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Goblin Squad Member

@ Tarondor and your Knightly Order,

I apologize for I've neglected giving you a proper greeting. I am Bluddwolf, Master of The UnNamed Company, and most likely your frequent foe.

I am the "Face" of my bandit company and I assure you, we will wage our war on the rich merchants and gatherers with honor. Never the less, this will still place our respective companies at odds with each other, and I welcome the challenge. We shall play that time honored struggle between mongoose and cobra. We shall grant no quarter and we expect none in return.

I will, of course, salute you should you fall. I shall not curse you if I should fall. Consider it a Gentlemen's Agreement.

Final note, I respect you for making the attempt at being Lawful Good, without being pompous or pious. I think you will have a tougher road than I.

The UnNamed Company

Goblinworks Executive Founder

TheDarklord wrote:

Any news guys? :-)


No, I don't think so. I'm just not going to be the tech guy here. If that's even necessary.

This is just a note to all and sundry that I'm still here - I just have nothing to report!

Goblin Squad Member

So are we going to have regular patrols of the main road? or are we just going to travel with the merchents that use the road to make sure they are safe?

(mostly a bump for our company but also courious as to the answer to the above question)

Goblin Squad Member

Greetings to the indomitable The Order of Knighthood - The Knights of the Crusader Road, *takes a deep breathe*

I'm going to reach out to you guys with a consideration: Crowdforging: A Confederation of Communities

I'd be most grateful if Order-of-Knighthood-The-Knights-of-the-Crusader-Road could have a look through this early draft and have a think about it's possible merits and where it might align with your goals and aspirations.

Please feel free to post in that thread, at any time, if you feel there is something serious to consider here.

Respectfully, AO.


Specifically, I'm interested in how many you have in your current membership, noticing you scored at least 24 on the "Land Rush!" poll. Are any of you currently active in other games, also? How many do you estimate you'll have for EE start?

Sczarni Goblin Squad Member

Greetings! I desire to join your glorious crusade! I sense the time of world birth draws near!

Goblin Squad Member

So Land Rush, is this guild still happening?


Goblin Squad Member

Been a year since anyone of them posted.

Goblin Squad Member

OP is a Goblinworks Executive Founder so I sure hope he still intends to move forward.

Goblin Squad Member

I have been trying very hard to get ahold of Tarondor, because the Crusader Road is an obvious fit with Ozem's Vigil. He's gotten back to me once, apparently his real life is taking over, but that's about the end of it. None of us at Ozem's Vigil want to poach anyone, but everyone is welcome to setup shop as free agents with us.

Ozem's Vigil is the Lawful Good settlement, and we cannot wait to be Paladins of the River Kingdoms and to provide the economic & militant support. Visit our website & click 'Apply to Settle' and you can join as a free agent by joining at the Settlement level or join one of the sponsoring companies by joining at the Company level.

Would be fantastic to have y'all as another company at Ozem's Vigil though. If you all reorganize as a company and want a settlement to share, please let us know.

Goblin Squad Member

To add to what Zac said, given that Tarondor isn't around, is there a 2d in command at TKotCR we could talk to about collaborating with the Knights of the Crusader Road?

Goblin Squad Member

To my knowledge there is no second in command, we have no website and not much was discussed here as to the chain of command
If anyone talked to Tarondor and was appointed to the council of captains They would be whom I would talk to, though I don't know who that might be.

Wow, that is a lot of uncertainty... as I have signed up as a settler at Ozem's Vigil because of the lack of activity here, I would like to see TKotCR be a company within that city

Goblin Squad Member

What does the other members of TKotCR that have signed up here think?
Where have you cast your vote in the land rush? (If you have at all)

Goblin Squad Member

I also applied just now for the vigil based on the vast uncertainty of the crusaders. If he comes back and the guild actually becomes active, then I think there should maybe be talks of merging or whatever.

Goblin Squad Member

Outstanding! Ozem's Vigil will be a Bastion dedicated to Good. Gamewise and in RP.

Any persons waiting for TKotCR are more than welcome to Hearth with us.

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