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Silver Crusade

Scrumptious Lich drives what is commonly known as "The Melon Mobile"

Scrumptious Lich and Lucky7 both starred in a buddy comedy about the trials and tribulations of undeath. It got an 88% fresh on Rotten Abdomens.

Silver Crusade

KahnyaGnorc used to dance like Michael Jackson, but an incident involving a bag of frozen peas put and end to that.

Lucky7 used to go by the name of LuckySlevin but the whole copyright issues put an end to that.

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Molten Dragon used to go by Cold Iron Dragon, but a visit to Mount Doom and poor footing put an end to that.

KahnyaGnorc was asked to go to Mt. Doom to destroy the one ring, but after stating "No giant eagle ride, no deal, cause I am sure as hell not WALKING there." the quest just wasn't the same.

Scarab Sages

GM_Beernorg has a secret fondness for birdseed and dog biscuits.

IHIYC is brim-full of vo-do-de-oh-do

Pulg once bought a vo-do-de-oh-do factory that was in Peoria, then moved it, at great expense, to Kalamazoo, where he sold it for a profit to the next poster (Oh noes! mixing the forum games again!)

KahnyaGorc placed the first order.

Silver Crusade

Snow White's Mother knows Venusian Jujitsu.

Lucky7 still has a brain. It is in a jar next to his phylactery.

Scarab Sages

With the thoughts that she'd be thinkin,' KahnyaGnorc could be another Lincoln if she only had a brain.

For a brief time, IHIYC was in the same kindergarten class as the Wicked Witch of the West.

MD is not a real MD, but he plays one on TV. (Literally, he shrinks himself down a RPs a doctor on a tiny hospital set perched on the top of an old TV set)

Silver Crusade

KahnyaGnorc is secretly playing a game of craps in IHIYC's closet.

lucky7 only throws snake-eyes when playing craps.

When the Midgard Serpent sheds his skin he often sells it to makers of pool tables and poker tables as an alternative to the normal felt top.

Molten Dragon is an actual melting dragon.

Ventnor isn't really a dragon. He was jealous of Molten Dragon and shapeshifted.

Silver Crusade

Shere Khan conquered the steppes of Mongolia once, then got bored and gave it to some nerd named Temujin.

Sovereign Court

Truth be told, lucky7 IS that nerd Temujin.

Silver Crusade

AoZK will be running for President next year as Freddie Mercury's clone.

It will be a landslide victory.

Lucky7 knows a thing or two about Queens what with him being the royal shoe fitter for decades.

Molten Dragon, he was there, wrapped up in a shroud
Swinging on a chandelier and peeing on the crowd

Here Pulg is, born to be Queen. He's a princess of the universe.

Scarab Sages

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KahnyaGnorc is a fluke of the universe. She has no right to be here, and whether she can hear it or not, the universe is laughing behind her back.

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(That's what that sound is! I thought I was just hearing things!)

IHIYC doesn't fully exist in any one universe, connecting them via closets.

KahynaGnorc enjoys replying with 'No, I can't - not until the swelling goes down, anyway' when people shout his name out in the street.

Silver Crusade

Pulg comes from Wisconsin and works in a lumber mill there.

Lucky7 sometimes goes by the name Old Man of the Mountain and likes to lurk in run down amusement parks, old mines and little used fishing docks. At least until those meddling kids and their dog show up.

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Molten Dragon tried out for the roll of the pet, but was refused because only his head would fit in the van.

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Midgard Serpent had some meddling kids for lunch.

KahnyaGnorc likes to go into Hertz Rentacar branches wearing a kimono made of cold chicken slices left open to the navel, swagger up to the counter and growl, "Meaty Man has news for you"

Regardless of what gender (s)he actually is

Scarab Sages

If you put Saturn in a large enough bathtub, it would float. If you put Pulg in a bathtub, he manifests delusions of being a planet (a defensive mechanism, you see).

I'm Hiding In Your Closet is actually hiding in your attic.

Scarab Sages

Ventnor hangs out at the outskirts of parks and playgrounds in an unmarked van from which he sells fancy cheese to children.

IHIYC was going home from a KISS concert and stumbled into a Renn Faire, which is where he got his jester's outfit.

Scarab Sages

KahnyaGnorc has a second, 3-foot-long tongue, which she mainly uses to flip light switches.

Sovereign Court

IHIYC doesn't bother with light switches, he thinks that they are a product of his worst nightmares.

After finding out about that, AoZK started planting light switches all around, as well as stalking IHIYC dressed as a giant light switch no less than 3 times.

KahnyaGnorc fought The CLAW. The CLAW won.

Pulg, who is obviously missing the 'Order 66' thread, is BAKING 'The CLAW!' BAKING 'The CLAW!' DUR! DUR!

Pulg once accused the Claw of being an evil alter ego of Inspector Gadget, but forgot his theory when Mad Cat gave him the "come hither" kitty eyes.

Jeff Harris is the online alias of renowned hacker Harris Jeff.

Trekkie90909 be evil tele-marketeer, always harassing peepz during dinner time.

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"THE" Poog has had telemarketers for dinner, beer-battered.

KahnyaGnorc had a cellphone that consists of a cup and a bit of string.

Silver Crusade

Molten Dragon can dance like nobody's business!

Lucky7 is representing Nobody and his business in a lawsuit against MD for dance-copyright infringement.

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