAHA!!!

Skiron thinks, therefore he is not.

Ventnor lets homeless Brownies camp out in his nostrils. This works very well, except when he comes down with a cold.

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Pulg enjoys long walks on the beaches of the fiery Abyss, candle lit virginal sacrifices and reading the poetry of the wandering monk Alhazred... At least that's what his Christian Mingles profile says.

Liberty's Edge

What's in the box? What is the difference? What is the point? The points are frozen, the beast is dead. The point is taken. If La Fontaine’s elk would spurn Tom Jones the engine must be our head, the dining car our esophagus, the guard's van our left lung, the cattle truck our shins, the first class compartment the piece of skin at the nape of the neck and the level crossing an electric elk called Simon. The clarity is devastating. But where is the ambiguity?

It's over there, in the box.

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Sunomono Slaad gets it.

Sovereign Court

Sunomono Slaad once won the Zipangu Sumo wrestling championship simply because people got his first name wrong.

Avatar of Zon Kuthon says that he knows What's in the Box, but he actually doesn't.

Ventnor is an avid collector of Heather Locklear memorabilia. Except when it relates to Melrose Place... Ventnor has a deep seeded hatred for Jack Wagner, but won't tell me WHY!

What's in the box? has already revealed what is in the box, but nobody was paying attention.

Schism doesn't understand me at all...

The Emperor Charlemagne used to stand on What's in the box? when he wanted to access 'top shelf' entertainment in 7th Century newsagents.

Pulg has completed more Darkmoon Faire quests with his World of Warcraft gnomelock than any other player in history... but... he doesn't like to brag about it.

What's in the Box? is a part of a balanced and healthy breakfast.

Ventnor once tried out to be the box model for "Dragon O's", the only cereal that starts your day WITH FIRE! Alas he was turned down, because he took an alternate breath weapon, which was not fire.

Speaking of fire breathing, GMB, when he has his tequila on, can light his belches on fire.

Molten Dragon wanted to be Draconic Death Searer... but his parents would have been horribly disappointed since his MCATs grades were SO good.

What's in the box? hopes to, one day, grow up to be a Borg Cube.

Scarab Sages

KahnyaGnorc absent-mindedly left her face in the box - just ONCE, mind you - and now it won't give it back.

IHIYC is secretly helping What's in the box? fulfill his Borg cube dreams.

Scarab Sages

Many years ago, legoguy4492 donated his face to a young, struggling actor named Bruce Willis. The rest is Hollywood history.

IHIYC's first name was Hortense until he legally changed it. To what, he's not sayin.

Molten Dragon's favorite movie is 'Flight of Dragons' he has multiple petitions with different streaming sources in an attempt to access the animated movie in EVERY format possible...

He does not, however, own the DVD.

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MD was tense the first time he hored himself, and sat crying in the shower for two hours afterwards.

He just couldn't get clean...

GoatToucher can secrete engine lubricant from his tear ducts as a defense mechanism.

Ventnor is jealous of kender.

Pulg weaves kender topknots into his own fur as extensions, they are supposed to be lucky, though lately, they have been sort of just greasy.

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